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Chapter 2633: Pei ShenghaiTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han did not say anything else.

Gu Heyi would not be appearing for the moment, so Ling Han would just have to wait.

Once the celestial fruit ripened, Gu Heyi would definitely appear, and it would be fine to kill him then.

Ling Han and the Empress sat down on the banks of the lake, absorbing the fruity fragrance.

There was a sliver of energy from the heaven and earth contained within.

It was extremely beneficial even for Celestial Kings.

No wonder a great many people were still seated around here even when they had full knowledge that they were not qualified to contend for the celestial fruit.

The majority of Celestial Kings were affected by the black Qi, all of them having hot tempers, and would fight over the slightest issue.

Battles happened practically every day.

Some battles would only cause severe injuries, while some would only end when one side died completely.

The strongest people here were 23 peak-stage Seventh Heaven Celestial Kings.

They all had the aptitude of monarch tiers, and had battle prowess close to the Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier.

Thus, they had always been domineering, and held no reservations in their actions.


At present, Ling Han only had two matters on his mind.

The first was to wait for Gu Heyi to appear, and the second was to pluck the celestial fruit.

He was unconcerned about all else.

Hence, he did not cause trouble, and merely waited patiently beside the Empress.

However, while they would not cause trouble, it did not mean that others would not trifle with them, either, especially when the two of them were both only Fifth Heaven Celestial Kings, and the Empress was extraordinarily beautiful.

This was practically a treasure that was completely unguarded.

It was too tempting to others.

After Ling Han showed his might and killed nine Sixth Heaven Celestial Kings in a row, finally no one dared to trifle with them any longer.

“This brat seems quite extraordinary!”

Ling Hans performance also drew the attention of those peak-stage Seventh Heaven monarch tiers as they all turned their eyes on him.

“Little Seven, go, have that brat come to greet me!” a peak-stage Seventh Heaven monarch tier declared.


Ling Han sat with his head slightly raised, looking towards the Celestial King that was approaching them.

After he established his authority, no one dared to approach within 30 meters of him by now, yet this Celestial King was just boldly walking towards the couple.

Was he asking for a beating

“Sir, my lord summons you!” this Celestial King said.

He was a Sixth Heaven Celestial King.

Ling Han was nonchalant, and instead asked, “Who is your lord”

“Pei Shenghai, Lord Pei!” that Sixth Heaven Celestial King declared proudly.

Pei Shenghai was a monarch tier whose battle prowess was close to the Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier.

Even in this place, he could be ranked among elites.

Ling Han shook his head.

“I dont know this random person.”

“You…” That Sixth Heaven Celestial King was instantly outraged.

Ling Han actually dared say that Pei Shenghai was just some random person The Sixth Heaven Celestial King forcefully suppressed his anger, and said, “If Lord Pei is just some random person, what are you then”

Ling Hans eyes flashed with coldness.

He was just sitting here; what trouble had he caused Yet not only did the other party come uninvited, he was actually saying such big words.

From the very moment he opened his mouth, it was a demand that Ling Han go to greet someone.

What right did he have to expect a pleasant reception from Ling Han

“You are seeking death!” Ling Han said coldly.

Raising his hand, he pressed down on the opponent.

“You dare!” that Sixth Heaven Celestial King called out harshly, yet did not dare to even counter.

He hurriedly broke into a run and fled.

He had seen Ling Han fight before.

Ling Hans battle prowess was too frightening; how could he possibly dare to face him head-on

But if he had managed to flee, would Ling Han have been able to kill an Eighth Heaven Celestial King


The palm strike descended, and that Sixth Heaven Celestial King was smacked into a bloody mush.

When the people around saw this, they all inhaled sharply.

This guy was really too harsh, killing at the slightest provocation.

The other guy had just asked him to pay his greetings to Pei Shenghai… Who was Pei Shenghai A peak-stage Seventh Heaven monarch tier, who definitely was qualified to put on such airs.

‘You actually killed his subordinate at the slightest disagreement; this is a deep offense to Pei Shenghai.

As they saw it, Ling Han was dead.

Previously, the reason why he could be so arrogant and domineering was because those Seventh Heaven Celestial Kings had not made a move on him, what more peak-stage Seventh Heaven monarch tiers.

“Furthermore… Pei Shenghai is a close follower of Lord He Yi!” Someone revealed an even greater piece of information.

“What, Lord He Yi!”

Everyone was trembling.

Though He Yi was also a Seventh Heaven Celestial King, his battle prowess could be comparable to peak-stage Eighth Heaven.

Otherwise, he would not be qualified to contend for the celestial fruit.

“No wonder.

So Pei Shenghai is one of the guards that Lord He Yi has left here to watch over the celestial fruit.”

“Lord He Yi is really too extraordinary.

He himself is only a Seventh Heaven Celestial King as well, yet can make a Seventh Heaven Celestial King monarch tier follow him willingly.

In the future, he will definitely be able to reign over a city, and become an overlord in his own right.”

“Even I wish to follow Lord He Yi and ride on his coattails, but he doesnt even bother himself with me at all.”

Amidst a round of discussions, Pei Shenghai slowly stood, and then strode over to Ling Han, his expression icy cold.

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