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Chapter 19: “Luo Lingsheng, my legal husband.

We just got the certificate.”

Luo Lingsheng’s casual question was like another gust of strong wind on the restless sea.

The guests could hardly suppress the stormy waves in their hearts, and for a while, they couldn’t even react——

Did they see it wrong Luo Lingsheng actually attended such a business banquet

They didn’t hear wrong, right Hadn’t Shi Yunnan been left abroad by the Shi family When did he get involved with Luo Lingsheng

Because of Luo Lingsheng’s invisibly powerful aura, no guest dared to speak without permission, but only dared to communicate with their eyes.

Silence spread throughout the banquet hall.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng’s slowly approaching figure, and then recalled the domineering question from the other party just now.

The corner of his mouth unconsciously ticking up with a little joy that he didn’t even notice.

Luo Lingsheng met Shi Yunnan’s smiling eyes, and tapped his fingertips on the armrest for a moment, “Come here.”

Two very light and gentle words, completely without the strong sense of pressure he formerly imposed on other people.

Shi Yunnan stepped forward quickly under the unanimously shocked eyes of everyone, bending over and smiling for the man in the wheelchair as he usually did, “This banquet is not interesting, why are you here early”

Didn’t he say it himself that he had a meeting

Luo Lingsheng gazed behind the other party, and raised his voice, “I’m afraid you’re not used to such occasions, so I specially came here to accompany you.”

The volume was enough for everyone to hear clearly.


Shi Yunnan was startled, and the guests present were also taken aback.

Was it their misconception How come Luo Lingsheng’s reply was tainted with a little bit of doting and pampering

“Luo, Patriarch Luo, what is the relationship between you and second young master Shi” Some guests couldn’t help their curiosity and asked boldly.

What kind of relationship

Luo Lingsheng recalled these four words, and made sure to ask Shi Yunnan, “You tell everyone, what is the relationship between the two of us”

Shi Yunnan instantly understood the meaning of his words, and raised his eyebrows, “Can I say it”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes hidden under the lens showed a hint of interest, and asked in a voice that only two of them could hear, “Don’t you want to see the distorted face of these people who are used to stepping the lows and praising the highs”


Shi Yunnan let out a low laugh, he suddenly felt that Luo Lingsheng was also a little black-bellied inside.

He straightened up, looked back at the different faces of the guests behind him, and deliberately cleared his throat, “Everyone, I would like to introduce——”

“Luo Lingsheng, my legal husband.

We just got the certificate.”

Twelve words, simple, straightforward and crude, but enough to be called explosive news.

The whole audience widened their eyes: “…..”

Wen Yibei was stunned for a moment, and looked at his brother in disbelief.

Xie Keyue, who was hiding in the middle of the crowd, also changed his complexion, his hand holding the wine glass unconsciously squeezed hard.

How could he expect that the initial scheme of himself and his mother actually become a dowry for Shi Yunnan, and allow him to get the certificate with Luo Lingsheng

Soon, a wealthy girl in the crowd asked in a trembling voice, “Shi Yunnan, what nonsense are you talking about How could pa-patriarch Luo get the certificate with you”

The agitated tone sounded like an admirer of Luo Lingsheng who had a hard time receiving the news.

Another admirer murmured with dissatisfaction, “That’s right, how is it possible, how can Shi Yunnan be worthy of him”

Luo Lingsheng locked his hawk-like eyes on the crowd and coldly questioned, “If he isn’t worthy, then are you worthy”

The person who attacked Shi Yunnan was silent, and didn’t even dare to let out a breath.

“I want to formally notify everyone that we do receive the certificate, and we will also hold a wedding in the future.”

Luo Lingsheng paused and increased his volume, “So, if I hear you say one more word against him, and give him a hard time, Luo family won’t take it lying down.”

Word by word, he was declaring his sovereignty, and even more clearly his unconditional protection of Shi Yunnan’s shortcomings.

Shi Yunnan’s heart was slightly hot, but because of the fake marriage agreement, he didn’t think deeply.

He remembered, however, that one of the purposes Luo Lingsheng seeking him out for this ‘fake marriage’ was to keep out these unwanted admirers.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were subtle for a moment, then he soon got into his role, “Husband, I’m sorry, I seem to have made you lose face.”


Shi Yunnan’s voice was muffled, as if he had suffered some great grievance.

In fact, he was not at all sad when he turned his back to the crowd, and even winked slyly at Luo Lingsheng.

The ice in the depths of Luo Lingsheng’s pupils suddenly melted away.

Shi Yunnan looked away, “Some people dislike me for being unable to afford formal clothes.

This suit is too shabby.”

Young Master Wei, who had said this, shivered, and was about to kneel down on the spot, begging Shi Yunnan for mercy.

“There are still people who dislike my lack of vision and taste in appreciating jewelry.” Shi Yunnan’s tone was even more aggrieved, there was even a hint of not so obvious crying.

“They said I wasn’t on the guest list and tried to kick me out, but didn’t you give me my invitation”

Every sentence was very deliberate, and a secret slap in the face.


Zhao, who was called out, instantly turned red.

