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Chapter 14

Touma-kun Repays His Debt and Becomes Self-aware

Translated by AmaLynne


Beep-beep-beep, the sound of my alarm.


「Morning…yet, yesterday was an intense day…」


At school, Shimizu found out who I was, and even found out where I worked part-time.


Huh Isn’t this bad Isn’t this a dead end


And on second thought, I promised to go to her house…


Seiya’s house means Shimizu’s house…


I also got her email, so I reply, but she didn’t reply to me…


Honestly, aren’t you too likable…


The ones who just reply with questioning…but Shimizu is not like that.


I feel like I’m being pushed around…but strangely I don’t dislike it.


Hah…don’t get out of shape…


「Brother! Hurry up! We’re going to be late!」


「Oh dear, my little sister has been in high spirits since morning…」


I finished my morning preparations and sat down at the dining table.


「Bon appétit.」


「Bon appétit.」


「Brother, you had a hard day yesterday.」


「Hmm Yes, it was.

Well, you know, some days.」


I told Marina that my part-time job took a long time.


I also told her that I left in a hurry at that time and forgot my hoodie.


Not that I need to hide it, but it would be a hassle.


「Touma, a part-time is good, but…」


「I know, midterms are coming up.

Well, I’ll do my best.」


「I see, fine then.

But father has a good amount of money, you know You don’t have to work part-time…」


「No, I’ll keep going.

I don’t want to use my father’s money for my hobbies.

Of course, if you’re too old to work part-time, it’s not an option.」


I want to contribute my hard-earned money to my favorite works and such.


As a matter of course, I have decided not to buy my favorite works second-hand or otherwise.


「I see…I’m happy, sad, and…complicated.」


「You know what! I’ll get a part-time job when I get to high school too!」


「I won’t allow it! I’m not going to let that happen!」


「That’s right, Marina.

The hyenas are swarming.」


「Geez! You’re too overprotective!」


Father and I agree on this one.


She’s the princess of our family.


And after I saw my father off, I left the house and headed to school.


I got on the train and tried to read a web novel, but I couldn’t find it…


「Yo, Touma.」


There was Akito Kanzaki.


As expected, I can’t treat him badly.

「Aki…I’m sorry about yesterday.」


Then, he put his hands on my shoulders.


And for some reason, the girls cheered.


「Don’t mind me, we’re buddies, aren’t we」




Patience, patience…!

It’s against my principles…!

If I owe you, I’ll pay you back…!


「Well, don’t look so bad.

Sometimes you have to serve the girls.」


「Ha What do you mean」


「You’re still as insensitive as ever… Well, let’s see if I can get you to return the favor, then, shall we」


「…will do what I can to make it right.」


「No, it’s no big deal.

Can I come over to your place today」


「Hmm …What are you up to That If you’re gonna mess with my sister…」


「No, no, no, I don’t want to die yet.

Well, just as a friend.

I don’t even have any guy friends, and you’re like that…」


「I feel bad about that, but…the reason you can’t make male friends is because you’re always with girls, right」


「Oh dear, you found out.

But I can’t help it.

I’m popular and the girls are cute.」


I sometimes wondered why I was friends with this guy……

But this guy doesn’t make girls cry unreasonably.

He doesn’t do two-timing or anything like that, and he breaks up with his girlfriends properly and cleanly.

And…he was the only one…

The only guy who didn’t change his attitude when I changed mine…


「Oh, well, good for you.

All right, but…」


「I know, I’m not coming back with you.

I’ll be there later.」


「All right, then.

See you later.」


I went back to reading again.




When I arrived at the school and entered the classroom, I met Shimizu’s eyes.


「Y-Yoshino-kun! Good morning!」


Shimizu said with a bubbling smile.

For some reason, I felt a pain in my chest.


「Good morning, Shimizu-san.」


I went to my seat and sat down.

…Can’t be helped.

I got an email yesterday asking if it’s ok to say hello in the morning.

Well, I agreed to do that.

I don’t want to be stubborn and forbid it.


And the day went by peacefully and uneventfully.

This is it, this…after all, peace is best…It should be.


When I returned home after that, Aki came as promised.


「Oh, long time no see.

How long has it been」


「Not since high school, at least.」


「Ah! Akito-san! Long time no see!」


「Oh! Marina-chan! You’re getting cuter and cuter.

Hey, stop it.

I was just speaking in general…」


「Geez! Brother! Don’t look like you’re going to kill someone! You came all this way, Akito-san!」


「……I didn’t invite you here.」


「Geez! I’m sorry, Akito-san.

Such an older brother of mine, but please take good care of him.」


「Oh, leave it to me.

Me and Touma are best friends.」


「Hey, come on, let’s go to my room.」


「Okay, okay, okay.

Marina-chan, see you later.」


「Yes, yes, take your time.」


After entering my room, Aki started talking to me.


「Hey, are you going out with Shimizu-san」


「No, I’m not going out with her…I won’t.」


What Why couldn’t you answer immediately


「You don’t realize it… Poor Shimizu-san.」


「What I feel sorry for mine.

The days of peace…」


I think this part of him is good.


「Well, to be honest……I didn’t think so either.

It wasn’t until I came across a book when my mother died and I was having a rough time.」



Learn more

「Well, sure, some of the recent light novels have made me cry.

Right…it’s already been five years since Auntie died…later, can I say hello」


「I guess so.

Some people don’t look at it just because it’s a light novel, but it’s got some pretty good stories.

Yeah, my mother would love it…Aki, thanks.」


「Come on, we’re buddies, right So…don’t you think Shimizu-san is cute」


「I think…she’s cute.」


I can’t not admit this.


「Why don’t you just go out with her People will envy you.」


「I can’t go out with someone that easily.

If I do, I want to take good care of her.

But I can’t take care of it.

I value my time more than anything else.」


「Wow, this guy is a rarity these days.

Many of them want to have a girlfriend or to have sex with someone.

Well, I also don’t dislike your way of thinking.

It’s up to each individual to decide what they want to do.」


「Aki…that’s right.

I’m not saying I’m against those who say they want a girlfriend or want to do it.

Well, I sometimes feel that way, too.

But I don’t want you to deny me either.」


「Well, that’s a tough one.

Well, it’s difficult, because you are obviously in the minority.」


「I can’t deny that…」


「Well…I’m sure that girl would go out with you and respect that about you, right」


「That…may be true.

But I’m…」


「I know, you don’t feel comfortable with that, do you If you’re going to date, you want to make it an event or something, don’t you」


「Well, there’s that, too.」


「Now, can Shimizu-san break down your ironclad guard」


……I can’t tell you, what’s already dangerous……


After that, we chit-chatted, I gave incense to my mom, and Aki left.


I was in my room thinking.


I was thinking about what Aki said to me……


At that time, I received a text message.


It was from Shimizu.


I realized that I did not dislike it.


The content was about Seiya.


He asked me which day was more convenient for me, Saturday or Sunday.


I replied that Saturday would be fine.


I then dive into bed.


「Hah…what should I do…」


I went to sleep that day without playing any games.


I don’t know what this means……


Maybe……I’m attracted to Shimizu……


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