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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 42

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Edited by Aelryinth

Su Jinyu nodded in agreement, “Yep, thats fine!”

Chen Mo said, “Alright, Ill just need some more details about the employment. First, the work time! Every day, from 10 AM to 8 PM. Try to be present on weekends. If you need some time off, try and have them on Monday or Tuesday.”

Su Jinyu agreed.

“As for the pay, working during weekends and holidays will be considered overtime working out to about eight thousand RMB a month, transferred within the first five days of the month. However, you only get eight days of leave a month.”

Su Jinyu was shocked, “Huh So much”

Normally companies would try and keep the pay of interns as low as possible. In the Imperial Capital, even a student from a notable university would only receive around five thousand RMB a month.

The pay might be higher for an industry that required plenty of overtime, but it wouldnt exceed seven thousand.

Only after passing the orientation and becoming a full-time employee could one hope to get above eight thousand RMB, possibly into the tens of thousands. Su Jinyu thought she would receive five thousand a month in salary, so Chen Mos offer was beyond her expectations.

Chen Mo said, “If youre unhappy, reducing it isnt a problem.”

Su Jinyu left out a stifled laugh, “Im perfectly happy with it.”

Chen Mo never liked the idea of bargaining for pay. It was always a showdown between HR and the applicant. I want fifteen thousand, you want ten, settling at twelve. It reminded him of the old ladies at the market haggling, completely unnecessary and was disrespectful to the talent.

Chen Mo felt that spending two to three more thousand RMB a month wasnt a big deal when compared to the ten thousand RMB per spin. Moreover, he felt that Su Jinyu deserved that amount of money.

Chen Mo continued, “Now, regarding overtime.”

Su Jinyu quickly interjected, “Overtime isnt a problem, Im still at the stage of learning and gathering experience. If theres a need to work through the night…”

Chen Mo said, “Oh Youre mistaken. I was about to say that theres no need for overtime. 10 AM to 8 PM every day, there will be no overtime.”

“Huh” Su Jinyu was shocked as the situation was completely outside her expectations.

In his previous world, working overtime was completely normalized in the video game industry, and there wasnt extra pay either. In the parallel world, although it wasnt required, working overtime was still quite common.

The majority of the video game designers in the parallel world were workaholics. They were always more well-rounded, as they had to do all parts of a game. Therefore the main designer was always the busiest, completely destroying their sleep schedule in the process, which is why most of them chose to stay in their offices.

Su Jinyu thought that Chen Mo was also like that and was prepared to work overtime often, but it turned out Chen Mo didnt work overtime

Chen Mo said, “Companies that need their employees to work overtime frequently can only be one of two typesL understaffed, or have poor working efficiency of employees. This company is neither of those.”

Su Jinyu nodded, “Mm!” Although a bit confused, she felt compelled to agree.

Chen Mo said, “You probably already know most of the things you need to know about working at the front desk. There normally wont be too many customers, so you can do whatever you want during downtime, be it playing games or watching videos online. I will provide you with some assistant-level work from time to time, so just make sure you finish them on time.”

Su Jinyu said, “Alright, no problem!”

Chen Mo said, “Alright, you can go back for today and prepare yourself for your first day tomorrow.”

Su Jinyu nodded, “Alright, nice meeting you!”

After shaking hands because it felt necessary, Su Jinyu left with a huge smile on her face.

Su Jinyu was very happy with the job. Being able to learn with an amazing video game designer, way above average pay, not too much work, and no overtime either!

The only negative was that there was seemingly some difference in their ideology. But it wasnt a problem. Even if the designer of Plants vs Zombies wanted to ruin their reputation for money, how bad could it really get

10 AM the next day…

Chen Mo opened the doors ten minutes early, but Su Jinyu was already standing there waiting.

“Good morning!” Su Jinyu greeted him.

Chen Mo said, “You dont need to come so early in the future. Its fine by me if youre five to ten minutes late.”

Su Jinyu said, “I cant do that, Ive always been punctual.”

As the doors had just opened, there werent any customers inside.

The laptop and drawing tablet that Chen Mo had ordered had also arrived, both of which were quite high-end, completely able to satisfy any design requirements as of now.

“Go ahead and install any software you need on the laptop. Ill send you a design document later during the afternoon, please look through and refine it.”

Su Jinyu nodded, “Mm, alright.”

After telling her some other things she needed to do, Chen Mo went back to the second floor. As Su Jinyu was already at the bar counter, there wasnt a need for him to be there.

Su Jinyu downloaded some commonly used software onto her laptop. As the files werent big and the internet speed was good, downloading them didnt take much time.

Su Jinyu was quite pumped on her first day of work.

She got up and walked around the first floor.

As the maintenance and cleaning were done by professionals, everything was very neat. The screens, keyboards, and mice were all clean, and the seats were arranged neatly.

Meeting room, bar table, snacks rack, sofa… Su Jinyu walked around the entire first floor, getting the impression that Chen Mos experience store wasnt the same as the others she had seen before. It gave away a relaxing vibe.

Perhaps it was the orientation of things.

Su Jinyu sat down at the bar table.

A dark-skinned, skinny man walked into the store around five past ten.

“Hello, welcome!” Su Jinyu greeted him politely.

Jia Peng was shocked with his eyes and mouth wide open. He stepped backwards outside and took a look at the sign.

-Thunderbolt Gaming experience store, its right!-

Jia Peng looked at the interior of the store. Yep, nothing has changed, other than the manager was now a cute girl.

-D-did he become a woman!-

“Uhh…are you…” Jia Peng questioned hesitantly.

Su Jinyu said, “Im Su Jinyu, the new receptionist.”

“Oh!” Jia Peng finally understood. “Hello! Wheres the owner”

Su Jinyu replied, “Hes on the second floor, is there something you need from him”

Jia Peng waved dismissively, “No, its fine. Uhh, Im just here to play games for a while, its fine.”

Jia Peng swiped his ID and sat down at a computer, taking a peek at Su Jinyu.

He was having some internal thoughts. Tsk, I havent been here for two days and theres a new receptionist now. Its a cute girl, too. Thats big news.

Jia Peng took out his phone and sent a message to his group.

>Something big has happened! The manager hired a cute girl to work the front desk!

Soon, there were countless replies.

>Huh Really She wasnt there when I went yesterday!

>I think the manager was hiring the past few days and even had a few interviews.

>He found a new hire Is it really a cute girl How cute is she

>I dont buy it! Pics or it never happened!

>Yeah, send a picture!

>Is she as cute as senior Xiuya

Jia Peng was speechless, replying: Come have a look yourselves!

Wen Lingwei: Dont let the cute girl leave, Ill be right there!

The group had exploded. Instead of developing games, why did the manager think of evil tactics like this Did he intentionally hire a cute girl to draw us in because we havent been there recently

Thats just too much!

This type of behavior Pathetic!

But… it was a good choice!-

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