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After Shi Yunnan returned to the parking lot, he still had a stern face.

Wen Yibei couldnt see his younger brothers mood, so he reached out and stroked away his tightly knitted brow, saying, “Dont be annoyed by someone who has passed away.”

“I just think its ridiculous.

Have they cared about me even once over the years And now, one by one, they are talking about repentance in front of you and me Theyre feeling guilty What didnt they do so twenty years ago”

“Now, with a will and that little money, they want us brothers to get involved with the Shi family again”

Shi Yunnan sneered and couldnt help but complain, “It must have taken eight lifetimes worth of bad luck for me to get this surname “Shi.” If I knew this, I might as well have just talked to Grandpa and changed it to “Wen” as well.”

Wen Yibei was amused by his childishness and said, “Whats the point of messing with your last name Just ignore it.”

Shi Yunnan leaned against the side of the car and calmed down a little.

He can leave everything about the Shi family behind and ignore it, but if old things come up again, Shi Yunnan still wont choose to forgive those people.

“Brother, you dont have to do things according to my ideas.”

Shi Yunnan was an independent individual.

He didnt want to influence Wen Yibei with his own emotions.

He remembered the amount of property in the will just now, and his eyes flashed with interest, “The old man held on to this money very tight.

No matter how hard Xie Wei and Xie Keyue tried, they couldnt coax it out of his hands.

Now its being handed over so easily.”

“Why dont you take it If Xie Keyue knew about this, he would probably be so angry that he vomited blood.”

Wen Yibei patted him on the forehead and said, “Dont start talking nonsense when youre in a better mood.

Whats the point of paying attention to that prisoner You dont care about this money, and I also feel the same.”

“Ill personally make it clear to Shi Sheng and ask him to stop disturbing our lives in the future.”

Wen Yibei patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder and said earnestly, “Yunnan, just remember, from now on we will not have anything to do with the Shi family.”

Shi Yunnan looked into his older brothers gentle eyes as always and nodded with a smile.

Wen Yibei closed this topic, and his eyes fell back to Shi Yunnans ring finger, “Finally, you put it on.”


Shi Yunnan slowed down for half a beat, followed Wen Yibeis line of sight, and then belatedly reacted.

Wen Yibei chuckled, “I unexpectedly learned that you and Luo Lingsheng received the certificate, but I always felt “not quite right” between the two of you.

Later, I found out that neither you nor he have wedding rings on your hands, so I was secretly worried for a long while…”

After all, Wen Yibei cannot simply inquire about his younger brothers personal relationship.

“Yunnan, I know you have suffered a lot over the years, and even if I ask and make up for it, you will always hide and refuse to say everything.”

Wen Yibei remembered some of the past events, and there were a few ups and downs in his steady voice, “Now that you have Luo Lingsheng, you finally have one more person to rely on.”


Shi Yunnan noticed Wen Yibeis mood swings and laughed at him on purpose.

“Just now you said not to mention the past, but why do you still recall it and make yourself feel uncomfortable”

“Im fine now, and…” he said as he shook his ring finger in front of Wen Yibei.

Wen Yibei asked, “And what”

Seeing Wen Yibeis curious and magnanimous eyes, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

After all, he had mistakenly thought that his elder brother was the white moonlight, whom Luo Lingsheng had had a crush on for several years.

Wen Yibei laughed, “Why are you embarrassed halfway through the sentence”

“Who said I was embarrassed”

Shi Yunnan retorted, but he couldnt hide the smile at the corner of his eyes, “And my relationship with Luo Lingsheng is predestined.

We saw each other at the birthday banquet that year, but I got drunk and forgot about it.”

“Otherwise, as soon as I reach the legal age of marriage, I would have dragged Luo Lingsheng to get a certificate.”

Wen Yibei couldnt bear to look at his brothers showy appearance any longer, so he had to stop him, “Okay, look at your contented appearance, getting all carried away.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Yunnans cell phone rang.

It was from the studio employee.


“Designer Shi, are you still coming to the studio today A person suddenly came looking for you.”

“Someones looking for me”

Shi Yunnan glanced at Wen Yibei next to him, and after briefly confirming the visitors identity on the phone, he hurriedly explained a few words and hung up the phone.

Wen Yibei took the initiative to ask, “Are you busy”

Shi Yunnan didnt deny it.

He looked at the time on his phone and said, “Brother, where are you going Ill drive you there.”

“No, I came by car myself.” Wen Yibei warmly refused; he didnt want to delay his younger brothers important work.

“You were originally called over by me, so go back first and drive carefully on the road.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and returned to the car.

He opened the window and responded, “Brother, you also drive carefully.

Ill contact you again on the weekend.”


Shi Yunna started the car and drove away.

