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Tortus Travel Journal 59   I Won’t Accept Something Like Losing Event!

Author’s Note: I’ll post another chapter at 9 PM.

IT will be the last Tortus Travel Journal for real.

I’ll be happy if everyone can read it as accompaniment for New Year.

Well then happy New Year!

An all-black medium sized cruiser.

The submarine that was there alone in the middle of a huge spherical space had a form that could be described like that without any problem.

There was a window at the front part like normal.

The inside of the submarine could also be seen from there.

There was helm and also seat inside.

It was a normal structure.

Naturally it was unmanned.

Countless magic circles were engraved on the hull.

They were all generally for attack magic based on what they read from their composition.

It was clear to see that this submarine was built for the purpose of battle.

It was a form that truly ought to be called as a magic combat boat.

But, it had another unique aspect that attracted the sight more.

「I didn’t have the idea of not letting the water touch the submarine at all from the start when making one……」

Hajime muttered with a slightly bitter voice.

Yes, Melusine’s magic combat boat had a part that was decisively different from Hajime’s submarine.

An egg-shaped membrane of air faintly enveloped the whole submarine.

The seawater wouldn’t even touch the ship in the first place.

The vessel was floating in the air in such state.

Shuu pointed out while picturing his son’s Fernier.

「Eh, rather than a submarine……won’t it be able to fly in the sky too It can be used bot at sea and air can’t it」

「……Well, yeah.」

This time Hajime-san’s expression also turned bitter.

The creator of this submarine was definitely Oscar Orcus, but somehow it felt like he had lost against him in inventiveness after seeing this.

Shuuzou and Kirino seemed to guess what was inside Hajime’s heart and they smirked.

「Diving vehicle is created in order to do underwater activity without getting wet.

The idea to not let even the vehicle get wet is something that earthling will find it difficult to reach at with how used we are to the idea of submarine.」

「Surely the creator of this thing started with the premise of a ship and they wondered if they can just simply make it go underwater too.

If that was the case, rather than constructing the ship itself to be airtight, they can just use magic to push the water away……that kind of idea is really fitting for a fantasy world isn’t it」

「Well, I guess so.」

The creator Hajime-san was showing bitterness even in his expression.

There was no doubt that the creator of this was Oscar Orcus.

Therefore, Hajime felt like he had gotten shown up in the matter of inventiveness as a fellow creator and it made his sense of rivalry blazed.

Actually, Oscar only used the huge magic battleship──the moving base of the liberators at that era──that was created from the same era of magic sword Ignis and magic eater scythe Egxess as reference but……

There was no way for Hajime to know about that.

「Fuh, very well, Oscar.

I accept your challenge to the future transmutation master.」

「! No good, Hajime’s bad habit is rearing up!」

Yue applied gravity magic to every single person inside the submarine and,

「Let’s see whose work is better!」

Hajime suddenly launched the submarine forward at the same time.

You are the challenger! or Nobody is making a challenge or anything! There wasn’t even any time for anyone to make such retort.

With the submarine rapidly approaching without using the proof of conquest, it naturally made the magic combat boat to react in order to fulfill its originally role.

The radiance of the barrier that blocked the water from rushing in increased drastically.

Right after that, it moved while leaving behind raging stream on its wake.

Thanks to its special characteristic of not being inside water despite being underwater, it achieved a speed of nearly 50 km/hour in an instant.

It became a chicken race against the magic combat boat that was rapidly approaching right from the front.

Screams like 「OIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!」「WAIT WAIT WAITTTTT-」 rose one after another, but Hajime-san whose creator soul had been lit in fire naturally didn’t stop! Just like usual!

A fearless smile formed on his lips.

His eyes glinted with zeal-.

Just like Shia before this! He had no right to say anything about her!

