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Bonus chapter! Thank you @anonymous supporter and @Lenka for the kofi

Shi Yunnan followed the direction of his fingertips and used the reflective ornaments on the coffee table to take a look, but he was suddenly speechless.

The heating was on in the room, so he casually found a low-necked thin sweater to put on.

As a result, some ambiguous traces from last night were exposed, and it looked quite conspicuous.

When did Luo Lingsheng do this How come he didnt even know

“Mosquito bites.” Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to feed Little Goldfish a bite of cake and changed the subject, “It will disappear in a few days.”

Little Goldfish nodded thoughtfully, and suddenly looked around the bedroom.

Shi Yunnan was afraid that he would think of something else, and quickly interrupted, “Little goldfish, what are you looking at”

“When Uncle got up, he also said that he was bitten by many mosquitoes.”

Little Goldfish obviously believed this statement, and his eyes were searching for the mosquitoes in the room, “Its abominable!”


Shi Yunnan silently stuffed the last piece of cake into his mouth.

Well, last night was really abominable.

Little Goldfishs attention came and went quickly.

He forgot about the “mosquito” matter in a flash and remembered other interesting things to share with Shi Yunnan.

“Uncle, I discovered a secret last night.”

“What is it”

“Yesterday, I went to get a small kettle after taking a shower, but I saw Uncle Yuan and Uncle Qin still at the dining table.

You and Uncle werent there.“

Shi Yunnan thought about the time.

It was probably after he and Luo Lingsheng went back to their room that Qin Jian came back from the bathroom.

He took a sip of water from the coffee table and looked at the little goldfish with interest, “Oh, what happened to them”

“Uncle Yuan and Uncle Qin are very close to each other, and Uncle Yuan praised Uncle Qin…” Little Goldfish scratched his head and repeated, very seriously, “Youre very cute.”

Shi Yunnan almost choked on the water when he heard the four words in the second half of the sentence.

Last night, he saw that Yuan Meng was always being teased by Qin Jian and couldnt fight back, so taking advantage of his drunkenness, he “taught” the other some tricks—

If he inserted such a response when Qin Jian was joking nonstop, it would definitely confuse the other party until he couldnt tell which way was north.

Shi Yunnan thought that with Yuan Mengs character, he would definitely forget about this trick.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they left, Yuan Meng actually used it on Qin Jian.

It seemed that because he was often bullied by Qin Jian in private, he wanted to fight back when he got the chance.

“Little uncle, are you alright” Little Goldfish handed him a tissue.

“Im fine.” Shi Yunnan wiped his mouth with the tissue.

He was afraid of corrupting the child, but he couldnt help his curiosity, “And then”

“Then they found me.

Uncle Qin said that he was tired and wanted to go back to his room to rest, but I found that the way he walked was very strange!”

Little Goldfish ran off the sofa and imitated Qin Jians walking posture last night, “Its like this—”

The left hand is matched with the left foot movement and the right hand is matched with the right foot movement, which is a unique and awkward marching posture.1Fun fact: We usually swing our arms in the opposite direction to our legs when we walk to counterbalance, and its just natural that way.

Walking with arms moving in tandem with your steps is possible, but its incredibly awkward and tiring.

Shi Yunnan was amused by Little Goldfishs appearance, and he asked, “Is this the little secret you said”


Little Goldfish nodded with an innocent expression on his face.

He usually thought that Uncle Qin was very smart, but he didnt expect that the other partys walking posture could be so funny.

“Its okay to talk about it in front of me, you cantlaugh at Uncle Qin Jian to his face, got it” Shi Yunnan also didnt lead the topic to a deeper place.

Little Goldfish responded obediently.

Not long after, there was some movement downstairs from the closed door.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time and guessed, “It should be your uncle coming back.

Why dont you go and take a look Ill change first and come down later.“


Little Goldfish jumped up and left the room.

His cupcakes were brought back for Shi Yunan to eat, but the certificate he received was to be shown to his uncle.

Shi Yunnan finished the remaining water in the cup.

Then he found a turtleneck sweater and casually put it on and went downstairs.

At this moment, Little Goldfish eagerly begged Luo Lingsheng to praise him with the certificate he received from the kindergarten.

Butler Qin stood aside and responded with a smile.

Luo Lingsheng heard the movement on the stairs, and turned his eyes over.

Then the gazes of the two immediately aligned.

