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Author’s Note: Tortus Travel Journal 59 had been posted before this so please pay attention.

Ship graveyard.

The place was really fitting to be called that.

「To be able to see this many sailing ships in one place……」

「Yeah, there’s value in coming here just to see this.」

Even Tomoichi who had been yelling 「Let goo~」 until just now, and even Koichi who was dragging him to here reflexively became openmouthed in astonishment seeing the sight here.

It was a rocky area with a dome of seawater acting as the ceiling.

Just that feature already made this place looked mystical but, there were also rotten sailing ships that numbered easily in the hundreds, or perhaps even at the thousands scattered messily all over the place or piled up on top of each other……

It was stunning, a transient sight that made them felt something pressing on their chest.

「A sailing ship this big, I’ve never seen it except at film.」

Shuu reached his hand toward a particularly big sailing ship nearby that was overturned on its side.

He traced the crack on the ship’s bottom with his fingertip.

Sumire too timidly poked on a half fossilized mast that was snapped and lying on the ground.

「You will get dragged into illusionary world after you walk for some distance.

You will get automatically returned to here after ending the war.

The goal line is in the hold of the biggest passenger ship at the furthest back there.」

Hajime explained while pouring magic power into the proof of conquest and walking by himself until the spot where he got dragged in last time.

The space didn’t get distorted when he arrived there.

It seemed he managed to safely avoid the trial.

「Say, this is just a thought but, getting dragged into a world of the past that you can interact physically with……doesn’t it sound a bit too amazing」

「Ah, Shizuku, I also wondered about that.

It wasn’t simply showing you illusion.

In a sense, it’s a magic that create a different world that enforce its own unique rule forcefully isn’t it」

「When you said it like that, it’s certainly outrageous……」

Liliana’s interpretation made not only Aiko, but also the others to nod 「Certainly」.

Thinking really carefully, even if calling it a world creation was an exaggeration, it was still a feat that was close to it.

The act was truly a feat in the realm of god perhaps.

「……Nn~, this is just a guess but」

Yue narrowed her eyes and looked across the surrounding.

She recalled the trial that she had once experienced and analyzed the composition of the magic that formed it based on her understanding right now.

「……Although there was degree of difference to each of them, Miledy and the others should have arrived at the essence of their respective age of god magic.」

Naiz’s space magic──boundary interference made the boundary between illusion and reality blurred, Miledy who could interfere with the power of the planet drew out inexhaustible magic power, Meiru dragged out the past from the ancient time, Laus granted autonomy and ability to interfere with physic to the past illusion, Oscar turned this graveyard itself into an artifact that could produce a different space like a type of treasure warehouse while also maintaining his comrades’ magic──

「……Is what I thought.」

「「「I see.

I don’t get it.」」」

The expressions of Tomoichi, Kaoruko, and Akiko turned vague.

As expected the abyss of magic seemed to be something that was difficult to understand for ordinary people.

Hajime alone was whispering something like 「A different world inside the treasure warehouse……that idea is full of romance」.

「Err, Yue-oneechan.

That means Vandell-oniisan got left out in that case nano.」

「……Myuu, have you forgotten Most of the dungeons has monsters.

Most likely all of them were created by VandellSchnee.」

「Ah, so that was how……」

Eh Could it be the one who worked the most was Vandell-san Hajime and co somehow imagined Vandell working like black company employee while whispering 「There’s no end……no matter how many monsters I’m creating, it’s still not enough at all……」.

Hajime returned from pondering and made a very conflicted expression.

「I don’t want to believe it but……that Oscar, he didn’t make his great dungeon into something like Pandemoniumpalace of ten thousands demons just to harass Vandell right」

The number of monsters there was literally rivalling an army of ten thousands.

Just how much effort was required to create every variation of the monsters there

It was really easy to imagine Vandell’s dumbfounded look when he heard the proposal and Oscar who chuckled fufufu while pushing up his sunglasses that glinted even though there was no light source around.