「Don’t look down on this hybrid with modern weapon-, you damned antique!」

「Uoiii, Hajime-kuuun! Just what in the world are you doing!」

「It’s no good Otou-san! You also saw it at Great Dungeon Raisen right! Hajime-kun won’t stop that easily when he is in his MAD mode!」


「I’m already doing it but it’s not working at all-」

「I wish he won’t show resistance for that kind of thing though-」

「That’s not the case, Lily.

Aiko’s Soul Repose art working! The overflow of Goshujin-sama’s passion simply surpassed the pace of the appeasement!」

「What, did you say!」

Hajime deliberately sat on the driver seat and fired torpedoes like crazy while laughing loudly.

Hearing that his passion surpassed even an age of god magic made not only Liliana and Aiko, but even Shirasaki family and Yaegashi family to have a look that said 「No way……」 on their faces.

「……I’m sorry everyone.

Hajime can only be stopped physically when he is like this.」

Dozens of torpedoes that were painted with shark image approached from the front, however the magic combat boat made one of its magic circles shined without even showing any sign of dodging.

Immediately a raging stream whirled forward like a bombardment and messed up the trajectories of the torpedoes to go off course.

The magic combat boat had closed the distance until it was within a stone’s throw.

Tomoichi and co turned white from the thinking of 「We’re going to crash!」.

Even though the situation was that dire,

「……He looks like he’s having fun, so please watch over him for a while.」

What a troubling person isn’t he But it’s cute how he can be childish like this sometimes. Yue-san smiled with an expression that was an exquisite blend of troubled face and affectionate expression that seemed to say that.

「「Isn’t this not the time to say that!」」

Kaoruko and Akiko retorted in harmony. Don’t show that kind of pampering attitude in this kind of situation! Such irritation came out to their expression somewhat. This stupid idiot couple! They looked like they wanted to say that.

「W-we’re going to crash-」

Tomoichi quickly hugged Kaoruko-san to protect her, but in that moment, 「Tsk」 Hajime clicked his tongue and dodged the collision with a barrel roll.

The magic combat boat instantly passed them by beside the window.

Everyone let out a relieved sigh.

「My, this is amazing.

We should be overturned just now, and yet we can stand normally.

Is it Yue-chan’s work」

「……Yes, Okaa-sama.

But, the gravity control of this submarine itself is also working on the passengers, so what I’m doing is only assisting it in the end.」

「Naturally! There’s no danger here so please watch the battle leisurely!」

「Even if that’s the case, this is just……」

「Kaa-sama, what now Should I give Hajime-san a suplex like usual」

「You’re always doing something that need to be stopped with a suplex, Hajime-kun!」

Tomoichi-san retorted with an astonished expression but he was ignored.

Also, Kaoruko-san was being all smile as though her unrest until just now was just a lie.

Even though the situation was still the same.

Perhaps it was because Tomoichi-san was still embracing her tightly.

As expected from Kaori’s mom.

Love made everything else into trivial thing. This stupid idiot couple! Akiko-san stared reproachfully at them intensely as though to say that……

*KIIIIIIIIIIII* The magically driven engine growled.

The submarine turned with a movement like a fighter jet, then the magic combat boat entered the sight once more through the front crystal window.

But, even with such movement the passengers didn’t feel any burden on their body.

They didn’t even feel any inertia that could make their posture shaken.

They only felt like they were leisurely watching the scenery of a calm sea, so Tomoichi and the parents along with Liliana and the others gradually regained their composure.

「UUOOOOH, this is awesomeee-.

Perhaps because we’re underwater, it’s like we’re doing a space battle here!」

「It makes you real fired up huh, Tou-san!」

「Alright then, Shia-chan.

It’s a rare chance so let’s let him do it!」

「Ah, yes.

Kaa-sama is also getting excited……」

「M-my my……as expected from Hajime-san’s parents, no, from Nagumo family……」

「Papa, over there nano! Hit it nano!」


It seems that thy daughter is also completely at that side.」


Even Yaegashi family had stiff expressions when the battle started, and yet Shuu-otousan actually had sparkling eyes right from the beginning.

