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TL: Hua

Its almost time for the start of the banquet, and there are more and more guests in the banquet hall.

Xie Wei, as the only hostess of this banquet, was smugly enjoying the praise and catering of the crowd.

“Congratulations, after so many years, your hardship has finally come to fruition.

When Xiao Yue takes over the Shi family and steadily obtains power over time, you will become the legitimate Madam Shi.“

Another wealthy lady with a graceful figure came over and congratulated her in a low voice, “Good days are still ahead, how enviable.”

This is Zhang Yun, Xie Weis best friend for many years.

Like Xie Wei, she also hooked up with a married man when she was young.

After years of being a mistress, she smoothly worked her way up to the top.

Xie Wei was very flattered when she heard her words, “During these years, youve had a much easier time than me, unlike me, who has a strong father-in-law in charge.”

“Whats so good about it I cant have children anyway…” When Zhang Yun said this, a trace of resentment flashed in her eyes, “I always feel that my husband is cheating behind my back.”

Xie Weis expression changed, “You cant talk nonsense.

Is there any evidence”

Zhang Yun shook her head and pulled the topic back, saying, “Youre luckier than me.

Xiao Yue is such a promising child.“

“Yeah, I used to be so dumb.

I dont know how I gave birth to such a child prodigy.” When Xie Wei mentioned her son, she felt a little more proud.

Zhang Yun asked again, “By the way, after running into Wen Yibei last time, he didnt bother you again in private, did he”

Xie Wei snorted in triumph, “No.

What can that b*tchs cheap son do to me Let me tell you a secret.

Today is that b*tchs birthday before her death.”

In the past, on this day, Shi Sheng had to rush back to celebrate Wen Mins birthday in order to play his role as a “good husband.”

“I chose this date on purpose because, even after her death, I still want to disgrace her! I want to let that sl*t see how my son will take over the Shi family today.“

Before the rest of her voice fell, a voice as cold as frost sounded.

“Xie Wei, are you really not afraid of retribution, huh”


Xie Wei turned her head and saw Shi Yunnan, who had almost scared her to death.

She covered her beating heart and said, “Why, why are you here When did you come“

“Am I not qualified to come to this Shi familys banquet” Shi Yunnan sneered.

The cold ice condensed in his eyes seemed to be able to frostbite people alive.

“Seeing how serious you are, Im too embarrassed to interrupt.”


Xie Wei was guilty of being a thief, so she had to turn her eyes to her best friend beside her for help.

Zhang Yun received her gaze, and spoke with a thorn in her words, “Ive always heard that Second Young Master Shi is used to being unrestrained in the foreign country, but only after we met, did I know that this is really the case.

You not only walk without making a sound but also eavesdrop on your elders“

Shi Yunnan looked at her and gave another vague response, “Mrs.

Zhang Yun, I hope you still have the confidence to speak up for your good friend later.”

Before Zhang Yun could understand what this meant, an exclamation sounded not far away—

“Why is Mr.

Wen here And hes actually holding a cello Is he going to perform on stage“

“Watch your words.

Wen Yibei is still Old Man Shis grandson, no matter what.

Its not surprising that he came to the Shi family banquet.“

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of his brother, who had come to the stage on his own not far away, and approached him with a glimmer of light in his eyes.

Xie Wei realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly dragged her best friend to follow.

At the same time, Old Man Shi and others also walked into the banquet hall.

Xie Keyue looked at Shi Yunnan and the others who had come uninvited, and a bad premonition flashed in his heart.

When Old Man Shi saw his eldest grandson, whom he hadnt seen for a long time, there was a hint of joy in the depths of his pupils, “Yibei, why are you here”

Old Man Shi is a traditional and stereotypical person at heart.

He had always been somewhat partial to his eldest grandson, Wen Yibei, who had been sensible and smart since he was a child.

However, Wen Yibei chose the Wen family without looking back and was reluctant to come back to the Shi family all year round, which caused Old Man Shi to feel disappointed and become more and more unhappy over the years.

Shi Yunnan, who was ignored, didnt feel embarrassed and just watched quietly.

If the person who stayed in the Shi family was Wen Yibei, and the other party was capable enough to protect himself and was willing to flatter, the old mans favoritism over the years would not necessarily turn to Xie Keyue.

Wen Yibei put the cello away and walked down from the stage, “Grandpa, I havent seen you for a long time.

How is your health Ive been too busy abroad all these years.

I really didnt live up to my status as the Shi familys eldest grandson.“

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he silently gave his brother a thumbs up in his heart.

These words sounded gentle and polite, but the term “eldest grandson” was deliberately enunciated to remind everyone.

Old Man Shi naturally heard his implication, but looking at the tall, slender, and handsome eldest grandson, he still gave him a bit of a face, “Yibei, why are you suddenly here”

“I heard that the Shi family has invited a lot of guests today, so I purposely came to take a look with Yunnan.”

Wen Yibei still maintained a gentle smile and glanced at Shi Sheng again, “Grandpa, dad, perhaps were not welcome here”

Shi Yunnan followed suit, “Brother, how could grandpa and dad not welcome us Im afraid its someone else…“

He paused for a while, and his eyes were pointed at the mother and son, Xie Wei and Xie Keyue.

Xie Wei saw that Shi Yunnan did this on purpose, and was even more afraid of what they would do.

The next second, Xie Keyue spoke up first, “Big brothers, were all very happy that you guys came to this banquet.”

Its good that the two brothers are here.

After all, no one can easily change the decision made by Old Man Shi.

