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Luos house.

Shi Yunnans whole body sank into the sofa.

Although he was holding the design drawings in his hands, his mind was not on design at all.

The electronic door popped open with a “click”, and Luo Lingsheng, who had finished his work, steered his wheelchair into the room.

He took the initiative to approach Shi Yunnan and caught a glimpse of the other partys design draft that was still the same as half an hour ago, “No inspiration Are you tired”

Shi Yunnan simply put his design sketching book on the small coffee table and moved closer to ask, “You really dont plan to take me with you when you go abroad for rehabilitation this time”

Luo Lingsheng asked with a smile, “You want to go”


Shi Yunnan was too embarrassed to act clingy, so he lodged a complaint.

“Come on, make room for me.”

Luo Lingsheng moved from the wheelchair to the sofa.

Shi Yunnan stared at his movements, always feeling that they were much lighter than before.

He sidled up to the side and waited until his lover was seated before taking him as a cushion.

Shi Yunnan lowered his eyes to look at Luo Lingshengs legs, hesitating to say, “Are your legs…”


Luo Lingsheng tacitly answered the words he hadnt finished as he half-embraced Shi Yunnan into his territory, “There is some strength, but Im not sure how far I can recover.”

He asked Bence for ten days off and had to go back for follow-up treatment tomorrow.

Luo Lingsheng fondly rustled Shi Yunnans hair between his fingers, “You will be tired after a long flight, so dont follow me.

The first phase of treatment only takes twenty-five days.”

He will be back in less than a month this time.

Of course, if the first phase of treatment was not effective, then he can continue with the second phase and third phase, and when the rehabilitation pace is stabilized, he can also return to his home country to continue treatment.

All in all, there was no special important situation, so Luo Lingsheng didnt want Shi Yunnan to follow him back and forth.

Shi Yunnan understood his lovers intention and took the initiative to nestle against his neck, “One month ah, it takes three rounds to count with both hands.”

“You have Little Goldfish with you every day.

When you have time, go see Mr.

Wen or your brother.

As for your studio, arent you afraid that Yuan Rui will be too tired by himself”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his lovers head with his chin and chuckled, “It will be over a blink of an eye.”

“I know.”

Shi Yunnan was just complaining verbally, and naturally he would not be willful enough to let go of all his responsibilities here, “Other than that, I have to deal with Gu Jue and Lingyu.”

Shi Yunnan brought up this matter after hearing Yuan Ruis confirmation just yesterday.

During this period of time, Lingyu Purchasing Department has been competing with them for material suppliers, and even some of their designs have subtle overlapping elements.

Trying to exhaust their supply and screw with their studio was obviously a malicious move.

Luo Lingsheng said, “By the way, this time I let Qin Jian stay in the country.

If you need help, you can call him.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes in surprise, “Youre not taking Qin Jian with you”

As Luo Lingshengs assistant, the other party was required to be on call for all work-related matters.

Luo Lingsheng would stay abroad for a month, and if he didnt have an assistant around him, wouldnt all the work at Luos headquarters pile up

“I gave him a vacation as an excuse.

If something crops up, we can contact each other through video call.”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses.

His eyes showed a rare playful emotion, “We have to give the second house a space that they think is safe, otherwise how can we lure snakes out of the cave and catch them all in one net”

“You mean, Luo Yanchuan still has ulterior motives” Shi Yunnans face tensed.

Luo Lingsheng felt his suddenly tense body and moved his right hand to pat his back.

“Dont worry, you just do your own thing.

Whether its the Luos second house or other miscellaneous fish and rotten shrimp that seize the chance to make a profit, Ill get rid of them all this time.”

Shi Yunnan completely believed in Luo Lingshengs ability.

The current state of affairs has now gone beyond his perception of the worlds trajectory, and Xie Keyue, as the “core protagonist,” no longer has a deterrent force.

Luo Yanchuan, who was inextricably linked to Xie Keyue, probably would not develop according to the original trajectory either.

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan lost in thought and asked, “What are you thinking about”

“Im thinking about Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuan.” Shi Yunnan stated.

Three days had passed since the engagement banquet.

Although there was subsequent intervention by the cyber police and large scale video was banned in droves, the screenshots and news still spread very quickly.

Not only did the wealthy families in the imperial capital circle take this as a frivolous joke, but it also attracted the attention and dissemination of many people on the Internet.

Compared to Luo Yanchuan, who didnt show his face in the whole process, the impact of this incident on Xie Keyue is huge.

To put it more seriously, it is likely to completely ruin his future path.

It was rumored that after they left that day, Xie Keyue lost control and smashed a wine bottle with red eyes, then he rushed to the stage with that broken wine bottle in hand—he wanted Luo Yanchuans life.

The two men, with hearts full of anger, immediately scuffled together.

However, Luo Yanchuan had Luo Dexings help, and Xie Keyue, who was alone, couldnt gain much advantage.

Instead, he was accidentally stabbed in the abdomen by the wine bottle during the fight.

Things got really bloody and the current situation was unknown.

“The wicked have their own wicked grind1Bad people will never have a good end..” Seeing that the relationship between the two protagonists was completely broken, Shi Yunnan couldnt help but sigh, “The two of them are really a match to some extent.”