And then there was Sumire-okaasan who accepted that while smiling even.

This was why Nagumo family was just……or rather, Sumire-san’s expression when staring at her husband looked exactly like Yue-chan……Akiko and the others also sighed deeply while accepting the situation.

Their exasperation had gone full circle and went back into a state of resignation it seemed.

The battle naturally was still continuing even while that was going on.

This time the magic combat boat was firing out laser beams.

Of course it was underwater.

Laser was unusable here.

In other words, it was a light element bombardment magic that looked like that.


This submarine had gotten wrecked twice by magma and Hell Eater.

Its defense now is certified!」

A cone shaped shield formed at the front.

The light bombardment magic was dispersed.

Then as payback torpedoes were fired in appalling number from both the deck and the bottom.

「These torpedoes follow automatically.

What’s more they have space crushing warhead! Try to endure them if you ca-whaaatttt!」

It endured.

A “gate” appeared in front of the magic combat boat and it dodged by teleporting just before it got mobbed by space crushing torpedoes from all directions.

The other people who had entered spectator mode were also shocked by this.

「Wha-, from behind!」

Hajime detected the magic power reaction and activated all the installed gravity stones in full without even confirming the enemy location.

Terrific pressure that struck the submarine to below was generated.

The submarine instantly lowered its depth.

A flash spread out above them.

It was lightning attack.

「……Hey, Tio.

This is just a thought but, doesn’t this make you lose any will to clear this place」

Shizuku wanted to listen to Tio’s thought with a twitching expression.

Tio smiled wryly at Hajime’s shouts like 「Taking my ass from behind like that, not bad-.

But, you’re pretty much mistaken if you think that teleportation is your specialty!」, or Shuu & Sumire’s excited 「Underwater dogfight, it’s really the height of romance!」, or Myuu’s 「Papa! What about transformation! Is there no transformation ability nano!」 while folding her arms and went 「Fumu……」.

Certainly, this was just too much.

Even now the magic combat boat teleported to regain the advantageous position behind the submarine, but it charged into the swarm of sea mines that Hajime had scattered there.

Even so it came out of that with only some damage on its body.

Also, the sea mines had been upgraded too.

It made everyone wanted to retort just what kind of use he imagined they would get with how improved they were, but anyway, the sea mines had been upgraded drastically into special artifacts that twisted and crushed the target with space distortion.

The enemy ship endured that with only some damage to show for it.

Just what kind of joke was that It proved that even elemental magic wouldn’t affect it.

Therefore Kaori also pointed out with a twitching expression.

「If someone like Hajime-kun doesn’t exist, originally the challenger of this dungeon has to use barrier to somehow move around inside water won’t they That’s impossible.

Against something like this, it won’t even be a trial unless you have an artifact class submarine with you.」

「……Nn~, certainly.

The number of magic that is effective underwater is also limited, and in the first place the opponent is too fast that I don’t think it will get hit.

It won’t be a fight at all.」

「Let’s see……considering that this place couldst only be accessed after clearing Gruen, perhaps this place shouldst only be visited after mastering space magic.」

「So we should destroy it with spatial explosion, or catch it with spatial fixing……or perhaps, running away with teleportation」

Even while everyone was making such conjecture, 「Fuhah, fuhahahahah.

What’s wrong Oscar! Is this the best that your machine can do!」 Hajime was speaking in a good mood as though he was being high.

It made Tomoichi-san  asked 「Oi, Nagumo Shuu! Did your son take some kind of dangerous drug or something!」 with a worried tone mixed in his voice.

The reply that came back 「It’s fine, no problem! It’s just the nature of Nagumo line!」 was something like that that sounded like there was nothing but problems.

It was then.

「Myu Myuu saw something just now nano!」

Myuu suddenly said something like that and pressed her face on the window.

It was in the middle of battle where both sides kept changing position in dizzying pace.

What she saw had instantly vanished from view but, the other people also noticed it when they changed direction next.

