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Imperial Capital Central Hospital

The red light of the emergency room was brightly lit.

Shi Sheng was sitting on a chair at the door of the ER, his expression dignified like never before.

Old Man Shi was repeatedly stimulated at the banquet.

Finally, he fell to the ground and fainted.

It had been almost two hours since he was sent into the ER and there was still no news.

The elevator door nearby opened, and two hurried footsteps sounded one after another.

Xie Keyue looked at Shi Sheng, who was surrounded by low pressure, and his expression could not help but freeze…

If he could, he would want to walk away from the banquet like Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei.

Its a pity that he cant.

After all, his long-term reputation was that of “the little grandson that Old Man Shi values ​​most” and “the filial third young master of the Shi family.”

Today, the Shi family exposed so many absurd things at the banquet.

If he chose to leave and didnt care, wouldnt he live up to those unreliable remarks in the eyes of outsiders

Besides, the Shi family was in disarray at the time, so it might be a good opportunity for him to seize power.

Shi Yunnan was right in one or two remarks—he, Xie Keyue, was a person whose selfishness was engraved into the bones, and he would never miss any profitable opportunities.

“Xiao Yue…”

Xie Wei limped closer to her son and whispered cautiously.

From after the banquet was over until now, Xie Keyue never said a word to her.

Because Old Man Shi suddenly fainted, Shi Yunnan and others who were “deliberately causing trouble” had already left in large strides, and the follow-up guests dispersed quickly.

Even Zhang Yun, who saw her as an enemy, left a few harsh words and rushed back to clean up her husband and his pregnant mistress.

Xie Weis hair was combed and pulled back with difficulty, and her delicate makeup had completely faded away.

She went from fake crying to actually shedding real tears after the truth was revealed.

After crying for a long time, ugly red streaks appeared all over her face.

The face that has always been well-maintained was now red and swollen, and a few vague slap marks can still be seen.

Xie Keyue remembered that most of the bad things at todays banquet were caused by her.

He ignored her with disgust and went straight to Shi Sheng.

He adjusted his emotions and said in a warm voice, “Dad, I have sent away all the guests at the banquet.

Dont worry, they should consider Grandpas face and not…”

“Enough, dont act out filial piety in front of me.” Shi Sheng looked up at him coldly and said, “What are you doing here”

Xie Keyue heard the indifference in Shi Shengs words that he had never heard before, and his hands hanging at his sides unconsciously twisted into fists “Dad, do you really believe Shi Yunnans nonsense and think Im not your biological son”

In his words, there were complaints and grievances.

Xie Keyue admitted that he hadnt been paying attention to Shi Sheng and Old Man Shi over the years, but aside from this, he still regarded them as a father and a grandfather.

No matter how selfish he was, he just didnt help the Shi family when they encountered difficulties, but he never hurt them from beginning to end.

Xie Wei heard the dialogue between the two and hurried up, “Shi Sheng! You can doubt anything but not this matter!“

“For goodnesss sake, Keyue is your own flesh and blood.

Im not a woman…” who slept around.

The last three words were hidden in the throat, which made them all the more unconvincing.

These words were like a cluster of sparks, which immediately detonated the dynamite pile that had not been extinguished in Shi Shengs heart.

“Shut up! You shameless b*tch! Its come to this, and youre still arguing with me here!“

Shi Sheng stood up from the chair in a flash and violently threw Xie Wei a slap.


This slap used a lot of force, and Xie Wei was directly slapped to the ground.

She was slapped until she saw stars and started wailing.

Her already numb cheeks burst out with burning pain once again.

“Xie Wei, let me tell you! When Dads situation is stable, we must end this marriage!” Shi Sheng added.

Whether Xie Keyue was his own blood or not, Xie Weis cheating in marriage was something he couldnt forgive!


Xie Keyues pupils trembled, and the hand that wanted to assist was stuck in mid-air.

If both parents are bound to divorce, then he must protect himself and stay in the Shi family.

Xie Wei broke free from the pain and dizziness.

Hearing her husbands ruthless words and seeing her sons indifferent and ruthless reaction, her heart was swept by unprecedented sadness and anger—

What is this

Her husband clearly did dirty things behind her back, but in the end, not a word of it was mentioned

She thought that her son was her support and even helped speak up for him a second ago, but this “precious son” refused to give her even a little help

“What kind of good man do you think you are You got a college student pregnant, and caused that girl to be unable to conceive for life.

You think youre carrying fewer sins than me“

Xie Wei trembledly got up from the ground.

She tore off her rich madam and revealed her vixen self, “Divorce Shi Sheng, you wish!“

“So what if I did cheat You forced me to do it!“

“What have I got since I followed you for so many years I was criticized by the old man every day.

Ive been taking care of him for so long, but Ive never received a good face from him.

And you, do you ever speak a word for me“

“You guys say Im a shameless mistress Shi Sheng, dont forget that you were the one who got drunk and begged me to get back together after you got married!“

If it werent for the Shi familys assets, why would she reconcile with him

“Yes, I hung up Wen Mins last phone call before her death, but let me tell you, you were drunk and couldnt even wake up!”

