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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 502 - VR farm!

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Chapter 502: VR farm!

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While su Jinyu and Qian Kun were busy with super Mali Odyssey, Chen Mo took some time off to complete the new game.

The game was quite easy to make, except for the design of the scenes. However, Chen Mo had already made a few VR games, and as an S-grade video game designer with a lot of art materials, it wasnt difficult to make.

After two days of hard work, the game was completed.

After Chen Mo uploaded the game, the system checked it and found that it could meet the requirements of a slow connected game.

When players played this game, most of them were in a relatively relaxed and indifferent state of mind, which played a very good role in relaxing the mind.

However, under certain circumstances, the players would also have some slight emotional fluctuations. This was not a big deal, because emotional fluctuations would not make players more tired. As long as the player was in a relaxed state most of the time when playing the game, it would be fine.

Chen Mo immediately put the game on Thunderbolt gaming platform after it was done, and posted a Weibo post.

“The new game, Leisure Farm, has been released. Its a VR game thats specially designed for a comfortable gaming mode. Everyone is welcome to try it out!”

As soon as this Weibo post was sent out, dozens of comments instantly appeared.

“The sofa.”

“A bench.”

“Eh Shouldnt Chen Mo be busy making handheld phones And he still has to give a lecture, how would he have the time to make a new game”

“A game thats specially designed for the slow mode This isnt too bad, there arent many games that are reliable in this connected mode. Since Chen Mo made a game, Ill definitely try it out!”

Many people were wondering what kind of game Leisure Farm was.

From the name, could it be a farming game in soothing mode

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It felt like he could relax, but what was there to play


In Chen Mos Experience Store, the players were also the first to discover the new game.

In the comfortable connection mode, the interface would automatically display the games that were installed in the game cabin. Since this was the only game in the experience store with a soothing mode, the players could see it at a glance.

Zou Zhuo had just finished a round of the Overwatch when the system notified him that it was almost four hours. He needed to leave the game cabin or enter the soothing mode to rest.

Zou Zhuo chose to enter the slow mode.

He had already experienced it before. After entering the soothing mode, his consciousness would enter a special scene.

In this scene, there was a blue sky, white clouds, and a grassland. A breeze blew, and birds occasionally flew in the sky. It was as if they were really in the middle of a grassland.

Moreover, players could walk around and evenrun freely.

In slow mode, players could freely chat with their friends. For many people, there was nothing to do even if they quit the VR gaming pod, so they might as well continue to relax in the soothing mode.

Zou Zhuo noticed that there were two different buttons on the menu after he entered comfortable mode. The first button would bring him to the default setting, while the second would bring him to Chen Mos new game, Leisure Farm.

“Eh The managers new game is coming out so quickly. We didnt even know there was this mode two days ago, and the new game is already out two days later”

Zou Zhuo was also shocked by Chen Mos efficiency. It was too fast, Chen Mo had already made the game while the other designers were still trying to figure out the features of the slow mode!

Curious, zou Zhuo chose to enter Leisure Farm.

“Uh, this scenario seems to be a bit similar to the default setting by the officials.”

Zou Zhuo looked at where he was, he was also on a green grassland. The grassland looked like it belonged to the government, it didnt change much.

However, there were many more elements on the grassland.

The first was to use a tall wooden fence to surround a large area, which was obviously the range of the players farm. There were more than 20 plots of land on the farm, each of which was two meters wide. In other words, the entire farm was not large, only about 100 square meters.

There was a small thatched house and an open space next to the farmland. It seemed that he could do some construction on his own, but he was not sure what he was going to build.

Out of the 20 plots of land, only the first row of four plots of land had been opened up. The rest were still in a state of unclaimed land.

There was also a small pond next to the field. The pond was also in a state of no water at the moment. It seemed that the element would only be unlocked later.

There was a rocking chair next to the farmland and a parasol. There was a radio and a newspaper on the small table under the umbrella. It was a very casual style.

“Not bad, this environment is not bad.”

Zou Zhuo was surprised because the art was of high quality, and the style matched the original green. In VR mode, zou Zhuo felt like he was in a real farm.

Oh, it didnt seem appropriate to put it that way. It wasnt a real farm, but an environment that was more elegant and soothing than a real farm. It should be said to be an ideal farm.

The farms in the real world were so messy. There were large areas of farmland, all kinds of modern harvesting machines, and even some animals such as cattle and sheep. Insects and strange small animals were inevitable in the fields. In summer, it would be exposed to the sun, and in winter, it would be very cold. The real time to enjoy the beauty of the countryside was actually only a short period of time in spring and autumn.

For real farmers, farming was hard work. Only those rich people who had money and leisure time could really experience the so-called “beauty of the countryside.”

However, Chen Mos farm in VR was much more comfortable than the farm in real life.

The gentle breeze, the soothing background music, the endless green field, and the seemingly simple but exquisitely built thatched house all made people feel very comfortable.

Zou Zhuo couldnt help but exclaim,”manager, youre a Pro. You only need to change a few buildings and youre able to make the whole place so lively.”

Many designers were also considering how to create a better environment in the soothing mode.

Some designers made an Island so that players could hear the sound of tides; Some designers had specially created a sunrise on the top of the mountain so that players could see the sunrise and sunset.

However, Chen Zhao had only added a few plots of farmland and a thatched house to make a simple farm. However, the farm gave off a more relaxed and natural feeling than the island and the mountain top.

Zou Zhuo sat on the chair and turned on the radio.

Melodious background music started playing on the radio. It was obvious that Chen Zhao had carefully selected the music, which was very helpful for relaxing.

Zou Zhuo laid down happily, thinking that the scene the manager had created was much better than the original.

Zou Zhuo noticed the newspaper beside the radio.

“Theres even a newspaper”

Zou Zhuo was surprised as well. In the real world, young people rarely read newspapers, and the newspaper was placed next to the radio so naturally that zou Zhuo didnt notice it.

Zou Zhuo picked up the newspaper and started reading.

It was obvious that Chen Mo had implanted relevant awareness in the game, allowing the players to read the newspaper freely, which was part of the games content.-

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