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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 73 - Fifth Best Selling?

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Chang Xiuya urged, “Dont worry, just slightly buff the cheaper more common cards.”

Chen Mo said, “Sure, then you guys should try this out: MT, Shaman, Blood Elf Mage, Nosuke Shinsuke, and Druid. This is called the “Crow Team” strategy.”

Chang Xiuya said, “Uhh, Nosuke Shinsuke costs quite a bit…”

Chen Mo said, “Uhh how about the Pocket Rocket strategy Barrel Bull, Priest, Thief, Warlock, and the Five Fireball Priests. These should be easier to obtain.”

Chang Xiuya paid extra attention to that, ready to collect the required cards.

In truth, Chen Mo had built up all the balancing numbers from ground up, and was completely different from the version in the previous world. This meant that the strategies would play differently in this world.

However, Chen Mo still referenced a few more classical strategies and made balance changes according to how easy they were to obtain.

Wen Lingwei said, “Is there really a strategy that could beat the “Unmatched Pro” strategy I was using that exact strategy during the testing phase and it felt unbeatable!”

Chen Mo said, “I cant tell you if there is one, otherwise the whales would stop paying after being beaten.”

Wen Lingwei replied, “All I need is a hint! How about this, if you give me a hint, Ill spend the money to buy the Elder Sister, hows that!”

Su Jinyu said, “I feel that two thousand RMB isnt enough to bribe the manager…”

Chen Mo said solemnly, “Of course, trying to bribe me with two thousand RMB. I wont leak how you could use the Fallen Goose and the President to instantly wipe out your enemies!”

Everyone was speechless.

Its too easy to bribe you Mr. Manager!

Wen Lingwei stood up, “Alright, Im gonna test that out!”

Chen Mo could help but laugh. The hint he gave actually works, and strategies that did huge burst damage did have a chance of beating the “Unmatched Pro” strategy, but that would still depend on what level your cards were!

The strategy of using the Fallen Goose and the President, was just the “Elders Help” strategy, which is a combination of Fallen Goose, The President, Waning Moon, and Winter.

However, something that Chen Mo didnt mention was that in order for this strategy to beat whales, there must be two max levels Fallen Goose.

The two Fallen Gooses would be placed in the same row, their thief ability was single target rupture, making the targets take more damage from warriors. When The Presidents Whirlwind as well as Winters healing reduction, they could deal huge damage to the enemys Elder Sister, making it a four on five in the first round.

Moreover, this strategy also required a decent amount of money. Otherwise, with the lack of firepower, they would still be destroyed by the whales.

Chen Mo believed that Wen Lingwei would be able to reach this strategy eventually.

It was now just a few days from the end of the first month, and Qiu Bin had his eyes locked onto the ratings of I Am MT.

Currently, I Am MTs rating was just 7.1, and the number of one star ratings were now much higher.

“Garbage game wasting my money!”

“Ive never drawn a good card! NEVER!”

“You cant beat anyone if you dont spend money! I thought you said this was a free game!”

“From fan now hater!”

“How could you make a game like this Dont you feel shame!”

Qiu Bin was puzzled as he looked through the one star reviews.

What does this mean It feels like most of these people have spent a lot of money in game And still werent satisfied

Wasnt this a free game Moreover, the game was practically handing out money, and they still felt the urge to take out money from their pockets

Qiu Bin was confused.

All of a sudden, the assistant barged through the door, “Oh no! Oh No! You must take a look at the best seller leaderboard!”

Qiu Bin was shocked, “Whats wrong with the leaderboard”

He took out his phone and looked at the best seller leaderboard of the official app store, and was completely shocked.

The fifth place of the best selling leaderboard was held by I Am MT!

Qiu Bin rubbed his eyes in and double confirmed it in disbelief. I Am MT!

Thats ridiculous!

“It cant be, something must be wrong! How could it reach the top ten in a month! Thats impossible!” Qiu Bin was so shocked he started blathering.

Qiu Bin didnt pay attention to the best selling leaderboard for a long while, as he believed that Guardian of the Holy Spring and I Am MT stood no chance at that leaderboard.

Entering the best selling leaderboard of the official appstore was a difficult task. The games that manage to enter the top ten had to be extremely popular social phenomena. All of those were classic, evergreen games that would break millions in sales every month!

Although Guardian of the Holy Spring did make a decent amount of money, most of it didnt come from the official app store, but from the Emperor Dynasty gaming platform, which is why it stood no chance on the official app store best selling leaderboard.

Qiu Bin didnt think that I Am MT had any capability to get into the best selling leaderboard, and never paid any attention to it.

But now, not only did I Am MT enter the best selling leaderboard, it managed to reach fifth place!

Qiu Bin looked at the games in fourth and sixth place, and they were two classic games from Zen Entertainment, both at ten RMB, selling 1.5 to 2 million copies each month.

That means that I Am MTs revenue for the first month was close to twenty million!

Qiu Bin still couldnt believe it, but it was clearly the case. As it was impossible to cheat the system of the official app store, especially the number of sales. He didnt believe that Chen Mo had enough power to get the official appstore to do such a thing.

Therefore, the only explanation was that the monthly income for I Am MT was more than twenty million!

“How Why”

Qiu bin looked at the 7.1 rating of I Am MT, completely speechless.

Qiu Bin wasnt the only one shocked, everyone in the industry, video game media, as well as the people following the whole predicament was also shocked.

Ever since I Am MT showed up on the best selling leaderboard, its growth had grown even more, and eventually got to fifth place and maintained that position solidly at the end of the month, when the bet was due!

There was no need for Chen Mo to publish his earnings, most could guess how much I Am MT was making based on the other games on that leaderboard.

Twenty million!

What caused even more head scratches was the fact that the rating for I Am MT always hovered around 7.1 to 7.3, and was as low as seven at its worst.

On the other hand, other games that were in the top ten of the best selling leaderboard were above 8.5, and some of them were above 9.2!

A rating of 7 would usually point to a terrible game, but I Am MT somehow manages to sit comfortably at the top five of that leaderboard, and the number of downloads kept climbing!

Many video game designers and video game media felt that this was completely abnormal and have never seen a game with such terrible reviews making so much money.

Many thought that Guardian of the Holy Spring had no chance of losing after looking at what it managed to achieve, and these people didnt believe that Chen Mo could make a game that would double the monthly income of Plants vs Zombies.

And when Chen Mo got to making the animations, even fewer of them thought it would end up well.

And when I Am MT reached the top five of the leaderboard, everyones socks were blown off.

Whats this

Whats going on

Did I miss something

I thought this game would be a complete flop, how did it do the complete opposite And manage to completely destroy Guardian of the Holy Spring

This makes no sense!!-

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