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They met a long time ago

Shi Yunnan repeated these words in his mind and blinked his eyes in a daze, “Brother, what did you just say”

Seeing his confusion, Wen Yibei frowned, “Luo Lingsheng and his friend came to our eighteenth birthday party.”

At eighteen years old, you can be regarded as an adult.

Old Man Wen valued his grandsons birthday very much, so he widely distributed invitation letters, including the fourth house of the Luo family at that time.

“Although Mr.

Luo and we dont know each other, I remember him coming for the sake of formality.”

Wen Yibei recounted what he remembered and turned to the key point, “By the way, didnt you quarrel with Wen Chenglang that day and run out to drink alone”

Shi Yunnan frowned and pondered it.

There seemed to be such a thing, “Yes, right”

Because the age of eighteen represents adulthood, it was the first time in his life that he came into contact with alcohol.

As a result, his alcohol tolerance couldnt catch up with his alcohol intake.

After drinking, he lost consciousness and only woke up the next day.

“What happened then”

Seeing his brothers confused appearance, Wen Yibei couldnt help but knock on his forehead, “I was really worried later, so I sneaked out of the banquet to find you.”

“As a result, I saw you clinging to Luo Lingshengs body and didnt let go.

You didnt know how many times you vomited that night.”

The last half of the sentence was a bit exaggerated, but Wen Yibei remembered it very well.

After Shi Yunnan was brought back to the hotel room by him, he even said that he had met a handsome guy, which most likely referred to Luo Lingsheng.

In the long run, Wen Yibei naturally believed that the two had met before.

“I originally wanted to wait until you woke up the next day and ask carefully, but…”

Shi Yunnan knew it in his heart when Wen Yibei remembered something and became stuck in the unfinished words.

The day after the birthday banquet, he and Wen Chenglang had an unprecedented fight, caused by the verbal dispute at the birthday banquet the day before.

Old Man Wen, who came to mediate the two quarrelling parties, was pushed down the stairs and hospitalised due to serious injury.

Because of this, Shi Yunnan was subjected to groundless slanders by Wen Chenglang, and he has not gone back to the Wen family since then.

Wen Yibei sighed and returned to the topic itself, “You dont remember what happened at the birthday party”

Shi Yunnan shook his head.

Wen Yibei asked again, “Mr.

Luo never mentioned it to you”

Shi Yunnan shook his head again and uncaringly said, “Maybe he doesnt remember either.

How many years ago did this happen”

Wen Yibei replied, “I just suddenly remembered and mentioned it to you in passing.

It doesnt matter as long as youre happy now and Luo Lingsheng is willing to treat you sincerely.”

Shi Yunnan smiled when he heard Wen Yibeis “elder brother is like a father” tone.

Simultaneously, an indescribable sweetness arose in his heart—

He thought their first meeting was at the Shi house, but it was as early as his 18th birthday party

It seems that he and Luo Lingsheng were brought together by fate.

Shi Yunnan suppressed his emotions and asked about Wen Yibeis current situation, “Brother, do you still want to go abroad during this period of time”

Wen Yibei had separated from the Wen family, and it wasnt possible to take over the stinking gutter of the Shi family side either.

In recent years, he has returned to his home country a little more often than Shi Yunnan, but this chief cellist of the main orchestra has always been abroad most of the time.

Wen Yibei shook his head, “I applied for a temporary leave of absence with the orchestra for a year.”

Shi Yunnans expression changed, “Temporary leave Brother, what are you thinking Your chief position in the orchestra is not a childs play.

If you leave, how many people will want to take over“

This one-year leave of absence sounds appealing, but it is no different than quitting a job.

Wen Yibei relied on his talent and strength to become the chief cellist of a top orchestra at a young age, causing countless people to be envious of him.

Once he leaves this position, someone else will immediately take his place.

When he wants to return to the orchestra, how can the other party easily give up the lead position

“Is there only one top orchestra in the entire world The existing orchestra position is gone, but as long as my ability is there, I can still win it back.“

Wen Yibei smiled casually and told him his future plan, “Imperial Capital Music Academy offered me an olive branch as a professor.

The salary is very good, and the course is consistent and relaxing.

Most importantly, I get to stay in the Imperial Capital.“

Shi Yunnan quickly reacted, “Youre doing it for Grandpa”


Wen Yibei resolutely admitted, with a dignified look in his eyes, “Grandpas health is not very good.

Uncle told me some time ago that the old man has stomach cancer, and now it is not suitable for surgery.”


Shi Yunnans pupils trembled, “What, when”

“Its been almost a year since he discovered it.

He was afraid that his children and grandchildren would be worried, so he refused to talk about it.

But thanks to the treatment, his condition has been relatively stable.“

Even so, the disease either doesnt strike or becomes dangerous once it does.

“You know the situation of the Wen family.

That mother, son, and daughter are worry-free.