「Just now……the wall shined didn’t it」

「It was a shine like sunset wasn’t it I think the color of Meiru-san’s magic power was also like that」

Kaori and Liliana looked at each other.

There was no doubt, the wall at the deepest part of the opposite side where they entered was radiating light with color like the brilliant sunset.

Certainly the light had the same color with the magic power of Meiru Melusine that they saw among the seven lights that ran through the sky during the final battle.

「Papa! Papa! The wall at the back nano! There’s something nano!」

「Huh The back wall」

Numerous torpedoes attacked like a swarm.

In respond the magic combat boat endured it by bombarding to all directions like a hedgehog.

The whole space became clear temporarily from that.

It was at that timing that Hajime somersaulted the submarine toward the direction that Myuu was pointing at.

There what they saw at the front was a huge Melusine crest that was engraved on the wall, and how half of that crest was filled with light of magic power that had the color of sunset.

「Ah, just now, the area size that is shining increased a little!」

Aiko pointed out.

Beside her Tio hit her hand *pon* in realization.

「I see.

Most likely the answer art the passing of time.」


For some reason it was Hajime-san who reacted first.

Right after that, the surrounding area of the submarine started to freeze, so he hurriedly evaded with teleport.

He retaliated against the freezing attack also with ice torpedoes while also scattering spatially fixated mines at the surrounding simultaneously with the explosion.

「Even if someone try to master space magic sufficiently, as expected it wouldst be too harsh to expect people of this world to win against that underwater.

Of course, it wouldst be a different matter if someone who possess multiple age of god magic or someone with extraordinary talent in creation magic like Goshujin-sama appear but……」


In other words, even if they can’t defeat it──」


Try enduring against it until that Melusine’s crest shine fully.

That must be the intent of this trial.」

「No, even then the difficulty level here is still really savage you know It will be totally checkmate for someone like me who specialized in physical attack desu.」

「In other words, this trial is telling us that it’s no good with just that.

You either should become able to use magic too or have a comrade who can do so.」

Shizuku unconsciously smiled wryly because she was also someone who specialized in close quarter combat.

Kaori tapped her chin with her index finger while adding more.

「After that, perhaps this trial also want to say that even in “overwhelmingly disadvantageous place” like underwater, you should be able to at least survive.

It’ll be no good otherwise.」

「In a sense, this place is the complete opposite of Great Dungeon Raisen.」

Aiko recalled Great Dungeon Raisen that they had visited.

Certainly, other than the last guardian Miledy Golem, that great dungeon didn’t have any enemy that they absolutely had to defeat in order to progress ahead.

Great dungeon had no mercy.

It was a fact that they had been made to understand enough from all their sightseeing until now.

However, Liliana said while muttering with a quiet expression.

「Perhaps Miledy-san and others didn’t only want to leave behind the “power to defeat god”, but also the “power to survive” just as much, no, even more than that.」

Even if they couldn’t defeat god and was assaulted by his tyranny.

They should at least be able to survive with their important people at that era and handed over the fight to someone again at the future.

Perhaps this was just reading too much into it.

But, everyone knew that the liberators organization was annihilated with the exception of Miledy and her six friends, along with some children who were protected by the desperate fight of the other members of the organization.

When they recalled the expression of the projection Miledy that they saw at Great Dungeon Raisen, that expression that was screwing around but also making them felt definite affection and ephemeralness……

It felt like Liliana’s conjecture might not be that far off the mark.

Everyone fell silent.

The atmosphere was somber as though they were offering silent prayers once more──

「So what if that’s the case! So this is a battle with time limit! Based on the speed the light is increasing……there isn’t even two minutes left.

Tsk! Even though this bastard is also this sturdy! Heh, fine then.

The more difficult it is the more it’s worth it to clear!」

「「Hajime, as expected you should read the mood.」」

The parents unusually lectured their son about common sense.

Hajime-san invoked 「Eh What did you say」.