Shi Shengs face was gloomy, “Xie Wei, have you said enough!“

Seeing Shi Shengs reaction, Xie Wei quickly hid behind her son.

Regardless of whether Xie Keyue was willing or not, she just took the other party as a shield.

Shi Sheng stared at the mother and son in front of him and felt more and more disgusted, “If you hadnt secretly instigated me to send Yunnan out of the country, would I have separated from their two brothers”

“Yet youre still not satisfied with this and took the childs money”

Shi Sheng tried to put the blame on Xie Wei, but the other party didnt care to retort.

“What if I deduct Shi Yunnans living expenses Let me tell you, there are still many things that you and the old man dont know!“

Even though she had been fanning the flames over the years, in the end, it was because their father and son were both cold-blooded by nature.

They sent an eight-year-old child abroad, thinking that giving him some living expenses was equivalent to raising him

“You still want to pretend that you are a good father who protects the calf Ptooey! Shi Sheng, are you worthy“

Xie Keyues ears were full of back-and-forth confrontations.

He was caught between his parents, and it was hard for him to conduct himself.

The pent up anger in my heart lasted for a while.

Just in time, the door of the ER was opened.

The three turned their heads in a hurry, thinking that it was Old Man Shi.

A young-looking doctor came out, took off his mask, and showed a disturbed expression, “Have you made enough noise”

“Do you think the hospital is a vegetable market Your buzzing noise really affects the doctors and delays the treatment of the patients.

Can your family bear this responsibility“

Xie Keyue took the opportunity to break free from Xie Weis restraints, “Sorry, we will pay attention.

How is the situation of the old man who was sent in before“

He had to confirm Old Man Shis situation as soon as possible so that he could plan his next move.

This issue that Xie Keyue was concerned about was also what Shi Sheng and Xie Wei were concerned about.

The seemingly close family of three actually has their own agenda.

“The bleeding has been preliminary treated.

The specific situation will have to be followed up.” The young doctor replied with a better attitude and turned around to go back to the ER.

The door was closed again.

Shi Sheng looked at the crazy Xie Wei in front of him, who was all without half of the innocence and loveliness back then, “Divorce! We must divorce! Not only do we have to divorce, but……“

He looked at Xie Keyue, who was silent on the side, and said, “When the old mans condition is stable, we will do a paternity test! You mother and son must give me an explanation!“

Xie Keyues heart was instantly raised to his throat.

Before today, he had never been so suspicious and afraid that he was not the blood of the Shi family.

If the results of the paternity test come out and it is determined that he and Shi Sheng werent related by blood, then everything he has been pursuing all these years will be in vain.

Xie Keyue held his breath, and his eyes fell on Xie Wei with an implicit question.

Xie Wei met her sons gaze, and the sadness in her heart increased again.

She struggled to regain some confidence and rebuked him, “What are you looking at me for You are Shi Shengs own son!“

“I dated a few men when I was young, but Im not confused to this extent!”

After Shi Sheng and she got back together, she cut off relations with other men.

In order to firmly grasp the man and the assets behind him, she also hoped day and night to be pregnant with Shi Shengs child and secure her position.

She can be confused about everything else, but this is the only thing that cant be wrong!

Xie Keyues heart fell back into place.

He still had some understanding of his mother.

At this moment, Xie Wei didnt dodge, but was full of displeasure, and even her voice was much firmer and louder than before.

It can be assumed that his birth wasnt a fake.

Xie Wei looked at Shi Sheng, who was silent, and knew that she had completely lost her position in the Shi family after today.

Even if she wasnt reconciled, the divorce was already set in stone.

She was afraid that if Old Man Shi awoke, her fate would be even worse.

Xie Wei calmed down and made up her mind.

She opened her mouth to demand an exorbitant price, “Divorce is fine, unless you, Shi Sheng, unconditionally give me a 100 million divorce settlement!”

When these words came out, not only did Shi Shengs face turn pale, but even Xie Keyue felt outrageous.

A hundred million1Around 14.8 million dollars

How dare she get the nerve!

Before Shi Sheng could answer, the door of the operating room reopened, and another doctor came out.

“Where are Shi Houdes family members The operation was successful, but the patient is not out of danger for the time being.

He needs to be transferred to the intensive care unit for monitoring, and the hospitalization fee should be paid quickly.“

Shi Sheng pressed down his dissatisfaction and hurried forward, “Im his son.

Ill pay for it right away.“

Shi Sheng took the medical bill given by the other party and turned around to face the two people that annoyed him.

He had completely lost trust in the mother and son and implicitly warned, “Keyue, you know the old mans temperament.”

“If you continue to condone Xie Weis absurd remarks, even if the results of the paternity test prove your innocence, then you must get out of the Shi family with her!”

After saying that, he left without mercy.

Xie Keyue was silent for a while.

Shi Shengs cold voice forced him to pick his side, “Mom, clean up and get out of the house.

It wont do me any good if you continue making trouble.”

1Around 14.8 million dollars


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