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In the next second, a guest said, “Which of the students brought out by Mr.

Mo is not one of the best Didn’t someone just say that third young master Wen is about to be selected as a new member of the Chinese Violin Association”

“…This is also quite outstanding!”

Wen Chenglang’s heart suddenly thumped, and when he met Mo Qin’s gaze, a guilty conscience instantly crept up inside him.

One must know that Mo Qin was the chairman of the Chinese Violin Association and one of the core judges in charge of this selection.

“Chenglang, you haven’t received the notice from the association You…”

The preliminary results of the shortlisted selection already came out, and Wen Chenglang was not selected.

As a party involved, he should know the news better than anyone else.

Mo Qin only remained in doubt for two or three seconds, and as if he understood something, his eyes were full of disapproval, but eventually he did not tear Wen Chenglang ‘s face in public.

“Old Wen, I didn’t say it1I think he meant he never said that Wen Chenglang passed the test and became a member of the association..”

Mo Qin moved his gaze back to old man Wen’s face, and whispered in a heart-to-heart voice, “Good music cannot contain falsehood, so as being a human.”


As soon as these words were spoken, some people immediately understood.


Mo didn’t expose Wen Chenglang’s lie in public because of old man Wen, but the message that followed was even more punishing than exposing his lie.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, “Luo Lingsheng, see Be self-aware, lest you lift a stone and smash your own feet.”

Seeing the undisguised gloating between his brows and eyes, Luo Lingsheng responded, “Well, he’s not as good as you.”

Shi Yunnan originally just wanted to complain about Wen Chenglang, but he didn’t expect to receive Luo Lingsheng’s praise for no reason, so the corner of his mouth turned upward with indescribable joy.

Old man Wen and Wen Yanfeng looked at each other, their hearts could not hide their disappointment in Wen Chenglang, but they both concealed this thought very well.

Facing the eyes of everyone in the audience, Wen Chenglang’s head was buzzing, and he could not wait to find a hole in the ground to drill in.

He had left himself a leeway——by saying there was just a chance, in this way he could redeem himself later.

It was uncertain whether he would be selected as a new member.

As a result

The moment Mo Qin came, he pulled the rug from under his feet! He was imperceptibly and accurately attacked!

This old bastard!

Wen Chenglang was angry and regretful in his heart.

If he knew that Mo Qin would come, he would definitely not say such words in front of everyone.

Song Zhiqiu also knew that her son was lying.

The smugness in her heart was immediately removed, but she didn’t want her son to lose to Shi Yunnan in front of everyone.

“Chenglang, since it’s Grandpa’s birthday, as the eldest grandson, go up and play a song to entertain everyone.”

So what if he was good before Shi Yunnan no longer knew how to play the violin.

As long as Wen Chenglang’s performance was good enough, who would care about those remarks Real strength was the indicator to attract attention.

Wen Chenglang has practiced violin for more than ten years.

Although he had not been able to shine like Wen Yibei, in the eyes of a mother, her son was definitely not bad!

Wen Chenglang thought for a while, and had no choice but to agree.

If he refused and left now, it would only make his situation even more embarrassing.

Wen Chenglang played on stage in front of everyone’s eyes.

For old man Wen’s birthday banquet, he also practiced a lot so he wouldn’t lose to Wen Yibei.

Unfortunately his mental state was still restless, and he played several wrong notes in a row at the beginning.

Such a mistake was too obvious.

Not to mention the guests who had been in the music circle all year round, even Qin Jian and Yuan Meng could hear the flaws.

The whole audience gave old man Wen enough face, and everyone tried their best to hold back their laughter, but all of them lamented in their hearts——

Whether it was beautiful jade or broken porcelain, you can tell when you use the drill2Drill here is a specific tool used by craftsmen in the old days to fix broken porcelain or jade.

It’s also a metaphor for ability or means of survival.

So I’m guessing they’re trying to say that even if Shi Yunnan isn’t as good as he used to be, as long as he still had the drill[ability] he could always fix the broken porcelain[his skill]..

It’s just a pity that Shi Yunnan didn’t continue his violin path, otherwise, with his talent back then, he would definitely be able to stand side by side with his brother.

Instead of being like Wen Chenglang who only talked big!

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the guests in the banquet hall slowly dispersed.

Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng back to the private room, and sat on the sofa with a sigh, “Tired.”

“From what Mr.

Wen said, there will be a dinner party later”

“It’s just a family dinner.

I heard my brother say that second aunt and her family will only be able to come over in the evening.” Shi Yunnan explained.

Old man Wen had three children, the eldest son Wen Yanfeng, the second daughter Wen Xiu, and the third daughter Wen Min.

Wen Xiu married a provincial wood carver in her early years.

Now she was very happy and content.

Last month, she even gave birth to a little son.

She just wanted to take this opportunity to let grandpa have a look at his grandson.

“So many people”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

Shi Yunnan caught it with precision, and leaned forward to say, “If you feel uncomfortable, you can go back to the Luo family, it’s ok.”

He just wanted to bring Luo Lingsheng to meet old man Wen and let the two get to know each other.

As for the family dinner, it was indeed a little too personal.

The relationship between the two was still ‘contract marriage’, Shi Yunnan didn’t want to make him feel awkward.

“No.” Luo Lingsheng replied.

Since he gave Wen Yanfeng his words, he wouldn’t slip away.

Most importantly, at the banquet just now, he barely got to speak with old man Wen, and he couldn’t see through the elder’s thoughts for the time being.

Seeing that Luo Lingsheng was planning to stay, subconscious joy seeped in Shi Yunnan’s heart, as if he really had a subtle feeling of ‘introducing his husband to his relatives’.