Shi Yunnan remembered the unspeakable intimate contact not long ago, which somehow brought about the temperature around him, making him feel a little hot.

A trace of joy flashed in Luo Lingshengs eyes as he instructed the butler, “Uncle Qin, serve dinner early today.”

He had to rush to Luos headquarters this afternoon because he was busy with some business.

Shi Yunnan was still groggy from his sleep, so he expected to be hungry when he awoke.

“Yes, patriarch.”

Uncle Qin responded and was just about to instruct the nearby servant when he heard Little Goldfish say, “Thats right, Grandpa Qin, there are mosquitoes in Uncle and Little Uncles room.

They both got bitten last night.

We have to get rid of these bad mosquitoes!“

Luo Lingsheng: “…“

Shi Yunan: “…“

Where is the need to get rid of the “mosquitoes” when the “bad” mosquitoes were just right under his nose

The two looked at each other with a rare embarrassment of “not being able to say anything.”

When the butler caught a glimpse of the two masters reactions, he could mostly guess what was going on.

He smiled briefly and hurriedly picked up Little Goldfish and walked away, “Grandpa Qin will look for the electronic mosquito repellent now.

Later, we can just light it up and itll be fine.“

Shi Yunnan went to the living room, and while no one was around, he immediately said, “Look at your good deeds.

Who gave you permission to mess around with my neck And before that, you said I led this little naughty boy astray.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and retorted in a low voice, “Mr.

Shi, are you sure you want to settle all the accounts Not only was I bitten by a mosquito last night, but I was also scratched by a cat on the back.“

“In case Jin Yu sees it, do I have to send someone to bring a cat home”


Shi Yunnan moved closer and defiantly bit his lovers lower lip, “Patriarch Luo, for the sake of your s*xual well-being for the rest of your life, I advise you to give in to me.”

Luo Lingsheng clasped the back of his head with his hand and deepened the kiss without hesitation.

Shi Yunnan instinctively cooperated with his approach and hurriedly pushed his lover away before he lost control of his reason, “Stop making trouble.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at him with a smile, “What are you panicking about No ones here except you and me.“

The eyes of the two were glued together again.

Shi Yunnan remembered that Luo Lingsheng had lost his restraint during the second half of last night, and suddenly had a subtle illusion—

It was all thanks to the inconvenience of the other partys legs.

Otherwise, he was very likely to be eaten clean by this person on the first day he entered the Luo family.

“Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, dinner is ready.”

The butlers voice came from not far away, interrupting Shi Yunnans thoughts.

He took the initiative to push Luo Lingshengs wheelchair and murmured, “Im really hungry today.”

“Eat more later.”


Forty minutes later, the family finished their meal as usual.

Before Shi Yunnan could get up, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

He took out his phone and saw that it was Fu Ziyus incoming call.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng and picked up the phone in front of him.

“Hello, Ziyu”

“Yunnan, why did you just answer the phone Didnt you see the WeChat I sent you“

His friends voice was indescribably urgent, and Shi Yunnan realized that something was wrong.

“Whats the matter The phone is on vibration mode and I was eating just now, so I didnt see your message.”

“Ill send you the hospital address.

Youd better come over quickly! Your brother had an accident and is still unconscious.

Hes having an IV drop right now.“

“What” Shi Yunnan was so frightened that he abruptly jumped up.

The porcelain bowl on the table was accidentally pushed by him, making a slight banging sound.

“Okay, Ill go there right away.

You hurry up and send me the address!” Shi Yunnan quickly hung up the phone.

Luo Lingsheng naturally saw Shi Yunnans panic and grabbed his wrist, “Calm down, what happened”

Shi Yunnan reluctantly stabilized his mind, “Ziyu said on the phone that my brother was in the hospital and is still on drips.

I have to hurry up and take a look.“

“Something happened to Mr.

Wen” Luo Ling Sheng wrinkled his brow and said, “Ill go with you.”

Qin Jian immediately joined in, “Patriarch, Im going to bring the car over.

The temperature is low at night.


Shi should put on a thick jacket before going.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded.

Shi Yunnan knew that he couldnt be in a rush, so he nodded.

1Fun fact: We usually swing our arms in the opposite direction to our legs when we walk to counterbalance, and its just natural that way.

Walking with arms moving in tandem with your steps is possible, but its incredibly awkward and tiring.


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