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Old Man Wen had not been able to be transferred from the intensive care unit as he hadnt shown any sign of waking up.

Even so, Shi Yunnan, Wen Yibei, Wen Yanfeng, and other people took turns staying at the door of the hospital ward to keep watch, so as to respond in a timely manner in case of an emergency.

Shi Yunnan finished his half-hour visit and came out of the intensive care unit.

Wen Yibei, who was staying outside the ward, walked up to him and asked in a low voice, “How is Grandpa”

Shi Yunnan shook his head, “He still didnt respond when I called him.”

Wen Yibeis brow wrinkled for a moment before quickly loosening up.

He patted his younger brother on the shoulder and comforted him, “Its okay, no change is the greatest good news.”

Originally, Old Man Wens physical condition was not as good as before.

The fact that they could pull him back from the gates of hell after being pushed by Wen Chenglang was already a blessing.

The two brothers sat on the resting seat behind the intensive care unit.

When Shi Yunnan thought of that bastard Wen Chenglang, he couldnt help but ask a question through gritted teeth, “Brother, what did your lawyer friend say Can Wen Chenglang be convicted this time”

Wen Yibei had been keeping in touch with his lawyer friend for the past few days, “Attempting murder but insulted in injury.

Initially, he was sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of more than three years but less than ten years.

However, Song Zhiqiu also hired a lawyer, so it has not been completely settled.“

Shi Yunnan let out a sneer, “Song Zhiqiu really refused to give up until the very end.

Shes not afraid that Wen Chenglang will come out without charge and make an even bigger mess.”

“How can she give up on a child whom she spoiled for 25 years” Wen Yibei expressed his thoughts.

To him, this mother and son are beyond remedy.

As long as Song Zhiqiu is still alive, she will fight for Wen Chenglang to the end.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, “I heard that her company is in imminent danger.”

Wen Yibei shook his head with little understanding, “Not sure, but she seems to be dragging her feet and not willing to divorce uncle.

Uncle isnt willing to share this kind of messy thing with a junior like me.”


Shi Yunnan was silent, then he shared his thoughts, “Is she still thinking about the property of the Wen family If she really needs money, why doesnt she think of asking the Song family for it After all, she is also the eldest miss of the Song family.”

Wen Yibei continued, “After the death of the Song familys second son, everyone in the Song family fought for property and caused a lot of trouble.

I once heard from Grandpa that the marriage between Song Zhiqiu and our uncle was set up by both sides, but ……”

It wasnt until after the two got married that Old Man Wen secretly understood that the Song family had always wanted to use his prestige in the Chinese music industry to expand the popularity of their musical instruments.

Old Man Wen was an incisive person.

After he accidentally found out their little trick, he took the initiative to stay away from the Song family.

There is always a difference between the thinking of a literati and the thinking of a businessman.

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly, not commenting too much on the past.

Wen Yibei glanced at the time and took the initiative to mention, “By the way, have you heard about the Shi family”

“Shi family What else could happen to them” Shi Yunnans expression changed, thinking that Xie Keyue and others were acting behind their backs again, “Why What happened at the banquet before wasnt enough to teach them a lesson“

“No, Xie Keyue…” Wen Yibei paused and said his name, “and Shi Shengs paternity test came out.

The two of them have no blood relationship.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows subtly, “Shi Sheng and Xie Keyue are not biological father and son”

Wen Yibei nodded.

After the banquet that day, Old Man Shi was so angry that he was admitted to the hospital.

Because of Xie Weis cheating, Shi Sheng was still suspicious of Xie Keyues identity.

Even though Xie Wei swore that Xie Keyue was the blood of the Shi family, she couldnt hold back Shi Shengs suspicions, so the two did a paternity test.

Once the identification result came out, everyones jaw dropped—Xie Keyue and Shi Sheng werent biological father and son.

“I heard that after the result came out, Shi Sheng had a quarrel with Xie Wei on the spot, and later even Xie Keyue was kicked out of Shis house and Shis company.

This matter unknowingly reached Old Man Shis ears…”

Not long after the old man came out of the emergency room, he was forced to be sent in again.

He had suffered a stroke and was now half-paralyzed.

“Its retribution.”

When Wen Yibei mentioned the Shi family, there was still an unresolved anger in his heart, “I still think its too easy for them.

If Xie Wei hadnt come in between, maybe your childhood would have been better.”


Shi Yunnan patted Wen Yibei on the shoulder and smiled, “Its all in the past.

Im doing well now.

The ones who wont live well are them.”