Uncle has been reluctant to make a big noise for fear of disturbing grandpa.”

“I had a discussion with him and planned to take grandpa to live in my new house…”

Wen Yibei and their uncle Wen Yanfeng had already discussed the countermeasures and persuaded Old Man Wen to agree.

“Yunnan, the Shi family wasnt good to you, and it makes sense that you are now in such a mess with old man Shi.”

Wen Yibeis voice was calm and clear, “But you know how Grandpa treats me.”

“Whether its for Grandpas kindness in raising me or for the sake of replacing our mom, I have to take the responsibility of taking care of him.“

Shi Yunnan felt a pang of sourness in his heart, “Brother, Im sorry, I… Ill visit grandpa tomorrow.”

Shi Yunnan knew that old man Wen was good to him.

He also knew that Wen Yibei, as his elder brother, secretly shouldered that responsibility for his sake.

“Sorry about what”

Wen Yibei was stunned by his brothers unexplained apology, and then laughed helplessly, “Grandpa has lived to this age; what is it that you still cant understand”

“I also learned about it by accident, so he told me to hide it from you.

How could he blame you.“

Shi Yunnan sighed.

Wen Yibei continued, “Yunnan, to be honest, I know that the choices we made when we were children made both of us take completely different paths.”

“Ive been happier than you in the Wen family, and now I should take on more responsibility than you, as it should be.

You dont need to have any burden in your heart.“

“Rather than worrying, Grandpa and I hope that you can live well from now on.“


Shi Yunnan didnt speak.

“Come on, who doesnt face old age, sickness, and death in life” Wen Yibei rubbed his head helplessly.

“Besides, Grandpas condition is better now.

Its not as bad as you think.“

“When youre done with Luo Lingshengs surgery abroad, dont you have to return to China If you really want to put aside your business and spend time with Grandpa every day, I think he will find you annoying.“

When Shi Yunnan heard the second half of the rant, he shouted angrily, “Brother.”

The two brothers looked at each other and couldnt help laughing at the same time.

That bit of depression disappeared just like that.

“Thats right, dont be sad.”

Shi Yunnan said, “Im leaving for overseas the day after tomorrow, so Ill take time to visit the old man tomorrow.”

Wen Yibei didnt object and said, “Okay.”

Wen Yibei did not choose to stay for dinner.

Shi Yunnan went back to his room to pack up his work documents, and when he returned to the master bedroom after washing up, he saw Luo Lingsheng, who had changed into a nightgown, sitting at the computer desk concentrating.

Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnans footsteps and pushed aside his glasses, “Are you done”

Shi Yunan approached him, “Yes, how about you”

Luo Lingsheng immediately closed the computer and pulled Shi Yunnan to sit beside him, “Im done.

After Mr.

Wen left, I think youre in a bad mood.

What did you talk about”

Shi Yunnan was surprised by his lovers ability to observe him, and without hiding, he informed him of old man Wens health condition,”… I want to take time to visit him tomorrow.”

“Yes, Ill go with you.” Luo Lingsheng responded quickly, “If the Wen family has medical needs, I can send someone to help.”

His words made it sound like they were of the same family.

Shi Yunnan couldnt help but curl the corners of his mouth as he responded and took a half step back to sit on the soft bed.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingshengs handsome face, and the birthday party mentioned by Wen Yibei flashed in his mind again.

Shi Yunnan thought about it, but finally couldnt hold back the rising curiosity inside his heart, “Luo Lingsheng, let me ask you something.”


“When you went to the Shi family to propose a marriage, you happened to meet me, who was about to run away from home…”

Shi Yunnan stared at him earnestly and delightfully.

The hint was too obvious, “Is that the first time we met”

Luo Lingsheng heard the implication, and his slender fingers slowly took off his glasses, revealing those unfathomable glances, “Oh”


Shi Yunnans curiosity was hit back by this monotone sound, and there was a sense of inexplicable guilt.

He just thought about it while he was taking a bath.

Luo Lingsheng never brought up the topic of “first meeting.” Instead, he said it himself that day—

If I remember correctly, this is our first meeting, right

Although love at first sight does exist in this world, is there anyone who falls in love at first sight and gets married on the same day Which one of us will gain or lose

Shi Yunnans guilty feelings flashed across his face, just in time for Luo Lingsheng to catch sight of it.

He controlled the wheelchair forward.

The glasses in his hand reflected his subtle smile, “You remember something Or did someone mention anything to you“


How nice.

It seems that the person who forgot was really himself.

Shi Yunnan couldnt help but cough lightly and began to find himself an excuse, “When I was chatting with my brother just now, he mentioned that an invitation letter was sent to the fourth house of the Luo family for our eighteenth birthday party.”

“I was thinking, have we met Do y, you still have an impression of me“

Luo Lingsheng was not in a hurry to answer, but simply asked in a light voice, “What about you Do you still have any impressions yourself“


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