In this case, its perfect to announce in front of them—

He, Xie Keyue, will become the rightful third young master of the Shi family and will manage the Shi family from today onward.

To openly and righteously crush your adversaries Just the thought of it made him feel a burst of joy!

Furthermore, if Shi Yunnan didnt agree with Old Man Shis decision, there would definitely be a nasty quarrel later.

In this way, Old Man Shi would feel even more disappointed.

and the Shi familys private property will be more unlikely to fall into the hands of the two brothers.

Eventually, he will become the biggest winner.

“Grandpa” Wen Yibei raised his voice to remind him.

Old Man Shi loved to save face.

Even if the relationship between the family members was chaotic, he would not show it in front of outsiders.

“Its good that you two brothers can come.”

Soon, a guest asked, “Eldest young master even brought the instrument Do you plan to perform“

Wen Yibei glanced at his younger brother, still maintaining his gentle and appropriate demeanor, and said, “Yes, Ill open the show to liven things up.”

Xie Wei didnt want Wen Yibei to steal the limelight from her son, so she laughed and stopped him, “That wont be necessary, will it Ive already arranged a performance to entertain our guests.“

“Its not easy for Yibei to finally come.

The visitor is a guest, so we cant bother you, right“

“Aunt Xie is joking.

Its always a pleasure to perform at ones own family banquet.“

Wen Yibei calmly blocked her back and handed the decision to Old Man Shi, “Besides, Grandpa hasnt even given the word yet, Aunt Xie, why are you so anxious”

Xie Wei was blocked with these rational words.

Compared to the eccentric Shi Yunnan, Old Man Shi indeed favored the gentle and measured Wen Yibei more.

Its probably been too long since Old Man Shi has heard the other party call him “grandpa,” which made him feel a little soft-hearted at the moment, “Well, its a good thing that you have this intention.

Since all the guests want to hear it, then put on a great performance.“

Wen Yibei smiled slightly and camly took the stage.

All eyes followed him.

With a needle hidden in his eyes, Shi Yunnan silently took a glass of champagne and looked at the mother and son, Xie Wei and Xie Keyue—

Just wait, the show has only begun.

The cello was already tuned in advance, therefore Wen Yibei started his own performance after a little preparation.

The gentle and soothing melody slides down from the strings, very light and soft, and the delicate emotions seem to swing from the depths of the soul, causing the emotions of all present to follow the ups and downs.

“How can you play such a sad tune on a good day like this”

Xie Wei took two steps forward, and in front of Old Man Shi, she deliberately exaggerated and muttered this sentence.

But what she didnt expect was that the moment those words landed, the strings on the stage turned and the slow music suddenly took on a few more hints of cheerfulness.

“Aunt Xie, have you never been to a large concert hall before Why dont you understand any etiquette“

Shi Yunnan refuted, with a faint smile, “Dont make any comments before the song is finished.

With so many guests present, you can easily make a fool of yourself.“

Old Man Shi already detested Xie Weis vulgar and low-class attitude, and now hearing such words, he immediately glared at her, his displeasure overflowing.

The performance on stage continued, and the fine rhythmic musical notes fell on Xie Weis face like invisible slaps, making her dare not speak casually any more.

When the performance came to an end, the audience applauded warmly, followed by praise.


Wens cello playing is wonderful.”

“Being able to hear the eldest young masters performance, todays trip is not in vain.”

“Speaking of which, its still Old Master Shi who has the ability.

The three young masters in this family each have their own style.“

Shi Yunnan approached them and asked, “Grandpa, Dad, what do you think of my brothers performance”

Without the previous aggressive manner, Shi Yunnan really looked like a well-behaved child who skillfully discussed the art of classical music performance with his family.

Old Man Shi examined his unusual behavior and smoothly took over, “Well, Yibeis performance is naturally spectacular.”

After all, no matter how unhappy Shi Yunnan had made him at first, Wen Yibeis performance had indeed made him look good right now.

Seeing that his father had already stated his position, Shi Sheng also picked up some nice words, “You and Yibeis musical talents have followed your mother, I…”

“Is the sun rising from the west today So you still remember your ex-wife huh” Shi Yunnan interrupted tauntingly.


Shi Sheng was a bit overwhelmed by the reaction.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei on stage exchanged a look and continued to say, “It must be difficult for Aunt Xie to have the heart to pick this day specifically.”

“The Shi family is holding a lively banquet right on my mothers birthday.”

Old Man Shi didnt expect this kind of timing at all.

After hearing Shi Yunnans deliberately provocative words, he was first stunned and then angry, “Shi Yunnan, what nonsense are you talking about Do you understand any sense of proportion!“

All of a sudden, Wen Yibei opened his mouth to interrupt, “By the way, everyone still doesnt know the title of the song I just played, right”

His voice lost its initial softness but instead was laced with cold and harsh thorns.

“The first half is from “Mother”, and the second half is from “Canon in D Major”.

The first half is naturally to reminisce about our late mother.

As for the second half……“

During the deliberate pause, some guests responded, “ “Canon” Why does it sound so familiar“

Shi Yunnan raised his lips, “Of course it sounds familiar.

In western countries, this famous song is the most played at funerals.“


The faces of Old Man Shi and others immediately stiffened.

The whole place fell into a dead silence, and the guests finally realized that something was wrong—

Playing a funeral song at the Shi familys banquet

These two brothers, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, are so ruthless and extreme!

The author has something to say:

The Two Brothers: Extreme The good show is yet to come : )


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