This otaku bastard who was controlled by romance, he was beyond saving.

Shia-chan got into standby while cracking her fingers and her neck!

Even while that was going on, the magic combat boat moved to avoid the homing torpedo swarm, but that was exactly what Hajime was guiding it to do.

It charged into a swarm of spatially fixed mines.

It immediately resisted the effect so it didn’t get stopped completely, even so it didn’t change the fact that it had gotten held back significantly.

The spatial cracking torpedoes rushed at it in that timing.

As expected this one seemed to manage to affect it.

When the magic combat boat finally managed to escape the spatial prison and the storm of destruction, its flood prevention barrier was finally destroyed.

Seawater filled the inside of the magic combat boat, slowing it down greatly.

Its magic circles for bombardment were also half destroyed.

It seemed that its teleportation magic circle also got damaged.

It couldn’t open a “gate” if there was even the slightest distortion in the space.

「Hyahhaa!! Time to finish it off!」

「Hyahhaa nano! Bring it down nanooo!」

「Oi Myuu! You mustn’t copy your papa’s mannerism!」

Myuu replied 「Eh What did you say Nano」 at her mana’s lecture.

It made Remia mama pinched the papa’s cheek as hard as she could, which was unusual for her, but the papa who was being absorbed in the game of undersea dogfight looked like he didn’t even notice it.

Shia-chan started to do shadow suplex~! What a sharp and speedy movement! Her spine was terrifyingly flexible!

As the last attempt of resistance, the magic combat boat moved until it almost touched the rock wall, then it disturbed the surrounding seawater into chaotic mess while continuously firing attacks from tis gunports.

Judging from the crest’s brightness, there was only ten-odd seconds remaining until the trial ended.

「There isn’t much time! But……got youuuuuuuu!!」

A teleportation to its front.

The submarine took out its new equipment, a space severing blade that looked like fin thrusted out from its bottom.

And then it kept moving with maximum speed and crossed way with the magic combat boat.

The submarine made a sharp turn and the front crystal window showed the back of the magic combat boat that was still moving.

It was slowly moving forward just a little following the inertia, then right after that, the magic combat boat got split into two.



Hajime kept sitting on the pilot seat while raising both his hands in a guts pose.

Beside him was Myuu making a victory pose that looked exactly like Shia before this.

In any case, it didn’t change the fact that Hajime had gotten the intense fight in the bag.

The shining wall then started to split into four parts and open with loud rumbling sound as though to recognize that.

Seeing the scene made Shuu and Sumire, then followed by the other people to smile wryly while giving applause──

「Ah, papa……」

The papa who was about to hold Myuu in his arms stopped moving seeing his daughter’s flabbergasted expression.

He followed her gaze.


Perhaps, everyone was making the same expression.

Because, the magic combat boat that had been beaten up to hell and even gotten split into two at the end was enveloped in sunset colored light.

Then the next moment, it returned to its original form as though nothing had happened.

It seriously happened in an instant.

The body parts stuck into one so easily just like clapping two hands together.

Even the damaged parts and the barrier also returned back to normal.

Hajime’s expression sank.

At the same time the magic combat boat turned on the spot and directed its bow toward them.

And then, it shined strongly for a moment as though giving a greeting before it crated a “gate” behind it.

For some reason, it felt like it was saying something like 「Good work there~~~」 with an extremely carefree tone.


It seems that defeating it art impossible from the start.

To say it in game term, aa~, it’s event battle, a losing event, that kind of thing.」

「Tio-chan, you shouldn’t say that right now……」

「You see, Hajime doesn’t really like that kind of event battle.

It’s fine if it’s just get played in cutscene but……it’s irritating to know that defeat is certain even though you’re actually doing the battle! he said.

He is a child who won’t be satisfied until he already tested whether it’s really impossible to win by leveling up until max level at the first area even until his expression turned nihilistic.」

Like that, only after he tested it out and found that it was really impossible to win that he could finally go 「Hm, well, it’s this kind of story huh.