Luo Lingsheng didnt like to hear other mens names from his lover, not even “enemies.”

He took a bite of Shi Yunnans lips and brought the topic back, “I should still be on the plane tomorrow night.

I cant video call you.

Will you be able to sleep”

The last time Shi Yunnan returned to China by himself, he couldnt fall asleep and had to secretly wrap himself in the coat that had his scent.

Shi Yunnan obviously thought of the same thing as him, and his ears were slightly red, “I should be able to sleep well.”

If it were a year ago, Shi Yunnan wouldve never thought that he would become so clingy, as he was a child who grew up independent.

Shi Yunnan was a little heated by the sound of Luo Lingshengs approaching breathing and intended to leave this crowded sofa.

Luo Lingsheng, who saw through his intentions, hugged him to prevent him from hiding, “Do you want me to help you pick another suitable coat from the cloakroom You can use it tomorrow night.”


Shi Yunnans heartbeat was stalled by Luo Lingshengs teasing, so he instinctively blocked his mouth with his lips.

The two exchanged a deep kiss with the utmost desire.

When Shi Yunnan opened his misted eyes, he realized that he was curled up in Luo Lingshengs arms.

He was 182 centimeters tall, but he always looked “small” next to his lover.

Even when they were sitting, their body shapes were already this different.

If Luo Lingsheng could stand up one day, he didnt know how much of a difference their height and body shape would be.

Suddenly, he felt a twinge of pain on his lower lip, which was bitten by Luo Lingsheng.

“Why arent you paying attention”

“Thats not it.”

Shi Yunnans eyes dodged for a moment, apparently thinking of an excuse, “I just thought of a popular believe I saw in a magazine before.

The best way for couples to be tainted with each others scent…”

When he said that, Shi Yunnan really remembered something and took the initiative to reach out and hook Luo Lingshengs arm.

His “shyness” was only temporary, but the true nature hidden under this appearance was the sharpest tool to provoke people.

Luo Lingsheng circled him tightly, knowingly asking, “What is it”

Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingshengs lips, almost saying the explicit meaning, “Youre here, so why do I need a coat Honey, you can give me some more tonight.”

Luo Lingshengs breathing became heavier, and he responded to Shi Yunnans statement with practical actions.



The next day, Shi Yunnan “got what he wanted” and collapsed in bed, unwilling to move again.

Even when Luo Lingsheng set off for the airport in the afternoon, he dismissed the idea of sending him off.

If it wasnt for Little Goldfish, he would have even skipped dinner.

Shi Yunnan replenished his energy at home until he began to remember the business and called Qin Jian, who was staying in the country on a “forced vacation.”

Qin Jian had long been instructed by Luo Lingsheng that as long as Shi Yunnan had any need for manpower, he should help him first and then inform Luo Lingsheng later.



Shi Yunnan forwarded an electronic document on his computer to Qin Jian, “Take a look at this first.”

Qin Jian gave it a quick skim and said, “Is this the auction list”

“To be precise, these are the buyers who purchased Lingyu designs at high prices at the Zeguang auction.” Shi Yunnan filled him in on this matter and then asked for help, “Qin Jian, can you have someone find a way to contact these buyers”

Because the customers contact information was confidential, Zeguang Auction House was very tight-lipped about it, for fear that their customers would be robbed by other auction houses.

“The buyers who can participate in auctions and bid at high prices are basically rich people from all walks of life.”

Qin Jian glanced at the list and nodded, “I will use Luos name to contact someone in private.

It should be fine.”

Shi Yunan nodded, “Thats good.”

Qin Jian asked again, “Mr.

Shi, why do you want to contact these buyers”

“Lingyu Design under Gu Jue has long-term cooperation with Zeguang Auction House, providing high-end jade jewelry as auction items for profit, but there are genuine and fake jades being mixed in this batch of auction items, so a customer contacted our studio for a change order.”

Shi Yunnan firmly believed that, with Gu Jues moral conduct, such unethical practice must have happened more than once.

Besides Brother Zheng, who had discovered the adulteration of jewelry, it is estimated that other customers were still in the dark, or perhaps, like Brother Zheng, they had nowhere to complain or file a lawsuit.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes to look at him, “Qin Jian, you contact these buyers privately and say that we requested them to come forward for another jade appraisal.

The cost will be covered by me.”

First of all, they can have peace of mind with the item they bought; secondly, it doesnt incur additional costs, so no one should stubbornly disagree.

“In order to avoid arousing the snakes, please ask them to help keep the appraisal results secret, regardless of whether the results are good or bad.

I will find a way to make Lingyu take the initiative to bear this loss.”

Qin Jian nodded, “No problem.

Ill get it done right away.”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “Its hard on you.

If theres a buyer whom you cant handle, Ill personally step in.”

“Dont worry, Mr.


I have been with the patriarch for years, and Ive been able to handle anything more difficult than this.” Qin Jian replied confidently.

He glanced at the electronic file again, “Special authoritative identification may take time.

I will try to get it done within a week.

Is that alright”

“Thats fine.”


1Bad people will never have a good end.


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