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At the dining table, Little Goldfish was nibbling the toast while sneaking a glance at Shi Yunnan with his small eyes.

What to do Should he ask his little uncle or not

Last night, he had thought about the lesson his little uncle taught him for a long time, but he didnt understand.

Isnt it necessary to dig a hole to plant a tree

But he didnt have a shovel, and he didnt have to plant a tree.

“Jinyu, what are you thinking” Luo Lingsheng noticed his little nephews eyes and asked aloud, “Youve been chewing this toast for too long.”

Shi Yunnan handed him the milk and asked with concern, “Is it too dry Drink some milk.”

Little Goldfish held up the cat-shaped milk cup and drank mouthfuls of warm milk.

In the end, he still gave up the idea of asking.

Never mind.

Lets just pretend to understand.

What if his uncle and little uncle found out that he wasnt smart enough

Just as he was thinking, Uncle Qin handed a notice to Luo Lingsheng, “Patriarch, this is the notice for the summer camp outing sent by the kindergarten two days ago.

Please take a look.”

“Outing notice”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he inclined his body to peer at it with some curiosity.

Luo Lingsheng simply tilted the notice towards him, and the two of them studied it together.

“Its a trip to an ancient town near the Imperial Capital to broaden the childrens horizons.

The round trip will take five days and four nights, and according to the little young masters homeroom teacher, its a free choice whether to go or not, depending on the opinions of parents and children.”

The kindergarten that Little Goldfish attends is full of children from wealthy families.

Basically, they all grew up being doted on by their own family and have never lived away from home since childhood.

In addition to broadening their horizons, this short summer camp also aims to temper their most basic life skills.

“Today is the deadline, so you have to make up your mind.” Uncle Qin added.

Originally, this notice should have been handed over to Luo Lingsheng long ago, but Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan were busy with personal emotional affairs two days ago, so he didnt mention it immediately.

Shi Yunnan double-checked the notices contents and frowned, “Theyre going to be away from home for five days In case of heat stroke, headache, or fever, will the summer camp teachers be able to take care of them”

Luo Lingsheng laughed softly as he heard his lovers tone, “You were so independent as a child, but now youre nervous when Jinyu leaves home for less than a week”


Shi Yunnan snorted lightly and said, “Thats different.”

He had experienced it himself in the past.

When he was young, it didnt matter if he went through some hardships.

But now that he was Little Goldfishs elder and regarded him as his own son, of course he had to worry more.

Shi Yunnan retorted, “I dont believe you arent worried at all.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and handed over the decision to his little nephew, saying, “Let Jinyu decide by himself.”

Little Goldfish chewed another slice of toast, “Little uncle, I want to go to play; Ive already dressed and washed myself, and Ive made an appointment with my classmates to sleep together.”

Shi Yunnan heard his nephews cheerful tone and easily compromised, “Go if you want, and ask your uncle to sign and pay.”

The arrangements for the summer camp were all top-notch, and there wasnt much hardship, as long as Little Goldfish wasnt afraid of leaving home.

Luo Lingsheng smiled helplessly and signed the notice.

“Little young master, you have to eat quickly, or you will be late for class.” The butler took back the notice and gently urged Little Goldfish, who was still eating breakfast.

Little Goldfish obediently answered and tilted his head to finish the milk in the cup.

He got off his chair and suddenly put his small hand on Shi Yunnans stomach and rubbed it, “Uncle, is your stomach still uncomfortable”

Shi Yunnan didnt expect that Little Goldfish still remembered the “lie” he casually blurted out last night and sighed with emotion, “Its not uncomfortable anymore, thank you, baby.”

“Bye bye, uncle and little uncle, Im going to class now,” Little Goldfish said as he picked up his schoolbag and waved to his two parents at the table.


“See you tonight, baby.”

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at him and responded one after the other.

After Little Goldfish and the butler left, Shi Yunnan moved his chair closer to Luo Lingsheng and asked, “I havent had time to ask you, has the matter of Luos second house been resolved”

Since seeing the news that “the small-scale assets of Luos family were seized” that day, Shi Yunnan has left this matter behind, and it has been almost half a month since he thought about it.

“The business assets in the hands of the second house are basically ruined.

In order to keep Luo Yanchuan safe, Luo Dexing took all the blame, but the investigation by the relevant departments has not been concluded…”

Shi Yunan asked, “Wheres Luo Yanchuan”

There was a hint of coldness in Luo Lingshengs eyes, “Missing.”

Shi Yunnan was puzzled, “Missing Did he hide himself and take refuge somewhere”

“Luo Dexing and Luo Yanchuan have done a lot in secret, but mostly through Luo Dexings hands.

In the evidence, Luo Yanchuan did not actually participate.”

Luo Lingsheng knew this very well, so he never thought that the two would be imprisoned together.

“However, since the assets of the second house are mostly seized, then Luo Yanchuan, no matter how capable he is, shouldnt be able to make much of a splash, right”

“As long as you make a little noise, no one in the imperial circle will openly oppose you for him.”