Yeah」 and shifted to enjoying the game normally.

What a troublesome child. Tomoichi and others couldn’t hide their expression that seemed to say that.

In any case.

「How can that be allowed! Settle the fight properly! Even if you get fixed, at least do it after we leave! What should I do with this feeling of irritation──ah, wait! Don’t go back! Oy wait I’m telling youuuuu!!」

Magic combat boat-san simply ignored the troublesome complainer and vanished to the other side of the “gate”.

「Not yet-.

I’ll find out your location with the compass and then it’ll be  rematch.

I know about your restore ability now and I’ll surpass even──」

「Kaa-sama, Yue-san, is it okay desu」


「Well then, Hajime-san!」

「Ah What, Shia I’m a bit busy right──」


A painful sound of the back of the head meeting the floor echoed inside the bridge.

Remia mama whispered something into Myuu’s ears while keeping the artistic suplex within sight.

Myuu’s expression sunk.

And then,

「It’s not good to get too heated up no matter what it is about nano! One should also be careful about their usage of word! Now everyone, we’re moving ahead nano!」

With Remia mama’s 「Ufufu」 and smiling face that didn’t look a smile behind her, Myuu became an understanding good girl and took the lead in the place of her papa.












After that.

The group went past the giant crest and there they became able to get out of the seawater immediately.

It was the same like when they came here, the area at the other side of the gate had a wall of water and a tidily maintained passage.

Hajime had also returned to his senses and he apologized for his lost of control while the group kept walking forward for a while.

And then what appeared was a Y junction.

Hajime checked what was ahead with the compass.

「It’s just like Kaori guessed.

If we go left we will reach the ship graveyard where Kaori and I got washed ashore.

If we go right we will reach the ruined city that Yue and others mentioned.

Looks like we’ll get teleported to those areas through magic circle.」

Of course, it became a talk of where should they go.

Shizuku looked up to the ceiling while recalling the story that she often heard from Kaori.

「If I remember it right, both places will draw you into a large scale illusionary world right」

「Yep, that’s right.

Hajime-kun and I got dragged into a sea battle from a long time ago……it was startling when I suddenly found myself on a ship at the ocean.」

「As for us we found ourselves at an urban battle.

The battle there was also between different races.

It seemed to reenact the closing day of a country that hath existed in the ancient time.」

「It was really troublesome wasn’t it Even though it was just illusion they can still deal damage to human and object.

And yet our physical attack is completely not effective desu.

I was able to fight because I clad myself in magic power or let out a shockwave of magic power though.」


Even with the black katana, the me at that time would find it difficult in this place.」

Now then, should they go see the sea battle first, or the urban battle……

The parents looked at each other.

But then Yue put a stop to the idea.

「……I have a suggestion.

I think we should ignore the illusion trial.」

「My, Yue-chan.

Why is that Based on what we heard, we will be able to experience slipping into other world, no, into a world of the past right」

「Is it a trial that will be difficult even for the current Yue-chan and others」

Sumire and Shuu looked puzzled.

The other parents and Liliana, Aiko, Myuu, and the others also looked the same.

But, Hajime and others who had actually experienced the trial seemed to understand what Yue was trying to say.

They agreed with Yue’s suggestion with a look of understanding.


I also think it’s better to not see that……no, I think that scene shouldn’t be seen.」


That’s not something you should see just because of curiosity.

That was a nightmare that was dyed in human’s madness.」

「I understand that it’s that kind of trial desu but……it make me nauseated when I recalled it even now.」


Even Yue said that she felt sick watching it.

Hahaue-dono and the others shouldst be able to imagine it a little just how wretched the illusion was just from that.」


Sumire was at a loss for words.

The five people who had gone through the trial could be classified as the world strongest with their strength.

They all had struggled through numerous carnages, but they all said that the trial was something that shouldn’t be seen.

「……Everyone went mad, trampled on the lives of others, and continued to fight until they all perished.