She looked at her husband in panic, “Old Zhao, I, I don’t know…”

How could she know that Shi Yunnan was holding Luo Lingsheng’s invitation

The invitation letter from the Zhao family to Luo Lingsheng was unique, and it was to show the highest respect to the head of the Luo family.

Since it was the only invitation letter, it represented the identity of the other party after being shown.

Naturally, it did not need to be included in the guest list like ordinary invitation letters from other guests.

Besides, Shi Yunnan publicly pointed out that her necklace was an imitation, and his words were sharp and unrelenting.

How come once Luo Ling Sheng came, he could act this aggrieved and pitiful

This, this crying and complaining skills, if he said he was second, no one dared to be the first!

Zhao Chengru learned the general situation from Shi Yunnan’s few words, and his face was very ugly.

The waiter who greeted the guests at the door called him as soon as he saw the special invitation letter.

Zhao Chengru hurriedly put aside the important things at hand and rushed over.

He happened to run into Luo Lingsheng at the elevator.

He originally thought that, since the other party was willing to attend the banquet, it meant the two sides had a chance to cooperate.

But what Zhao Chengru didn’t expect was that he was only a little late, yet his wife had triggered such a difficult situation.


Luo, second young master Shi, I apologize to you on behalf of my wife.

It was our poor hospitality.” Zhao Chengru slightly took two steps forward, trying to turn things around, “I’ll arrange a private VIP room for you two……”

“No need.”

Luo Lingsheng seemed to be taking out his anger for Shi Yunnan, he refused in a stern voice, “Mr.

Zhao, the matter of cooperating with the Luo family, you can put it aside for now.”

Zhao Chengru stiffened.

It seemed that he had missed a great opportunity.

Luo Lingsheng stopped looking at him, and moved his gaze back to Shi Yunnan’s face, “Do you still want to stay here”

“No.” Shi Yunnan shook his head in a pretentious manner, obedient and clingy, “Husband, let’s go home, I’m so tired.”

“Okay.” Luo Lingsheng suppressed his smile.

Wen Yibei who was standing in the same place couldn’t help it anymore.

He stepped forward quickly, “Yunnan, I’ll go with you, I happen to have something to ask you!”

Shi Yunnan faced Wen Yibei with a belated guilty conscience, “Brother.”

Just now, with Luo Lingsheng’s cooperation, he was too immersed in the acting.

He almost forgot that his brother was still on the scene.

Wen Yibei clutched his wrist tightly and didn’t let go.

His always gentle face was even a little red with anger, “When did you and Mr.

Luo get together You, you can’t just simply fool around! Can such a thing be trifled with”

“…..” Shi Yunnan had nothing to refute.

Luo Lingsheng saw this, and took the initiative to suggest, “Mr.

Wen, why don’t we go out and find a place to talk”

Wen Yibei met Luo Lingsheng’s gaze, and slightly narrowed his expression.

The matter had come to this point, he did not want to mention these family matters in front of everyone.

“Well, go out and talk.”

The three people left the banquet hall.

Zhao Chengru stared at Luo Lingsheng’s unrelenting back, the inner hope that hadn’t yet got the chance to rise was suddenly dashed——

The cooperation between Zhao and Luo that hadn’t started yet was impossible now.

Zhao Chengru barely maintained his countenance and smiled at the guests around him, saying two polite sentences, “Everyone, welcome to the banquet, please feel free to continue.”

The next second, he looked at his wife coldly, and squeezed a sentence from between his teeth, “You come with me.”

The husband who had always spoiled her suddenly darkened his face.


Zhao ignored the strange eyes of others, and immediately followed out in a panic.

The couple walked to the private room on the side.

Zhao Chengru slammed the door shut, and scold her with a livid complexion, “Stupid woman! Look at the good thing you have done!”

“Any person who comes are all guests! As the hostess of the banquet, why do you want to kick Shi Yunnan out for no good reason”

“Even if Shi Yunnan is not on the list, he’s still the second young master of the Shi family, and his elder brother, Wen Yibei, is still our specially invited opening guest.

How can you not give him any face”


Zhao had never received such a scolding from her husband, her face flushed immediately, and her eyes burst into tears.

“Old Zhao, don’t, don’t be angry.” Mrs.

Zhao quickly took her husband’s arm, regretfully justified herself.

“You go out and ask, it was really Shi Yunnan who started it.

He helped that woman Lou Ying and said I don’t look good wearing this diamond necklace.

I didn’t just get angry for no reason…”

In a fit of rage, Zhao Chengru pushed her away, “Necklace Sun Chengmin, you are so stupid!”

“Do you know how much effort I spent to achieve the cooperation with the Luo How many necklaces like this one can make up for the cooperation that we lost!”

“Because of your selfishness just now, not only did we, Zhao, lose our cooperation, but we may also have a direct feud with Luo Lingsheng!”


Zhao, who was wearing high heels, lost her balance and fell to the ground.

But Zhao Chengru, who had always been keen on protecting his wife, was really angry.

