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Lin Chaoxu got back to his seat and placed his phone with I Am MT running on the table

A V12 account.

The friend notifications tab lit up again, Lin Chaoxu opened the friends tab to see yet another friend request. He would receive a huge amount of friend requests every single day. Although Lin Chaoxu deletes low rank friends every day, he was still struggling to deal with the amount of friend requests he was getting.

Lin Chaoxu tapped lightly tapped the phone screen, seemingly deep in thought.

Suddenly, someone was at his door.

“Come in,” said Lin Chaoxu.

A man in his twenties walked through the door. He was dressed quite casually, with messy hair that looked quite unkempt.

The man sat on the sofa in the office and opened a bottle of soda, without a hint of care.

Lin Chaoxu laughed, “You came”

The man seemingly unsatisfied, put his legs onto the coffee table in front of him, “Do you need to call all three of us here for a meeting, just because some C-grade videogame designer made a mobile game”

Lin Chaoxu didnt mind his move, laughing in reply, “He isnt just some C-grade video game designer, the game isnt just a mobile game either.”

Lin Chaoxu walked over to the man and handed his phone to him, “This game was only on the official app store, bringing in more than twenty million a month. And judging from the downloads, it would bring in even more profit next month.”

The man scowled, “Twenty million”

Lin Chaoxu nodded, “Thats right, and the game is also free to play. All its profits come from in-app purchases.”

The man finally gained some interest in the matter, taking the phone into his hands to give the game a try.

The man was visibly confused the whole time, evidently I Am MTs combat system and artstyle was an eyesore.

After giving the combat system a quick look, he went onto the VIP system and awards, as well as the friends on Lin Chaoxus account.

The man thought in silence for a bit, “Sure, even though I feel that your thoughts as a designer are outdated, but I will recognise that your planning skills have always been excellent. If you think this game has potential, get someone to do it.”

Lin Chaoxu laughed, “You three have been working on VR games for so long, and have overlooked mobile games this entire time.”

The man handed the phone back to Lin Chaoxu, “Dont expect me to do this kind of dirty work.”

Lin Chaoxu nodded, “Ive alright assigned this to Qiu Bin, we should see the results in two months.”

The man nodded in response, “Alright.”

Lin Chaoxu asked, “What are your thoughts onWorld of Azeroth, have you seen it”

The man nodded, “Yeah. I think Chen Mo has more plans for that. Theres more content in it than your normal mobile game and animation.”

Lin Chaoxu said, “Yep, its good that you noticed. What do you think about it”

The man shook his head, “Its useless, we cant copy it. Dont even think about it.”

Lin Chaoxu laughed, “Dont be so quick to make that decision. Discuss this with the others. Also, you three will have to host the coming meeting. I wont make it.”

The man lifted his eyebrow, “Why”

Lin Chaoxu laughed, “Its now the time for young people like you guys to shine. As for me, Ill still make some calls when the time comes, but Im struggling to keep up with how the young people think. Me going will just limit your ideas.”

The man stood up, “Alright, I understand. Dont worry about it too much.Genius designers like these appear once every so often, its barely worth mentioning.”

Lin Chaoxu laughed, “Of course.”

The man left Lin Chaoxus office to the meeting room on the same floor.

The man is named Qin Xiao, one of the three S-grade video game designers who is most trusted by Lin Chaoxu within Emperor Dynasty Entertainment.

The video game designers working under Emperor Dynasty Entertainment usually spend most of their time in their experience store, and usually arent at Emperor Dynasty Entertainment HQ, except under special circumstances such as work reports or important meetings despite belonging to the Emperor Dynasty Entertainment entity.

And this meeting was proposed by Lin Chaoxu, hoping that the three S-grade video game designers can band together with a few A-grade video game designers to delve deeper into I Am MT, as well as the fictional world of Azeroth.

Afterall, Emperor Dynasty Entertainment came out from this with a loss, there was no way they would give up this opportunity to learn something from it.

As Qin Xiao walked into the meeting room, most of the others had already arrived.

Of the three key seats in the meeting room, the left belonged to Qin Xiao, the middle one was occupied by a man in their thirties, the right seat was a beautiful woman aged about twenty-seven.

Yan Zhenyuan, Qiu Jiang.

The three of them were S-grade video game designers working under Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, and would meet only a few times in a year, only during special occasions like these.

The meeting room table was surrounded by ten or so A-grade designer, all sitting tight in their seats.

Qiu Xiao leaned his seat backwards and spun around, finally setting his feet on the meeting room table, “Alright, lets start. Lin Chaoxu cant make it.”

Yan Zhenyuan was quite bothered by that, “Hes not coming again That old man is always pushing these matters to us three.”

Qiu Jiang put out the feminine cigarette[1] in an ashtray, “It wasnt the first time hes done that. You guys go ahead, I wont be participating.”

Yan Zhenyuan felt a headache as he looked at Qin Xiao to his left who was on his phone, and Qiu Jiang to the right who was redoing her makeup.

“Alright, lets start.”

Yan Zhenyuan ordered the report material on the table that was prepared by the assistant, filled with analysis of I Am MT the animation, the game, as well as some of the content for the World of Azeroth.

“This meeting is quite simple, we are just discussing three problems.”

“First, can the success of the mobile game I Am MT be replicated.

“Second, why is Chen Mo doingThe World of Azeroth, why would he spend so much effort developing the world of I Am MT

“Third, can we discover something useful from this.

“First question, Mr. Lin had already sent someone to address that, and I also think that I Am MTs model can be replicated, so not much else to discuss there.

“The main topic of today are the two questions after that, and are also the things we dont have a clear idea of, regardingWorld of Azeroth

“Alright, please voice your thoughts.

As Yan Zhenyuan finished speaking, he looked at the other A-grade video game designers.

The A-grade video game designer looked at one another. They have made some preparations, but there was still some pressure speaking in front of these three S-grade video game designers.

Finally a videogame designer in their thirty cleared their throats and said, “Ill start.”

Yan Zhenyuan nodded, suggesting that they should go on.

This videogame designer was named Tang Dagang, and was an older videogame designer within Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, but his thoughts were falling behind, and havent had any spectacular works. He was also one of thedirty work video game designers.

Tang Dagang said, “I think Chen Mo madeWorld of Azeroth with two aims in mind, one being a gimmick for I Am MT. The other is that hes being greedy and wants to turn it into an IP, preparing for his future games.

Yan Zhenyuan nodded, “Sure, could you go into more detail”

TL note: [1] Apparently thats a thing, cigarette targeted at women, citing milder flavour with pink packaging. Search 女士煙 in Google images.-

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