Innocent children met grizzly ends.

That kind of sight shouldn’t be seen unless it’s for trial.

……It’s a sight that people who live a normal life mustn’t see.」

Yue’s expression was the epitome of seriousness.

There was grimness that couldn’t be described with words in there.

It was clearly conveyed whether they wanted it or not how serious her warning was.

That in this world, there was sight that mustn’t be seen just based on the feeling of curiosity and wanting to see the path their children had walked.

The hellish scene that the god created could easily lead ordinary people into the world of insanity.

「Of course, we will protect your mind with all our strength if you still want to watch it no matter what but……to be blunt, it’s not something that you should go that far for just to watch it.」

「Is that so.

……Yes, it’s alright.

I will accept the warning thankfully.」

「Yeah, I’ll do the same.」

Sumire and Shuu’s decision became the start.

Tomoichi and others also chose to not watch it.

It was a wise decision.

Even so Yue and Kaori and others patted their chest in relieve even though they were the one who guided everyone to that decision.

「Muu, it’s a bit disappointing but, Myuu will also hold back nano.

But……then, that means we’re going to skip both places and go to the last room nano」

Myuu tugged on Hajime’s sleeve with a disappointed look.

Hajime said 「Let’s see」 and glanced at Yue to have discussion with her through their gazes alone.

「……At our side the war immediately started, and then tragic war continued the whole time until the whole city got destroyed, that was all.

There wasn’t anything particular to see there.

That’s why, I think we should go to the ship graveyard.」


We hath only heard the story from words of others, so I too am interested.」

「And most of all! There should be a scene that has to be seen n no matter what there!」

Shia’s gaze caught Kaori.

No, Yue and Tio were also looking.

They were smirking.

Shizuku seemed to notice from that.

She had heard the story and went 「Aa, come to think of it……」 and looked at Kaori with a slightly teasing expression.

「No, that, well……that’s true.

I was, completely no good in this great dungeon.

I also showed a lot of my pathetic sides to Hajime-kun, even so I was able to keep my heart from breaking because──」


Who care about that complication of yours!」


「Desu desu! Isn’t that a place of your first kiss with Hajime-san!」

「Eh, that! No, certainly it was an important part!」

「Thou took it on your own correct! I hath been curious about it the whole time! S h o w i t! Come on, s h o w i t!」

「Kaorii! What do they mean! Otou-san never heard anything about that you know! Fi-, f-f-f-f-f-f-, first, k-k-k-ki-kiii-」

「Tomoichi-san, please calm down.

Your voice is breaking into a strange chirping there.

Also, please stop strangling me while questioning Kaori.

Don’t shake me like this.」

The heavy atmosphere was instantly blown away from Shia’s statement.

The eyes of the female faction were twinkling fiercely.

It seemed that their destination had been decided.

Yue said something like 「Follow after me! We shall expose the deed of the wicked woman who took Hajime’s lips by deception now!」 while taking the lead to go to the right passage.

Akiko and Kirino, Shia and the other girls, Sumire and Kaoruko, and even Remia were all running after her while yelling 「Ooooooo~~~!」 in high spirits.

「Yue-chan! Correct your words! My Kaori isn’t that kind of……yes-, it was Hajime-kun whose reasoning was blown to bits by the angel’s charm, and then he d-did that kind of thing and this kind of thing──I’LL KILL YOU BASTARDDDDD!」

「Your have lost your senses, Tomoichi-san.」

Tomoichi imagined various things on his own and lost control.

Koichi smiled wryly while pulling him off from Hajime, and then he dragged him to follow the group.

Shuu and Shuuzou patted Hajime’s shoulders while they also followed behind.





Author’s Note: I’m sorry to those of you who enjoyed the scenes at Yue Side in the undersea ruin.

Actually the SS at the end of comic volume 11 that will be sold in January is exactly about this.

Writing more about it will become spoiler so allow me to hold back here.

If you are interested then please check out the volume later!


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