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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 81 - Telling Tall Tales

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Chen Mo said, “About that, you know that I Am MT is completely free right You can continue playing without spending a single cent, all the way until the game goes down, right”

Han Lu nodded after some thought.

“Its a free game, so why would the players spend so much money In reality, Im a transmigrator, I can control the minds of the players using this game, making them spend money in the game completely willingly.”

Han Lu was visibly confused.

The atmosphere was very thick.

Chen Mo broke the silence with a laugh, “Sorry, that joke was a bit too dry.”

Han Lu wiped the sweat of her forehead, “Dont worry, you were a bit too serious when you delivered the joke, so I thought you were being serious.”

“Obviously I cannot be a transmigrator, nor can I control the minds of the players right Therefore there can only be one reason why the players spend so much money.

“Thats because they discovered their passion for the game. They felt the sincerity I was trying to communicate through the game, which is why they are so willing to pay for in-app purchases in order to support me. I hope I can make more, better games in the future.

“Therefore, I will never forget the love given to me from the fans and I will not be complacent with this for a single moment. I will make more better games in the future to repay all the love from the fans.”

The corner of Han Lus mouth twitched upon hearing that, “Right, if I remember correctly, you stated that you were taking a break at the start of the interview”

Chen Mo nodded, “Thats right, but I will always remember the love from the fans in my heart.

Han Lu was starting to go crazy. Its crazy how this person can remain so claim telling all these tall tales!

It feels like that nothing productive can come from this!

But since she was already here, Han Lu didnt have any other choice but to continue on.

“In order to hype up I Am MT, you invested some money into making the animated series by the same name, and even introduced a websiteWorld of Azeroth to introduce the fans to the rich world.

“However, there wasnt much of the aforementioned content in the game. Was this because of the limitations from the type of game it was Or did you plan to use the world view just to draw in the interest of the players.”

“Thats a secret,” said Chen Mo, “You guys will have to wait and see.”

“That means that you have plans to continue exploring all that Azeroth has to offer” asked Han Lu.

Chen Mo replied, “I didnt guarantee that. I said its a secret that everybody can look forward to.”

The interview had lasted almost two hours. At the end of it Han Lu felt that her thoughts were completely muddled. Luckily she recorded the entire conversation in addition to making quick notes.

Feeling that there was nothing else to be gained, Han Lu decided to leave.

“Thanks for giving up your time,” said Han Lu.

Chen Mo waved his hand, “Dont worry about it. Thanks for helping my thoughts reach the fans, allowing them to feel my passion towards games as well as my sincerity to them.”

Han Lu could only manage a “Good bye” after that.

Han Lu felt dizzy as she left Chen Mos experience store.

What was going on, feels like I was hustled…

Before she got here, the editor-in-chief repeatedly reminded Han Lu to reveal the secrets behind I Am MT, such as secret techniques to profiting from a free game, or Chen Mos creativity. These were points that would attract the attention of many.

Even if she couldnt reveal these secrets, it would be best to understand Chen Mos true intent, such as he doesnt really care about the players, only about money, or hes manipulating the desires of the players to reach the top.

With information like these it could also use it to generate hype.

In the end, Han Lu realised that she didnt complete any of the requests she was assigned.

Secret behind I Am MT Not a tiny bit!

Chen Mos real thoughts Nothing!

That guy was basically making stuff up. Passion towards games Sincerity towards players Commitment to dreams

Hes not even phased telling those tall tales! Han Lu was even starting to suspect if Chen Mo was mentally ill!

“Whatever, I can only report according to what Chen Mo said…”

Han Lu got a headache from looking at her notes she made during the interview. This would probably be her most difficult article since the start of the career…

Upon seeing the silhouette of Han Lu leaving, Chen Mo laughed. Trying to get me to reveal something Youre too naive.

Why would I tell you the secrets of I Am MTs profitability If Chen Mo really exposed his secrets and the interview was released, wouldnt that provide a lesson for all video game designers on how to get players to spend money

Of course, Chen Mo knew that even if he didnt reveal it, the video game designers of this world would eventually discover his secrets. It wouldnt be surprising if this saw a surge in card games like his previous world.

However, Chen Mo didnt mind. Even if these people were able to figure out the strategy of card games, it would at least take a couple months. By that time, Chen Mo wouldnt bat an eye at low quality cardgames like these.

Three days later, Chen Mos interview was finally released on the gaming channel in Tianji.com. The title was “Interviewing I Am MTs designer, Chen Mo: Creating Happiness Mindfully.”

There was a paragraph in the interview as such:

“When the interviewer asked why he had so much confidence in this game Chen Mo replied :”my motto for designing games is “Creating happiness mindfully”. Being able to make a good game stems my passion for video games, my sincerity towards players, and my commitment to my dream.”

There were many other paragraphs of similar nature. Han Lu basically reported Chen Mos answers faithfully.

This interview did get a lot of attention, but not the way Han Lu expected.

Many players were leaving comments upon reading this interview.

“Theres nothing that man says that is remotely believable!”

“Creating happiness mindfully More like creating happiness from money!”

“I thought he was a nice guy when he created Plants vs Zombies, but now I know his true nature! Hes a fraud!”

“This is too funny. Who conducted this interview Are the editor and interviewer stupid”

“I wouldve been fine with Chen Mo telling his tales, but the editor writing down everything and publishing it is too much for me!”

“I almost thought I was watching the news…”

“Im tearing up from how much I was laughing. Its not April fools today right”

“Chen Mo creating happiness mindfully This will be the best joke of the year.”

“I really underestimated how ridiculous this guy is!”-

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