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Chen Weier posted the video evidencing she was harassed by Miao Bing on social media.

Even though the majority of the comments supported her, there were also a few harsh remarks.

[Why did he pick you out of all the contestants Its not like you are the only girl there.

Isnt it because youre the trampiest You waved your hand and showed off your long legs.]

[What are you pretending for I dont know how many people have played with you…]

[Women, you should know how good a man can be after being moistened by them.

Why are you pretending to struggle]


Naturally, Chen Weier deleted these disgusting comments.

She would definitely be affected, but when she saw that there was more support and encouragement, Chen Weier felt that she could still hold on.

“Its good that youre prepared.

Ill also do my best to protect you.” He Xuns lips were on Chen Weiers forehead.

His care gave her comfort.

When Chen Weier heard her husband, she felt warm in her heart.

She knew that no matter what happened, He Xun would protect her.

“I believe you.” Chen Weier held He Xuns hand.

Her eyes were filled with love.

He Xun did things efficiently.

The matter was even more vital because it involved his wife.

A few days later, he found a suitable office building next to the He Groups establishment, along with an assistant and a lawyer.

Since He Xun had a meeting, Yang Zui brought Chen Weier over.

“Madam, this is the elevator card.

Please hold on to it.” Yang Zui led Chen Weier to the 20th floor and handed her the elevator card.

When Chen Weier walked out of the elevator, she looked up and saw the logo of her studio.

‘Born From the Sun emitted a faint golden light.

The logo was designed by a professional designer.

It was simple, elegant, and accompanied by smooth lines.

After entering the studio, there were three offices.

Chen Weiers office on the far left looked very simple but grand.

In the middle were the offices of the lawyers.

“This is Attorney Xu, in charge of handling harassment cases.

“This is Attorney Zhu, in charge of domestic violence.

“This is Attorney Dong, and Attorney Shen is in charge of solving libel and slander against you.”

Chen Weier nodded while listening to Yang Zuis introduction.

He Xun was really thoughtful.

Not only did he classify the private messages, but he also specially hired a lawyer to take charge of her own affairs.

“Hello, Im Chen Weier.” Chen Weier shook hands with them, and the lawyers were also quite enthusiastic.

Yang Zui then brought her to the office on the right.

There were four other people there.

“These four are your assistants.

“Fu Xi is in charge of filtering your private messages.

“Meng Xiang is responsible for further screening accurate information and submitting them to the lawyers according to the classification.

“Gu Xiaotang is responsible for receiving the lawyers response and assessment.

“Meanwhile, Xiao Meng is responsible for the follow-up results.

“Because the He family is in charge of the recruitment and salary of these people, we reserved the rest of the hiring for you.”

After making the necessary introductions, Yang Zui said, “Madam, do you think theres anything that needs to be improved”

“Theres nothing else.

Im pretty satisfied!” Chen Weier wanted to jump up and clap for He Xun.

As expected of the person in charge of the He Group!

He was so thorough that she had nothing else to say.

Chen Weier was elated.

She patted Yang Zuis shoulder.

“Go back and get your reward from your President He.

You did an excellent job.”

“Madam, youre too kind.” Yang Zui did not dare to go to President He for a reward.

After all, he had made a mistake at work last time, which had caused people to speculate maliciously about He Xuns wife on the internet for a long time.

Yang Zui could only make up for his mistake now.

“You should hurry back to work.” Chen Weier waved her hand.

She knew that Yang Zui was highly capable.

Compared to her, the He Group definitely needed this special assistant more.

“Alright, Madam.

If you need anything, please let me know.” Yang Zui left after he finished speaking.

Chen Weier stood at the door of her studio.

She was in such a good mood that she could fly.

She even wanted to scream and dance on the spot!

However, she was now a small-time boss.

Therefore, she had to be steady.

Chen Weier pretended to wear a cold expression.

She took out her mobile phone to take a photo of the studios door.

Thereafter, she made a post on her social media platform.

[I have my own studio now.

Sisters, if you have any questions, feel free to send a private message to me.

I also have a team of professional lawyers!]

After posting, Chen Weier walked in excitedly with the intention of seeing how hard everyone was working.

“Chief Chen, I suggest that we dedicate another account for the studio.

This way, everyone can post their questions in the studio account, and it wont disturb your private account.” After seeing Chen Weier enter, Fu Xi immediately stood up and made the first suggestion following the establishment of the studio.

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