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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 297 - positive feedback

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Master Yi waved the long sword in his hand and kept attacking the blue BUFF.

His movements were very smooth, and the sense of attack was not bad. The movements matched with the attack sound effects gave off a feeling of knife cutting into flesh.

Soon, the blue statue fell to the ground, and a blue BUFF appeared under the sword saints feet.

Master Yis health was quite good, and Jia Peng nodded with satisfaction before continuing to farm the wolves.

Chen Mo canceled the rune system and made some adjustments to it, so it wouldnt be as difficult for new players to jungle.

Jungling wasnt supposed to be that difficult. In Chen Mos previous life, due to runes and innate attributes, even if a side account had jungler equipment, jungling was extremely difficult, slow and took a lot of health. Thats why it was rare to see a jungler even at level 10, most of them splitting up into 2 – 1 – 2 roles.

This was very disadvantageous to the popularization of jungler positions.

As such, Chen Mo made some changes to the system and encouraged players to practice with jungling heroes.

However, before Jia Peng could finish killing the three wolves, a loud “FISRT BLOOD” resounded throughout the arena.

Jia Peng was stunned. What was going on

On a closer look, garen, who was on the top lane, had already dealt first blood, while the lava beast and the Grand Swordmaster on the enemys top lane were already pushing the tower.

Jia Peng was speechless.

He was too focused on jungling to notice how garen had died. However, Jia Peng was also puzzled. It had only been a few minutes since the start of the game, how could he be dead

Since he was just a passerby, Jia Peng didnt say much and continued to farm the bottom half of the jungle.

In the end, garen spoke up.”Sword Saint, come and help me. I cant fight two people at once.”

“If you cant beat me, then go to the tower. Wait for me,” Jia Peng said helplessly.

“Oh,” Galen replied.

Garen really did just log in under the tower.

Jia Peng felt a little tired, but at least garen didnt send him off.

As he moved his view to the top lane, Jia Peng also glanced at the Blademaster.

Hes so handsome!

Not only had the model changed, but even the movements were different from the original moves of a Grand Swordmaster. The movements of this carefree swordsman, Master Yi, were very similar to those floating swordsmen in wuxia. They were very agile, and every time they swung their swords, there would be a flash of cold light. They were very handsome.

He looked at his Original Skin and immediately felt that it was too horrible to look at.

Jia Peng sighed helplessly and continued to farm the red BUFF.

However, before he could finish, he received another notification.”Our hero has been killed!”

Jia Peng saw that Vayne at the bottom lane was dead.

Jia Pengs face was full of confusion, this was really bad news!

“This man, he, hes too impulsive,” Chang xiuya explained.”He charged up and fought two people at once …”

Jia Peng shook his head helplessly. He wanted to type “no need”, but after some thought, he deleted it and typed: “Good luck, everyone!”

Both sister lucky and Soraka were not at full health at the bottom lane, but they continued to push the lane relentlessly after Vayne was killed. Chang xiuya was shivering under the turret at the bottom lane, and could only try her best to kill a few minions with her skills.

Jia Peng saw a golden opportunity, and immediately outflanked Chang xiuya from the back after the red BUFF was over. He then said to Chang xiuya,””Hold on, Im almost there!”

Jia Peng had already arrived, and the computer only noticed him then. Soraka and lucky sister turned around to attack. Jia Peng pressed his E-skill, boundless Kendo, and Bladesman immediately rushed towards lucky sister, who had lower HP.

“Jia Peng!” Chang xiuya panicked,”be careful! There are two of them!”

“Im fine, just follow me!”Jia Peng said.

Chang xiuya hurriedly cast an E-skill on Jia Peng, creating a shield around him. Then, with a flurry of attacks, her Q-skill and W-skill were all thrown onto lucky sister.

“Acting cute technique!”

Following Lu Lus shout, lucky sister turned into a harmless little animal. Jia Peng, on the other hand, didnt care about animals at all as he continued to hack at her.

“This will be a painful lesson!”

The Wuji Sword Saint waved his long sword, and under the red BUFFs speed reduction effect and additional damage, he quickly cut down sister good luck to the ground. At this time, his health was still very good, and he continued to rush toward Soraka.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes …

Master Yis attack speed was very fast. Finally, after an Alpha Strike, Master Yi also killed Soraka and escaped from the range of the defensive towers with low health.

The players who were watching the battle heard what Master Yi said.

“Watch and learn.”


The sound effect of the notification rang throughout the entire arena. Furthermore, a special double-kill icon appeared in the center of everyones screens, as well as Master Yis head portrait.

“Wow, Jia Peng, youre amazing!” Chang xiuya exclaimed.

Jia Peng was a little embarrassed, and he grinned,””Hehe, its nothing. Its a computer after all.”

Although he said it was nothing, Jia Peng was actually very happy. The systems positive feedback for this kill was very good, which made him feel very happy.

In MOBA games, it was relatively difficult to obtain kills. As for the triple, quadruple, and quintuple kills, they were even more difficult to obtain.

In COG, there was no such rich positive feedback. Killing someone was nothing more than a dry system prompt, and there was no feeling.

However, in League of Legends, this positive feedback was amplified in all aspects.

When a hero attacked an enemy hero, there would be a special attack voice. For example, Master Yis line was: “This will be a painful lesson!”

After the kill was completed, the system would notify all players that “the enemy hero has been killed” and display the avatars of the killer and the killed. The bottom frame would be differentiated by red and blue.

If special conditions were met, such as double-kill, multi-kill, team wipe, super god, etc., There would be a special voice prompt and special icon to show it, which everyone could see clearly.

After the battle, if the hero killed someone and survived, he would say a special voice to show off. For example, the sword saints line was: “Watch and learn.” (Chen Mo had taken this from some video highlights.)

If other players happened to see this hero, they would also hear the same sentence.

Although he was killing the computer, Jia Peng still felt very happy. He went back to the city to buy equipment.

In League of Legends, the B key was used as a recall key, allowing newbies to recall anywhere when they ran out of health without using any resources, which was very convenient for Jia Peng.

After buying his equipment, Jia Peng went out again, cleared a few more monsters, and set his sights on the top lane.

After being killed once, garen obediently stayed under the tower. Fortunately, it was just a simple computer, so both sides had been at peace.

Jia Peng followed the tutorial and pressed the ALT key to send an icon that said “heading to support”. With a crisp “ding”, Jia Peng was sure that garen had heard and seen it, unless he wasnt in front of his computer screen.-

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