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“Chapter 327: With Meirir”

Accepting Meirir’s request to talk by ourselves, we headed out to the center of Bay Road.


The others accepted reluctantly, but they could at least grant me this one thing.


– I’m sorry to ask for something like this when your life could be in danger.


– It’s okay.

I needed some fresh air to clear my thoughts.


Besides, Nayuta looks like someone who can hold her promises.

If she says she won’t hurt anyone, I think I can trust her.


As for Zenya… He’s like a dog on a leash.

As long as Nayuta is there he won’t do anything to us.


– You know… It’s been a long time since we last walked like this.



– Yeah.

I wonder how many months it’s been.

Last time we were with Mike…


It wasn’t long after we found her.


– Do you want to hold hands like that one day Before we got interrupted.



– Right, that day.

You were kidnapped and we jumped to your rescue… I can’t believe it’s been so long since that happened.


– We should get going.

Let’s have some fun.


– …Okay.


This would be my first date with Meirir in a long time.


– How about we go to District First (Takaya)


– Sure.


Having Meirir guide me through the district, I enjoyed my first walk through Bay Road in several months.


I took my sweet time to look at the streets and buildings.


When I first got here, I thought this was purely a fishing town.

It’s great to see how much it’s changed ever since my arrival.


The rise of Searat as a significant merchant power greatly increased the quality of life of every citizen and every shop.


There are even plans to build a sixth district by taking loans from the Royal Capital.

In addition, District Fifth has been gradually improving due to increased employment.


Life’s well in Bay Road.


– We’re getting paid an absurd amount of money… It’s all thanks to you and your influence in this guild.



– Not at all.

It’s thanks to everyone’s efforts.


Searat opened another store with Raksha in charge.

Meirir and Dyke used to get by doing dirty jobs like cleaning sewers, but now they can afford to lay back and rest.

Roar is ready to take charge of the entirety of the guild as soon as it’s necessary.


Everyone has changed in a matter of months.


– …Bay road will be huge one day.

Maybe not now, but one day.

It might become even more important than the Royal Capital.



Which is why I can’t allow them to destroy that future.


– Takaya…


– I’m sorry.

This is supposed to be a date.

Come on, let’s go to District Third.


– Okay…


After that, we enjoyed our date as much as we could.


Holding skewers in our hands and chatting happily, we walked around new shops that hadn’t existed before my trip to the sea.


We got teased a bit by some clerks, but that’s fine, because I was with Meirir.


She’s special to me.


I can’t hold my decision anymore.

I have to make it clear to her and everyone.


I will accept Nayuta’s deal and leave Bay Road behind.


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