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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 74 - Admitting Defeat

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After I Am MT solidified its position on the app stores fifth best seller, nobody could deny that this “free to play” game was very profitable.

It was even more profitable than most highly priced games that sell many copies!

Hard surprised, half baffled.

Many designers couldnt comprehend how this low quality game thats only one hundred something megabytes, average rating could do so well. Even when taking into account the hyping from the animated series, there was no way that would be enough to go toe to toe with a massive distribution platform of Emperor Dynasty gaming platform!

However, I Am MT managed to destroy Guardian of the Holy Spring by nearly two times.

Video game designers that swept I Am MT under the rug have now begun looking into how the game came to become successful.

The video game media are once again working overtime thanks to Chen Mo.

At the end of the month, and the date where the bet is due.

Guardian of the Holy Spring sold eight hundred and ninety thousand copies, 8.9 million in profit. On the other side of the ring, Chen Mo had also released his earnings of twenty three million!

It was beaten by almost three times!

Soon thereafter, the articles of various gaming media were slowly being released.

The bet comes to a conclusion: Chen Mo trumps Emperor Dynasty Entertainment!

I Am MT brings in more than 23 million in the first month, solidifies its position as fifth best selling!

Revealing I Am MTs method of profit, the secret of free to play games

Whales dumping tons of money in this game

Two thousand RMB for one card Thats right, its a free game

Losing with Emperor Dynasty gaming platform being your back! How did the Guardian of the Holy Spring lose

Qiu Bin remains silent, can he fill the end of his bet

Chen Mos Weibo under fire, remaining silent from gamers questions

An “unfair” game

Pop science: How much money can I Am MT bring its creator

Professionals discuss: A game that brings happiness through in app purchases isnt a good game!

There were many different articles representing different views. The spread in views were basically identical as the reviews, a close to even split between positive and negative. Some were surprised at the downloads and revenue I Am MT brought in, and others posed questions regarding how the game brings in revenue.

This result wasnt anything special in Chen Mos previous world. The original I Am MT raked in fifty five million each month, not to mention two hundred million Soul Hunters managed, as well as the three billion Honors of Kings managed.

However, this wasnt the case in the parallel world. Mobile games primarily profited from sales, and if one wanted to make more than twenty million in monthly revenue, they would need to sell two million copies. Even if the game was twenty RMB a pop, they would still need to sell one million copies.

Easier said than done to sell that many copies!

Therefore, after I Am MT solidified its position as the fifth best selling, many video game media were shocked at this method of profiting, being able to get into the top five best selling games within a month, not to mention with a terrible score of around seven. This was good enough to go down into history!

Being able to earn all that money while being under fire by the fans was a unique phenomena in it of itself!

While the popularity of I Am MT continues to grow, Chen Mo was now a familiar name to more and more people.

Plants vs Zombies was also very popular, and was very high quality with very good reviews, but unfortunately it wasnt “classic”. It was still a game that managed a huge amount of sales with a unique and creative idea, but to the people of this world, it was a ways away from how shocking I Am MT was.

Free game.

Unfair, pay to win.

Raking in money while under fire from the fans.

These three characteristics of I Am MT were enough to differentiate itself, drawing the attention of many players and industry professionals to look deeper into its success.

Many have been expecting them to go at each others throats, but it was the complete opposite.

After I Am MTs monthly income was released, Qiu Bin released a simple Weibo post: “I admit defeat”.

Chen Mo also released a Weibo.

“Thanks for all the love you guys have given. Please calm down with sending me razors, I understand that your wishes are to shave more often to maintain my handsome looks, but Im running out of space in my experience store.

The players were furious upon seeing someone so shameless! Is that for shaving your beard

“Ive never seen such a shameless video game designer!”

“Wheres the experience store! Im bringing a knife there!”

“Please like everytime I get a purple card.”

“Please update! When is season three coming out!!”

“Why not use this time youre spending on Weibo to update the World of Azeroth!”

“Garbage game wasting my time and money. Refunds please!”

“Add me if you play MT, my ID is XXXXX …”

There were many different comments, but most of them were “wishes” from “extremely friendly fans”.

What was surprising was that there were no arguments between Chen Mo and Qiu Bin. Chen Mo didnt rub it in, nor did Qiu Bin try and wiggle his way out. The both of them just went on with their lives.

The fans that bought snacks and drinks, ready for some drama were extremely unsatisfied.

They thought that there would be drama, but just as Im getting ready you tell me its over

However, as both parties have backed off, there was nothing to be unsatisfied of. No matter how hard they tried, the fans were unable to start anything, leading them to leave it as it was.

What the people waiting for a show didnt know was that something dark was creeping about in the video game industry.

Emperor Dynasty Entertainment headquarters.

Qiu Bin handed over his resignation better with both hands onto the desk of Lin Chaoxu.

Lin Chaoxu lifted his head and saw Qiu Bin, and pushed the letter away, back towards him.

Qiu Bin was shocked, “Mr. Lin…”

Lin Chaoxu said, “Its just a promotional space, he can have it.”

Qiu Bin was embarrassed, “Sorry, Mr Lin, I…”

Lin Chaoxu waved dismissively, suggesting that there was no need for him to continue.

“This matter wasnt all bad. At least youve revealed a new threat to the company.”

Lin Chaoxu stood up and walked to the window in his office, and said as he looked out at the view, “If it wasnt for this, it wouldve taken us six months to a year to realise the huge potential that Chen Mo possesses. Knowledge of this a year in advance in exchange for a promotional space was worth it.”

Qiu Bin could finally relax. He thought that Lin Chaoxu was about to go off at him, and even had his resignation letter ready. Turns out, Lin Choaxu wasnt even mad.

Indeed, someone who was able to build Emperor Dynasty Entertainment had better foresight and forbearance than the average Joe.

Lin Chaoxu said, “Dont worry about the promotional space, Ill send someone over to Chen Mo and discuss the details.”

Qiu Bin lowered his head, “Alright.”

Liu Chaoxu walked in front of Qiu Bin, “However, theres still something I need you to do.”

Qiu Bin asked, “Whats that”

Lin Chaoxu said sternly, “Copy I Am MT and make a reskinned version of it.”

Qiu Bin was shocked, “Again”

Lin Chaoxu nodded, “Yes. If youre worried about the pressure from the fans, you can publish it under some C-grade video game designer. But the game must be done under your supervision. I hope its playstyle can fully mimic I Am MT.”

Qiu Bin replied after a pause, nodding, “Yes, I understand.”

Qiu Bin picked up the resignation letter from the desk before leaving Lin Chaoxus office.-

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