Lingan Funeral Home and Jade Market were in the same direction.

In less than ten minutes, Shi Yunnan arrived at the design studio.

The assistant he recruited immediately greeted him, “Designer Shi, the gentleman mentioned your name and said he was looking for you.

After I contacted you, I asked him to wait in the reception room.”


Shi Yunnan walked in, saw Lu Zhaoans empty office, and asked casually, “Director Lu went out”

The assistant answered, “Yes, he made an appointment with Lingyu Design today to talk about the acquisition, and went out with the project team early in the morning.”

Since Lu Zhaoan came back, everything has been smooth sailing.

Shi Yunan nodded and stopped in front of the reception room, “There is a box of white jade ceramic sculptures on the cabinet in my office.

Can you go get it for me”


The assistant answered and went to do the task.

Shi Yunnan slightly adjusted his clothes and calmly pushed the door open.

In the reception room with a simple but artistically beautiful layout, there was a foreign man sitting inside right now.

The other party was sipping a cup of coffee, his side profile perfect and handsome.

The watch on his wrist was slightly revealed, and those who knew the brand could see that it was a high-priced luxury item.

Hearing the push on the door, the foreign man raised his head, and his amber brown eyes immediately overflowed with joy, “Mr.

Shi, we meet again.”


Ning, welcome to China.”

The foreign man in front of him was Ning Dean, who had a relationship with Shi Yunnan overseas.

Shi Yunnan became interested in the overseas market after the initial field investigation in Dehua County, and he naturally thought of Ning Dean, who was quite knowledgeable about ceramics and rich in assets in the “original world.”

With the idea of giving it a try, Shi Yunnan asked someone to inquire about Ning Deans company overseas soon after returning to the imperial capital and contacted the other party himself after a bit of contemplation.

Ning Dean was deeply impressed by Shi Yunnan.

After seeing the series of ceramics and business plans shared by the other party in his mailbox, he still decided to take the time to visit China.

No matter whether the cooperation was successful or not, he was considered to have fulfilled his grandfathers dream of returning to his home country.

They agreed on a meeting time a week ago and intend to discuss it in depth.

Sitting on the reclining sofa seat, Shi Yunnan was a little surprised at Ning Deans early arrival, “Mr.

Ning, didnt you say that you would arrive at the Imperial Capital the day after tomorrow”

“I took care of a little personal business this morning, and Im sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Its me who should say sorry.” Ning Dean put down the coffee cup in his hand and replied with a smile.

“I dealt with family matters two days earlier than expected, so the flight was changed.

I wonder if it will affect Mr.

Shis work plan”

Because the landing time was still early, Ning Dean did not feel sleepy after checking into the hotel, so he temporarily changed his route.

Shi Yunnan replied quickly, “Its fine.

I want to discuss cooperation with Mr.

Ning, so of course all the materials are properly arranged.”

As soon as his voice fell, there was a knock on the glass door of the reception room.

The assistant walked in with a series of white jade ceramics and placed them on the coffee table, saying, “Designer Shi, the items you want.”


Shi Yunnan smiled and motioned with his eyes for his assistant to step back first.

The door to the waiting room was re-closed.

When Ning Dean saw the lifelike white porcelain carvings in the box, he was very fascinated.

“The real thing is more charming than the picture.”

Shi Yunnan let him touch and appreciate it and took the initiative to introduce the items, “This is white porcelain produced in Dehua County.

Compared with other types of porcelain, their greatest characteristic is the pure glaze and extremely high luster.”

Ning Dean praised, “The carving on it was even more exquisite than the black porcelain carving I saw in the exhibition hall last time.”


Ning doesnt know that Dehua County is famous for carving Buddha statues and Guanyin statues with white porcelain.

The craftsmanship of these masters is honed year after year; no mechanical processing can be compared.”

Large pieces of Guanyin carvings can be made lifelike, not to mention small pieces of animal carvings used for practice.

Shi Yunnan took out several customized white porcelain pendants and white porcelain ornaments and started to get to the point, “Mr.

Ning, I have investigated before, and it is true that there are no such similar ornaments in foreign countries.”

Although ceramics are a product of China, they have always been popular with a large number of overseas consumers.

However, the ceramics sold overseas are either immature in skill or too expensive.

Therefore, it is difficult to have much room for expansion in the overseas market.


Shi, I understand what you mean.” Ning Dean touched the white porcelain carved pendant in his hand and said honestly, “Im not a ceramic merchant nor a philanthropist.”

The scattered overseas market meant that the number of customers was scattered.

Chinese production and overseas sales indicated the inevitable transportation costs.

With less income and more expenditure, if the core interests in the middle cannot be guaranteed, then this business will die sooner or later.



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