Whether it was Old Man Wen or Old Man Shi, it can only be said that being the head of a wealthy family was really not easy.

They were either being implicated by the younger generation or being fooled by their own people.

Shi Yunnan couldnt help but think—what would he and Luo Lingsheng be like in another 50 or 60 years

Wen Yibei, who was beside him, glanced at the time and smiled again, “Its almost time for dinner, Yunnan, go home and rest first.

Leave Grandpa to me.”


Shi Yunnan got up and entered the elevator.

He picked up his phone and tapped on the familiar WeChat interface and couldnt help but frown.

The chat between the two ended last night before bedtime.

When Shi Yunnan got up, he sent Luo Lingsheng a WeChat message.

It had been almost eleven hours now, but he had not received a reply from Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan wasnt a clingy lover, but he was a little worried about Luo Lingshengs health.

He thought for a while, and then sent a WeChat message to Luo Lingsheng and Qin Jian respectively.

—Are you busy today Report your safety when you see my message.

—Qin Jian, is there anything wrong with your boss today Did he start his rehab early

The elevator arrived at the parking lot on the ground floor.

Shi Yunnan had to put aside his thoughts, find his own parking spot, and return to Luos house.

“Little Uncle!”

For some unknown reason, Little Goldfish waited to greet him at the door, looking particularly excited.

The wound on Shi Yunnans right arm had not healed completely.

He was afraid that the wound would tear open if he lifted his nephew, so he had to bend down and ask him.

“Whats wrong”

Little Goldfish jumped up and down with joy.

His grape-like eyes turned into a crescent moon when he smiled, “Little Uncle, hurry up and go upstairs; there is a big surprise!”

“Okay, Ill go up right away.”

Shi Yunnan assumed Little Goldfish had received some sort of reward in kindergarten, so he quickly walked upstairs with him, but when he opened the door, he was taken aback—

Luo Lingsheng, who should have stayed abroad to receive treatment, had secretly returned to China without his knowledge.

Luo Lingsheng sat on the wheelchair and smiled at him, “What Its only been a week and you dont recognize me anymore“

Shi Yunnan, who had come back to his senses, hurriedly approached him, and his words were somewhat in disorder, “You, why did you suddenly come back Why didnt you tell me in advance“

“… Are your legs okay”

“No wait, how could Dr.

Bence let you back”

Luo Lingsheng caressed his cheek, quickly capturing his lovers chattering lips.

The two exchanged a sweet kiss.

Shi Yunnan calmed down and asked again with his eyes.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “I have asked Dr.

Bence for instructions.

A week or so round trip is not a problem.”

After the post-operative wounds have healed, the rehab program can be started gradually after the last round of post-operative review in ten days.

Shi Yunnans lips raised into a smile.

He asked, “Speak up.

Why did you hide it from me when you returned to China”

Hearing this question, Luo Lingsheng suddenly showed a rare stern look and said, “Put out your right arm for me to see.”


The smile on Shi Yunnans lips solidified slightly, and he somehow felt guilty after being caught.

“Look at what Im all right.”

After saying that, he quickly spread his palms and moved them in an attempt to fish in troubled water.

Luo Lingsheng, who had sharp eyes and agile hands, quickly grabbed his wrist and carefully rolled up the sleeves of the loose sweater.

Very quickly, the combination of long gauze and waterproof patch appeared in his vision.

Even before seeing the wound, Luo Lingshengs breathing tightened a little, and the strength around his wrist was also a little heavier.

Shi Yunnan secretly grinded his back molars.

What actually went wrong

Before this, he thought he had concealed it very well.

Luo Lingsheng asked in a deep voice, “Why didnt you tell me about your injury”

“Its just, just a small wound.

The doctors said that the scar wont be visible after it heals.“

Shi Yunnan was afraid that Luo Lingsheng would be angry, so he deliberately approached him and rubbed the tip of Luo Lingshengs nose with his own to show his affection, “Im not that delicate.

Besides, I just dont want to make you worry.”

Luo Lingsheng kissed his lips again, “Does it hurt Can I lift the gauze and take a look“

“If you kiss me again, it wont hurt anymore.” Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to steal two more kisses, and only then was he satisfied to “let himself be beaten and scolded.”

“Okay, take it apart and take a look.

I just changed the dressing today.”

He knew that with Luo Lingshengs character, he would be absolutely uneasy if he could not confirm his wound with his own eyes.

Luo Lingshengs action of removing the gauze was very nimble.

