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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 11

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Edited by Aelryinth

Shi Huazhe remained silent. Although Qiu Hengyang was his junior, they were both B-grade video game designers. Moreover, Qiu Hengyang remained active in the cutting edge of research. It wouldnt look good if they were at each others throats.

Furthermore, Shi Huazhe felt that he had no chance of winning an argument against Qiu Hengyang. Therefore, he chose to swallow his pride and keep his mouth shut.

1The emcee could also feel that the atmosphere surrounding the judges wasnt quite right, and quickly diverted attention away from them. “Alright, thanks for the insightful reviews by the three judges. Personally, I dont think there is a game that pleases everybody. Its quite normal to have people who dislike your game. There isnt an objective of good or bad. In the end, the decision still lies in the hands of the audience. Up next is the second recommendation round!”

Shi Huazhe had calmed down a bit after the mediation by the emcee.

The audience was once again given the chance to recommend a game in the next round. However, it was obvious that the focus was on FlappyBird and Hunter Island.

It was impossible for the other games to overtake FlappyBird. The key factor became how many recommendations Hunter Island was able to achieve in this last round!

The audience was also hesitant.

“Which one are you voting for”

“I think Mr. Shi made sense, isnt FlappyBird too simple Does it deserve to be crowned champion”

“So youre voting for Hunter Island”

“Umm, I cant say for sure. Although it felt like more effort was poured into Hunter Island, it wasnt as fun as FlappyBird.”

“Then why are you still hesitating Qiu Hengyang also made sense. Im voting for FlappyBird no matter what.”

“Then Ill also vote for FlappyBird.”

“Lets get it over and done with, I cant be the only one to have endured the torture.”

5Soon thereafter, the updated statistics were shown.

FlappyBird had one thousand and thirty-seven recommends!

Hunter island had five hundred and thirty-seven recommends!

Hunter Island needed to get a hundred and twenty eight votes more to take first place; it was obviously hopeless at this point.

3Moreover, FlappyBird received nearly five hundred votes in the second round; you could say it was a crushing defeat!

The emcee said, “Alright, the final results are out! According to the rules, FlappyBird has proven itself to be the favorite by playtime and number of recommendations. However, we still need the approval of the three judges. If they reach a unanimous decision that the game isnt worthy, unfortunately it will have to be disqualified.

“The three judges, what are your thoughts”

The emcee looked in the direction of the three judges.

Shi Huazhe and Lin Hai were silent.

It required a unanimous decision for the game to not be recognized. Qiu Hengyangs stance was obvious. Even if Shi Huazhe and Lin Hai asserted that they were against it, it would end up fruitless. Therefore both of them kept quiet.

Qiu Hengyang took control of the mic. “I approve of this game. I think it fully deserved to take first place in this competition.”

The emcee nodded in agreement. “Alright! That means the champion of the video game design competition has been decided: FlappyBird of designer number Seven!

“May designer number Seven make their way up the stage to receive their prizes. They have received three hundred thousand RMB in research funds, qualifications to be a D-grade video game designer, and their very own video game experience store! Congratulations!”

1Chen Mo got up from his seat and walked towards the stage.

The audience and the competitors wondered what kind of person had made such a sadistic game.

5Perhaps half of the audience wanted to take a peek inside his mind. Are you antisocial Why would you make a self-torturing game like this Why

Of course, it was just in their minds.

Surprisingly, Chen Mo had a disinterested expression, without a hint of celebration, as though he had known that this would happen from the start.

To him, going up stage to collect his prize was just a necessary part of the unnecessary ritual.

“Congratulations!” The emcee shook hands with Chen Mo, then handed over the trophy to him.

“After you get off stage the staff will contact you in order to transfer the money into your account. As for the experience store, discuss it further with the staff involved.”

Chen Mo nodded in reply.

The emcee said loudly, “Well, lets give another round of applause to designer number seven, Chen Mo!”

Thundering applause came from the audience, flashes came from the surrounding journalists. Chen Mo was being quite cooperative and made a suitable pose while holding the trophy.

At this moment, someone spoke up. “Um, emcee, can I have a word”

The emcee was shocked to see Shi Huazhe when he turned around.

-Whats the meaning of this-

The emcee thought for a moment. According to the event structure, the competition had ended, the reviews were given, what else was there to say

However, since Shi Huazhe had presented himself, it wouldnt make sense to cut him off. Therefore the emcee replied with a nod, “Of course, go ahead.”

The applause from the audience slowly died down, wondering what Shi Huazhe had to say.

Shi Huazhe cleared his throat and said, “First, congratulations on winning.”

Chen Mo replied with a nod, “Thank you.”

Shi Huazhe continued, “As someone from the past, Id like to share some of my experience from the past. Would you like to listen”

1Chen Mo nodded with a smile. “Of course.”

Shi Huazhe said, “I think, young man, that your views are indeed unique. The thought process for designing the game was also very different, Im thoroughly impressed. However, you cant get by making games just by having great ideas. It may come back to bite you when your ideas are too great.

1“When making games, its best that you stick to the norm without being too fancy. Its impossible to keep finding opportunities like this. You might be able to do it once, but you cant keep this up forever.

4“Lets use your game for example. I still stand by my words, you havent moved the audience or brought them happiness. You triggered their negative emotions in order to keep them playing. Its something I strongly disapprove of.

1“Hopefully you can leave the path youve strayed onto. Please do not continue on that path just because youve won this time. Itll only do you bad, understood”

8After the words had left Shi Huazhes mouth, the atmosphere became odd.

Although in essence it was congratulatory, what was implied was plenty obvious: Chen Mo had achieved this result through a loophole, fooling around, and pure luck. Making another game like this would only lead to a dead end.

Obivously Shi Huazhe hadnt swallowed the insult from Qiu Hengyang. He couldnt say that to Qiu Hengyang himself, and obviously accepting that he was wrong was off the table. Thats why he chose toadvise Chen Mo.

Shi Hua Zhe knew that confronting Qiu Hengyang had its risks. If Qiu Hengyang got angry and the two of them started quarrelling, there would be no benefit to anyone. However, confronting Chen Mo was risk free. As a video game designer that had just entered the industry, all he could do was nod in agreement, “Thanks for the guidance!”. Any opinions would be kept to themselves.

1How could Qiu Hengyang have not understood the intent of Shi Huazhe However, as Shi Huazhe wasnt targeting Qiu Hengyang himself, he couldnt retaliate. All he could do was to watch Chen Mo swallow the insult!-

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