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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 67

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The release date for Guardian of the Holy Spring and I am MT approached as the days went by.

Qiu Bin had been worried the past few days because of the hype surrounding the animated series for I am MT manage to gather.

The series continued to gain more fans, and the world of Azeroth also became increasingly rich. There were also more and more discussions surrounding the series, and fanart of characters and Azeroth also started to appear.

Although the growth of this animation did not compare to the one from the parallel world, it was still a considerable threat to Qiu Bin as Guardian of the Holy Spring did not have extra support such as this.

Although Emperor Dynasty Entertainment does have great distribution channels, it wasnt so much so to allow for every game to become massively popular. Therefore, Qiu Bin was slightly worried that he would mess this up.

Especially after looking into the contents relating to the world of Azeroth, Qiu Bins doubt towards himself grew even further.

This world is way too massive!

Two different factions, multiple races and an incredible background story! Not to mention the big cities, important locations and the dozens of characters from the animations. This world had way more depth than Guardian of the Holy Spring!

What game was Chen Mo trying to make Can he fully replicate all of this in the game

Qiu Bin didnt believe that it was possible to replicate all this in a mobile game. First of all Chen Mo was only a C-grade video game designer, he wouldnt be capable of that. Secondly, with only four months of time, it would practically be impossible to include too many features!

It wouldnt be enough time even if Chen Mo started working on it immediately after Plants vs Zombies went live.

Moreover, even if Chen Mo managed to squeeze that out of him, what about testing time And the time for feedback and fine tuning If an array of problems show up after the game goes live, hed be digging his own grave!

Qiu Bin didnt understand a single bit.

According to him, if Chen Mo wanted to win, hed have to make a game with the quality surpassing that of Plants vs Zombies. And judging from what Chen Mo had some so far, with the animations and websites, how much time would he have left to work on the game

All Qiu Bin could do was continually improve on Guardian of the Holy Spring. Only time could tell whoever will win the bet.

In the past few days, Wen Lingwei was very happy, but Jia Peng was the exact opposite.

During the testing phase of I am MT, Chen Mo gave everybody eight thousands runes, giving them more than enough to make ten consecutive draws.

Moreover, more credits are given out each day based on the rankings in the arena.

Note, it was credits, which is not the same as being the free stuff given out by the system. This meant that their VIP levels were growing as well.

This was to test the difference in combat abilities of a high tier VIP to the mid-low tier VIPs and if they matched expectations, as well as if the opinions of the different VIP levels matched what Chen Mo had in mind.

In the end, on an even playing field, the combination of cards and the luck aspect started to show.

As Wen Lingwei experimented with different strategies the most, and had great luck with ten consecutive draws, she frequently held the top spot in the arena.

On the other hand, Jia Pengs terrible luck started to show, frequently drawing purple monster cards from his draws, and his cost of drawing a purple character card was much higher than others. He was ready to give up.

Currently in the arena, Jia Peng was completely dominated by Wen Lingwei.

If it wasnt for Chen Mo handing out runes daily, he probably would have quit a long time ago from all the beatings hes taking.

Jia Peng complained to Chen Mo time and time again, on how the game was terrible for unlucky people such as himself, and was on the verge of quitting.

Chen Mo really wanted to reply with, “Brother, heard of Onmyoji”

However, as Jia Pengs situation was so depressing that Chen Mo thought that the rates he input was wrong, and looked over the drop rates for cards many times over.

And the conclusion from investigating was that Jia Pengs draw rate was indeed much lower than the expected value. The only thing that could be said is that his luck was definitely showing…

Chen Mo was also shocked, money cant change fate!

It was only two days until the game goes live, and Chen Mo has made many numerical changes, including level difficulty, level up experience, balancing of cards, VIP benefits etc. It basically met his standard of being perfect.

The hyping form the animations were also as good as it gets. Although it didnt compare to the level of the one in his previous life, based on Chen Mos estimations, it should draw in enough players to kick off the game with a decent player base.

This was more than enough for Chen Mo.

While waiting for the game to go live, the testing save files were wipes. Wen Lingwei and the others needed to start off at the same point as the other players.

Yet Jia Peng was still lamentfully grinding through dungeons.

Wen Lingwei said to Jia Peng while looking at her strategy with glee, “Stop doing that, the save file will be reset in 2 days. Whats the point of grinding dungeons now.”

Jia Peng said without lifting his eyes away from the screen, “I will live out this life fate has dealt me!”

Weng Lingwei was speechless.

Now Wen Lingwei and the others were discussing on the best strategy to start off with, and which strategies were the best, only Jia Peng was still relentlessly grinding.

It can only be said that people who are unlucky are more dedicated than others.

All of a sudden, Jia Peng jumped out of his seat, shouting, “I got a purple drop! A purple drop!”

Chang Xiuya asked, “Really Congratulations on finally getting a purple!”

Wen Lingwei said, “Oh, even someone as unlucky as you can have a change of fates”

Chen Mo patting Jia Peng on the back, “Thats great! Even though you were the last one to draw a purple, it still deserves recognition.”

Jia Peng was hysterical, “Im taking a screenshot to mark this occasion!”

Everyone else in the room could only empathise with his emotions.

A few special levels have a chance of dropping purple monster cards, although his chance was quite small, set at 0.5% by Chen Mo.

This was meant to be a surprise for players who have great luck.

However, what they didnt know was that this was a fake percentage set up by Chen Mo.

Although the base chance was 0.5%, Chen Mo added some clauses, according to when the player created their account, this percentage would increase by 3% every day.

After a purple card is dropped, this is reset back to 0.5%, and after a certain length of dry period, the percentage increases again, but the increase will never be higher than 5%.

This was to allow for more players to get the joy of getting purple drops, but at the same time not so common as to devalue the drops.

That also means that Jia Pengs chance of getting purple drops were probably over 80%…

The others received their purple drops two weeks ago, whereas Jia Peng only received his now. Chen Mo could only describe this as “miraculous”.

“If I decide to make Onmyoji in the future, should I let Jia Peng know…”

Chen Mo started to seriously consider this problem.-

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