After confirming that his lover had not lied about his injury, he carefully covered the gauze again.

“Its good that youre fine.

From now on, youre not allowed to hide any small injury from me.” Luo Lingsheng wasnt being too serious.

He was reluctant to really “teach” his lover a lesson.

“Is this why you came back to China” Shi Yunnan hastily nodded and asked, his guilty conscience completely gone.

Luo Lingsheng didnt deny it, “Who let you have an accident as soon as you left me”

Shi Yunnan didnt admit it, “Wen Chenglang is to blame for this.

He wanted to hurt my brother with tweezers.

This is an accident caused by self-defense.“

He paused and asked again before Luo Lingsheng could speak, “By the way, I happen to have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it”

“I heard about Xie Keyue and Shi Shengs paternity test results.

Did you send someone to tamper with it” Shi Yunnan asked tentatively.

In fact, from the time Wen Yibei mentioned the result of the paternity test, a little doubt arose in his heart.

Even if Old Man Shi was old and confused now, one or two decades ago, he was an absolutely shrewd person who could dominate the business world.

How could he not confirm Xie Keyues true identity before bringing him home

And the reason why Xie Wei dared to hold her head high as a mistress in Shis house was simply because of Xie Keyues blood relationship.

Shi Yunnan did not tamper with the paternity test, and Wen Yibei was even less likely to do so.

Luo Lingsheng chuckled and simply admitted, “I really cant hide anything from you.”

“I guessed that the only person who possesses such far-reaching power and is somewhat involved with the Shi family would be Patriarch Luo.” Shi Yunnan laughed and teased him.

To be honest, he didnt think there was anything wrong with Luo Lingshengs approach.

Xie Keyue had plotted against him so many times, so whats the problem with Luo Lingsheng fighting back for him once as his partner

Besides, if you can do a paternity test once, you can do it a second time.

If Xie Keyue wanted to prove his identity, he could have done another paternity test.

But the key point was that Shi Sheng had the same skeptical character as Old Man Shi.

This “non-biological” result had detonated a bomb in his heart.

The seeds of suspicion and even hatred have taken root and sprouted, and can no longer be removed.

There was a knock on the door outside.

It was Little Goldfishs milky voice, “Uncle! Little Uncle! Grandpa Qin said its dinner time!”

“Okay, well go down right away.”

Shi Yunnan answered him and then turned to Luo Lingsheng, saying, “Go downstairs and eat.

You should be tired after such a long flight.

Rest early tonight.“


nine p.m.

When Luo Lingsheng came out of the bathroom, he happened to bump into Little Goldfish, holding his small blanket and walking out reluctantly.

A big and a small pair of eyes met.

Little Goldfish puffed out his cheeks like a puffer fish, showing off his puffy appearance.

Luo Lingsheng asked helplessly, “Whats wrong”

“Its about you!” Little Goldfish stretched out his irritable tone and sighed resignedly, “As soon as Uncle comes back, I can only go back to my room to sleep.”

Otherwise, Little goldfish will turn into a little light bulb.

“Well, then go to sleep by yourself.” Luo Lingsheng nodded with a smile and controlled the wheelchair to make way for his little nephew, without saying a word of restraint or politeness.


Little Goldfish was even more depressed, but he didnt dare get angry in front of his own uncle.

He hugged his little blanket and ran out of the room.

After confirming that Luo Lingsheng couldnt see him, he showed a cute but contemptuous look and stomped his feet in anger.


My Uncle is so annoying!

When Shi Yunnan came back from the bathroom next door, Little Goldfish was nowhere to be seen, “Little baby went back to his room”

“Yeah, quite self-conscious.”

Luo Lingsheng patted the position beside him.

His tone turned gentle in a flash, “Come here.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and got into bed.

Luo Lingsheng pulled up the quilt and covered him, “Will it hit the wound”

“No.” Shi Yunnan murmured, and drilled into Luo Lingshengs arms with familiarity.

The familiar scent wrapped around him, and the sense of stability given by his lovers embrace was indescribably wonderful, as if he had a place that only belonged to him.

Shi Yunnan sighed contentedly, “This real-life pillow is really better than a suit jacket.”

“Then hug him to sleep.” Luo Lingsheng hugged him tighter.

Shi Yunnan lazily closed his eyes and subconsciously said what was in his heart, “…If I can hold him for a lifetime, then I will definitely sleep well every night.”

Luo Lingsheng let out a pleasant chuckle, kissed his forehead, and answered solemnly in his ear.

“Then Ill let you hug for a lifetime.”

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