Not only did he not help her, he also slammed the door and left, “You want to show off your mistress’s prestige Fine, you stay here by yourselves and show off! I’m too lazy to care about you!”

When Mrs.

Zhao saw such a cruel side of her husband, she fell to the ground and cried until she was out of breath.

After a long time, Mrs.

Zhao wobbled and stood up, attempting to go to the bathroom to tidy up her wretched appearance.

As soon as she approached the outer wall of the bathroom, she heard someone whispering jokes in front of the sink—

“She’s the one who shows off every day that she has a lot of jewelry and that her husband treats her well, and what happens Isn’t it humiliating enough today”

“Hey, I asked my daughter to check it.

What Shi Yunnan said should be true.

That necklace is an exclusive custom-made piece of foreign actress Alice.

This is the only one.

The other party also posted it on social media some time ago.

How could it be resold suddenly Mrs.

Zhao’s one is an imitation.”

“Even if it’s not an imitation, is it appropriate to give away a second grade diamond necklace as a gift That’s really cheap1.”

“One dared to give it away, and the other dared to receive it.

If you ask me, Mrs.

Lou looks better than her in that dress.”


Zhao recognized these voices as the three ladies who usually praised her the most.

But unexpectedly, they secretly belittled her


Zhao stood awkwardly in place, unable to say whether she was more agitated or regretful for a while——

If she had known that, she wouldn’t have used Shi Yunnan to stir up trouble! Now she not only made her husband angry, but also embarrassed herself!

At the same time, a fierce anger rose in her heart, she felt that she couldn’t just let it go.

In the banquet hall, three or five guests gathered together again, and the focus of their discussion right now was naturally Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan who left the venue not long ago.

“I really can’t tell that Shi Yunnan still has this ability, and he can actually take down Patriarch Luo”

“The Shi family should follow suit and hug this thick thigh, right Tsk, tsk, what a good fortune.”

“That’s not necessarily the case.

Isn’t Xie Keyue the one old man Shi values most Shi Yunnan was thrown abroad since he was a child, so he doesn’t necessarily recognize this family”

“That’s right.

He pushed aside the grandson he doesn’t like He bet on the wrong treasure.”

Xie Keyue heard the steady stream of discussions, and a trace of hatred flashed under his eyes.

He raised his head and drank the liquor in one go——

What is Shi Yunnan capable of He was only taking advantage of Luo Lingsheng’s status to gain power.

When it came to real strength, effort, and assets, how could Shi Yunnan be his opponent!

Just as he was thinking, a sharp sound of high heels suddenly rang out behind him.

Xie Keyue turned around and saw Mrs.


Just as he was about to maintain a polite greeting, the other party unexpectedly smashed the diamond necklace in her hand on his face in full view of everyone.

“Xie Keyue, take your trash as far as you can go!”

The diamond necklace was not caught in time and fell heavily to the ground.

Two or three pearls and dozens of finely cut small diamonds actually fell apart and splashed far away, making the necklace look like a poorly crafted imitation.

Xie Keyue’s smile at the corner of his mouth solidified, and the blood in his whole body surged upward.



Zhao seemed to have found a way to release her pent-up anger.

The eyes full of praise a moment ago were now stark-naked with abhorrence.

“If you don’t have the money or products, don’t pretend to be a rich young master.

You want to cooperate with Zhao by relying on one fake product Dream on.”


Zhao was obviously so angry that she smashed the pot2, and vented her fury directly on Xie Keyue.

If it weren’t for the other party’s necklace, would she have to receive so much ridicule and humiliation

The crowd looked at this farce like eating melons, and their eyes were full of mirth.

They originally thought that Shi Yunnan was the one who didn’t understand jewelry and had no eyesight, but with the unforeseen reversal, Xie Keyue turned out to be the one who had no eye for it.

Unable to distinguish between genuine and imitation products, now it’s all good. The car had overturned3, and you even slapped yourselves in the face.

Xie Keyue felt the surrounding gaze, his face completely sank, and he felt a little frustrated under his extreme anger——

He shouldn’t have let Xie Wei do the job! Incompetent bungler!

Xie Wei personally volunteered to choose this necklace for him, and in the end it was indeed bought for five or six million.

How could he expect something to go wrong!

He spent so much money and thought he had a chance to win.

The results of it

He not only failed to rely on the giant tree of the cosmetics industry, Zhao, but also let the other party publicly belittle and curse him.

In the end, everything was all in vain, and he even lost the bait along with the fish4!

Xie Keyue became more annoyed and embarrassed.

For the first time in his life, he felt ‘pain’ on his cheeks.

His strong self-esteem did not allow him to continue staying in this place.

He didn’t even pick up the fallen jewelry necklace before stiffening up and leaving under the mocking stares of the crowd.



The word cheap here refers to Mrs.


The literal translation is a drop in price which is used as a metaphor for a person’s status or worth.

Your value as a person has dropped and people didn’t take you seriously.


It means that the person who did the wrong thing does not actively correct or remedy the mistake, but let it develop into an even worse situation.


Unexpected incident that occurred at the scene and caused people to fail or get face slapped in public.


Didn’t gain anything, but paid double of the price.


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