Shi Yunnan had had a hazy understanding of something since meeting Xie Keyue at the prison.

In fact, this world wasnt originally dominated by Xie Keyue, the “transmigrator.” The other party was only able to make plans and gain profit through his knowledge of this “book world.”

Xie Keyue “accidentally” disrupted the balance of the original world, and thats why he (Shi Yunnan), the native of this world, dreamed of those bizarre scenarios, as if nature has conservation rules, and it was up to them to restore order to this world again.

Perhaps everything now is on the most correct trajectory.

That being the case, Luo Yanchuan couldnt be called a protagonist.

Without the protagonist halo and the bargaining chip of reality, he was like an egg hitting a stone.

How could he be able to compete with Luo Lingsheng and the Luo clan behind him

Luo Lingsheng followed his lovers words and responded, only to find that the other party was in a daze and asked, “What are you thinking about”


Shi Yunnan refocused his gaze and smiled, “I was just thinking, where can Luo Yanchuan hide now”

Shi Yunnan didnt plan to tell Luo Lingsheng about his dream because it was unnecessary.

Things had come to this point, and he no longer cared about his dream at the beginning or that messy knowledge of “book transmigration.”

In this world, he had his lover, relatives, and family.

For Shi Yunnan, he was originally one of the tens of thousands of people living in this world.

Footsteps sounded, and Qin Jian walked in from outside the house.

“Patriarch, I have a police report here that has just been released about Luo Yanchuan.”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were simultaneously attracted by these words.

Qin Jian handed over the tablet in his hand and told the truth succinctly: “Luo Yanchuan was officially registered as a wanted criminal by the police because of a hit-and-run!”

“Hit-and-run” Shi Yunnan was a little surprised, “When did it happen”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at the date on the notice, “Is it the day when the relevant departments officially seized Shixing assets”

Shi Yunnan was a little puzzled, “It should have been around ten days ago, right Why did it take so long to confirm”

Qin Jian, who sent someone to inquire about the situation, immediately answered, “The one who was hit by Luo Yanchuan was a middle-aged man crossing the road.

He was in a high-risk coma because of a serious head injury…”

“And the road section in question belongs to the new road in the remote suburbs.

The newly installed monitoring system has not been fully put into use, so the relevant departments can only conduct vehicle inspections at the traffic intersections along the new road after learning that the family members have reported the case.”

It did take quite some time going back and forth.

“At present, the victim has woken up and helped the police confirm the relevant vehicle information.”

Luo Yanchuan had abandoned the car long ago, and the last time he appeared in the surveillance was five days ago, so the police issued a notice.

Shi Yunnan clicked his tongue twice and made a serious comment, “Idiot.”

Hit and run, and severely injured someone.

This matter can be regarded as a bad situation.

Once Luo Yanchuan was arrested, he would definitely not escape the punishment of the law.

Qin Jian followed suit, saying, “Luo Dexing had a hard time saving him, but he really didnt disappoint us.

Now the patriarch doesnt even have to finish him off because he already delivered himself to the police.”

Luo Lingsheng handed the tablet in his hand back to Qin Jian and said, “You reap what you sow.

Let the police handle this matter, but we still have to be careful, lest he be unwilling and cause trouble again.”

Qin Jian replied, “Understood.”

After Luo Lingsheng finished giving instructions, his eyes fell back to Shi Yunnans breakfast bowl, “Not eating anymore”

Shi Yunnan scooped up the millet porridge in the bowl and said, “Im not very hungry.”

Luo Lingsheng said, “You dont have a lot of weight, and when youre busy designing, you wont eat breakfast on time.

Ill have to keep an eye on you in the future.”

Shi Yunnan retorted, “If we exercise less, Ill be able to get up in the morning.”


Qin Jian, who had no time to retreat, heard this and immediately felt that he had become a light bulb brighter than the sun outside.

Luo Lingsheng smiled at Shi Yunnan, who was “complaining,” and brought back the topic in the presence of his subordinate, “Wheres Yuan Meng Has he done the thing I told him to”

Qin Jian replied, “He is already waiting in the garage and has moved the wheelchair to the car as you wanted, patriarch.”

Shi Yunnan caught the key word and asked, “Wheelchair”


Luo Lingsheng knew his lovers concerns and explained, “Luo Yanchuan secretly took the lead some time ago, and some enterprises that coveted Luos industry planned to target it together.”

Everyone wants a bite of Luo Companys big chunk of meat.

“I want to take advantage of this opportunity to clean up the second house and wipe out those who covet the Luo family.”

In the eyes of outsiders, they were all so used to Luo Lingshengs wheelchair-bound and immobile posture that they dared to move again after he had been in power for four years.

If Luo Lingsheng let them know his real circumstances now, it was very likely that they would go dormant in fear.

Rather than letting them shrink and rot in the shadows, its better to “beat them at their own game.”

Of course, for Luo Lingsheng, these were just trivial matters.

Hua: We have less than ten chapters left omgggg


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