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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 63

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Edited by Aelryinth

Of course, it might be better if Chen Mo called it National Geogrpahic Azeroth (NGA) just like in his previous world, but Chen Mo didnt plan to make a forum, but a site to access the lore of Azeroth.

Of course, the NGA was an important part of the website, and Chen Mo intended to add it later.

The concept of Universe of Azeroth took inspiration from Universe of Leaugue of Legends.

After League of Legends gained popularity, Riot Games spared no effort in building their own gaming culture, in particular the world of the game, also known has Universe of League of Legends.

As games are a unique type of art medium, its world can be huge and expansive, and they woulndt be able to fully convey it just from the scenes or settings of the game. In order to increase the cultural influence of League of Legends, Riot Games developed the Universe of League of Legends.

Due to the feature of being a MOBA, there would be many heroes, which may result in an incoherent world, makign it extremely difficult to produce Universe of League of Legends.

On the other hand, the world of World of Warcraft was already quite mature. Making Universe of Azeroth would make the world easier to recognise, and improve its impact.

What would a website called Universe of Azeroth be like

In Chen Mos plans, it was mainly to introduce the lore for Azeroth and World of Warcraft in four main categories, History, Heroes, Rules, and Areas, which would cover the history of Azeroth, lore for certain characters, rules for the world, and the various areas.

Of course, covering every single point would be a long and tedious process which would be impossible to compelte in a few months. Chen Mo had made long term plans to migrate some of that information over when he had time.

He had his focus on history, rules and areas.

History would go over the invasion fot he orcs, the construction of Orgrimmar and key events in human history, as well as the relationship between the Alliance and Horde.

Rules would cover a settings in the world such as runes, Corpse Running, Races, Jobs, and skills.

Areas would cover the major cities of the various races, as well as the more important locations in Azeroth.

This was so allow players to better understand the content of I Am MT, and was also laying down the path for the future. When Chen Mo would eventually gather enough resources, he would recreate the world of WoW in a better format, therefore this site could be compared to building up hype.

The first three episodes of season one for I Am MT now on all major streaming platforms!

Chen Mo made some preparations before havin the animation go live. One of which was contacting the bigger streaming platforms and bought the advertisement spots for their front pages.

Dazzling Aurora Studio was extremely familiar with this process, and they also happened to know a few from the companies, so the more basic advertisement spots could be gotten as soon as money changed hands.

Of course the more important spots on the front page were reserved for the hotter videos with more views and would cost Chen Mo an arm and a leg, so he wasnt considering that for now.

Dazzling Aurora Studio also did some advertising and hyping on their own website.

On the other hand, Chen Mo had also released the news of I Am MTs release on his Weibo as well as Plants vs Zombies. It briefly went over the settings its world, and hinted that it would be related to his new game.

On Weibo, Chen Mo also posted a promotion clip for the animated series, which was the two minute lon gstarting scene of the first episode, giving and overview of the world of Azeroth.

In a short amount of time, Chen Mos Weibo was reposted several thousand times!

This included fans of Plants vs Zombies and FlappyBird, the Video Game Media who were invested in the bet, as well as fans of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment.

Soon thereafter, gamers who werent aware of the situation also caught wind of the news. After watching the clip, some of them became interested in the series.

“Whats going on Animated series Am I seeing that right”

“…Arent they betting on the income of their next game Its been a month, and Chen Mo produces an animated series”

“Its even produced by Dazzling Aurora Studio. My goodness it seems like he planned it from the start. He probably forked out a large chunk of change for that right”

“Im more worried if Chen Mo still has time to make his game…”

“Its quite interesting that hes using an animated series to promote the game. It seems like the world is quite expansive, its probably worth a view.”

“Yep, lets see what it has to do with the game after we watch it”

At 8 PM, I Am MT was official live!

After all the hyping as well as the advertisement spots of the streaming websites, the video gained plenty of attention right after going live. There was also a trending topic on it on Weibo. The Plants vs Zombies discussion forum was also filled with discussion about the animation.

The hyping from before worked well, but it was only the first step. But what was important was the ratings of the viewers and if they were willing to continue watching.

Chen Mo was a bit worried and had his eyes glued to the number of view as well as the comments on the various streaming sites.

You could say that the success of this animated series would decide how popular his next game gets. If the series crashes and burns, it would most certainly impact his game. Although it wouldnt completely comprimise the game, it would still give him a major headache.

Su Jinyu, Jia Peng, and the others were also biting their nails and were constantly refreshing the statistics on the streaming websites.

Soon, the audience discussion got going.

“It just ended there Thats way too short!”

“Thats it What happens next”

“The main characters a cow, how nonmainstream! I like it!”

“Although it looks a bit silly, the world does look quite interesting.”-

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