Taking advantage of the other’s absence in the private room, he couldn’t help but hold the armrests on both sides of the wheelchair and leaned down, “Luo Lingsheng, are you nervous”


Shi Yunnan gave an “um” and added, “For me, only my grandfather, uncle, and my brother in the Wen family are worth caring about.

The latter two should have no opinion on you, so the only thing left is my grandfather’s vague attitude.”

Shi Yunnan said this to Luo Lingsheng, or more like it was for himself.

Luo Lingsheng’s heart froze, and he asked, “Are you afraid that old Mr.

Wen will have a problem with me”

“Not afraid.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head and came closer, “I just want you to know that I am unconditionally biased towards you no matter what Grandpa’s attitude towards you is.”

From the agreement to marriage, and to when his heart was moved, Luo Lingsheng was the person he liked.

Shi Yunnan hoped that only the three family members he cared about would like Luo Lingsheng as well.

But of course, even if they really didn’t like him, his heart wouldn’t change.

——I am unconditionally biased towards you.

Luo Lingsheng silently reflected on this sentence, his lips raised slightly, “I got it.”

As soon as his voice fell, there was a knock on the door, then came Qin Jian’s voice, “Patriarch, the company has an urgent document that requires your review and electronic signature.”

Shi Yunnan moved away, and Luo Lingsheng said at the same time, “Come in.”

In fact, his schedule on Tuesday was very packed, but because of Shi Yunnan’s words, Luo Lingsheng set aside four hours to come here.

Now there was one more dinner party, which had caused the accumulation of urgent business.

Qin Jian pushed open the door and handed Luo Lingsheng the electronic version of the report that had been opened.

Shi Yunan glanced at the time, “I’ll go out for a walk, I won’t disturb you.”

“Fifteen minutes at most.” Luo Lingsheng gave the time succinctly, “I’ll come to you when I’m done with it.”


Shi Yunnan curled his lips and simply left the quiet private room for them.

Not long after he went out, he met Wen Yibei who came looking for him, “Yunnan, why are you alone Where is Mr.


“The family dinner is on the sixth floor.

The guests are almost dispersed.

You can go down first at any time.”

“Don’t worry, he has some business to deal with.”

Wen Yibei nodded when he heard this, without asking more.

The two brothers walked side-by-side down the side corridor, and as they approached the corner, they suddenly heard a low-pitched curse.

“Damn it, what the hell! Every time I meet Shi Yunnan, nothing good happens! I’ve lost face again today!”

“Did you see his gloating expression just now If it wasn’t for grandpa’s face, I would have punched him long ago.”

When Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei heard this, they stopped at the same time——the owner of this voice was Wen Chenglang.

“Brother Lang, don’t be angry.

Why not go to a bar tonight for a drink and pick up a few pretty girls”

“No, there’s a **ty family dinner later.

It’s not like you don’t know how competitive my mom is.

Since I was a child, she’s always afraid that the two brothers will take my position.”

“If I don’t go tonight, she will suspend my bank card directly, then where can this young master splurge his money”

“Then I’ll leave first”


Wen Chenglang responded, as if his heart was still suffocating and he hadn’t vent his anger enough, he continued to swear in a low voice, “Shi Yunnan, this cheap bastard, is the one who’s worthless.”

“He can’t afford to live in the Shi family without a mother, now he actually finds a disabled person to live with, I…”

The cursing stopped abruptly.

Wen Chenglang almost choked up when he saw Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan figures.

Probably because he got caught by the person he was insulting, Wen Chenglang’s face quickly fell, and he shouted arrogantly.

“What’s wrong with you two brothers Hiding and eavesdropping on others”

Wen Yibei looked at the person beside Wen Chenglang, and sure enough, it was the unfamiliar young man who asked Shi Yunnan to play violin at the banquet.

It seemed that this person was Wen Chenglang’s friend.

They echoed each other to embarrass Shi Yunnan in front of the guests.

At this moment, Shi Yunnan’s eyes had completely sunk.

For other things, he could barely tolerate it for the sake of old man Wen’s birthday banquet.

But he couldn’t tolerate Wen Chenglang calling Luo Lingsheng ‘a disabled person’!

“Wen Chenglang.”

Shi Yunnan’s right hand clenched into a fist, and his eyes were so cold that he seemed to be able to kill.

Wen Chenglang was horrified by his cold eyes, and took a step back unconsciously, “Shi Yunnan, you…”

“Yunnan, wait a minute!”

At the same time, Wen Yibei also stopped Shi Yunnan, “Today is Grandpa’s birthday, don’t let him take this opportunity to make trouble like back then.”


Shi Yunnan’s heart froze.

Seeing that the two brothers had a disagreement on this matter, Wen Chenglang immediately hummed and said with a smile, “That’s right, it’s grandpa’s birthday.

You won’t want him to get angry and…”

“Just because I won’t let Yunnan hit you doesn’t mean I won’t hit you!”


Before Wen Chenglang finished speaking, he was stunned by a sudden punch from Wen Yibei and fell two steps back into his companion’s arms.

Shi Yunnan was surprised.

He didn’t expect Wen Yibei to use the hand that always held the bow to actually punch someone.

“Brother, you…”

“You stay out of it.” Wen Yibei stood in front of his younger brother to protect him.

His habitual gentle expression was now dyed red with anger, and there was an uncontrollable tremor in his tone.

“Today is grandpa’s birthday, so I’ll take the blame if something happens! You can’t pull my brother into the water like you did back then!”

“Wen Chenglang, apologize!”

Hua: Hey sorry for lack of update.

I’ve been very busy this week and prolly next week as well.


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