No, not just that, for some reason they could vividly picture Vandell trying to jump at Oscar after seeing his smile, and Miledy and others desperately trying to stop him because there was nothing that could be argued against with the dungeon’s concept itself.

「Don’t tell me, Miledy-san had almost no monster in her great dungeon……was her being considerate」

「Perhaps that woman had her own difficulty in being the leader.」

「The liberators were all seemed to be people who hath strong quirks after all.」

That sounded possible.

Everything was simply their imagination but, somehow none of them could find any argument against it.

「Putting that aside, Hajime-kun.」

Perhaps because the atmosphere was starting to get complicated, Kaori spoke up with a voice that intentionally changed the mood.

「Is it alright if I use past replay to project the aftermath of the illusion trial」

「Hm I don’t mind but……are you fine with it Kaori」


Certainly I don’t want anyone to see my really uncool self if I’m honest but……」

Kaori glanced at Tomoichi.

「I want Otou-san to know more, a lot moooooore about Hajime-kun!」

「Kaori! Otou-san already know enough──」

「Even though Otou-san just yelled I’ll murder that bastard just now」


Tomoichi-otousan quietly averted his gaze.

His daughter’s reproachful gaze always stabbed into his heart.

He couldn’t look directly at it.


Based on that reaction, this art the crime scene where thou assaulted Goshujin-samacorrect」

「Can you stop describing it as crime scene I wonder! I wonder!」

Tio casually reined Kaori who was trying to grab her while activating past replay.

The figure of Kaori collapsing and vomiting with a pale face, and Hajime looking after her got projected.

The proof of just how much madness filled the illusion world got thrusted in front of everyone once more.

It made the atmosphere tense drastically.

『Yue is really a formidable enemy huh.』

Kaori apologized for causing trouble, while Hajime acted considerate with her because he understood the pain of almost getting swallowed in madness.

Those were the words that naturally came out from Kaori after understanding how Yue protected Hajime from madness.

Together with an awkward smile that was mixed with self-depreciation and self-torture.

That smile really didn’t look like Kaori at all.

Tomoichi and Kaoruko’s lips were pressed together so hard they formed a straight line.

Shizuku who was saved by Kaori’s smile that was like a sunflower in her childhood made a grim expression as though she had seen something that she absolutely didn’t want to see.


「Uu, I was so pathetic back then.

I became completely spineless after getting shown up just how wide the difference in strength between me and the others when coming to a great dungeon for the first time……」

「……That couldn’t be helped.

Kaori was none other than our cornerstone when you were together with us.

Everyone was supported by you.」

There was no person who wouldn’t feel shocked when they suddenly got the fact that were useless thrusted right to their face when before that they were treated as an ace.

Shizuku said that while her hand kindly touched Kaori’s.

Kaori put her own hand on that hand while saying 「Thank you」 with a smile.

Right after that.

『Say, Kaori.

Why did you come with us』

It was a question that stabbed into her.

And then even when Kaori asked whether she was a nuisance, the past Hajime didn’t say anything to deny it.

Akiko and Kirino reflexively looked at Tomoichi.

They thought that he might snap at Hajime.

But, Toomichi unexpectedly stayed still while staring fixedly at the past Hajime and Kaori.

He was simply staring quietly without looking like he was irritated or even showing sympathy to his daughter.

Kaoruko beside him was also in the same state.

Kaori smiled happily seeing her parents like that.

Then she also stared at her past self.

That was why everyone naturally couldn’t say anything too.

The conversation between the two continued.

Kaori couldn’t even meet Hajime’s gaze and finally she hanged her head down.

Hajime then told her clearly with a tone that could even be called coldhearted.

『Listen, I’m saying it one more time.

I love Yue.』

Hajime said that if unlike Shia she only felt pain from being together with them, if she could only feel self-abasing when being compared to Yue,


You should get away from me.』

Before this, he allowed Kaori to join their travel because she declared that she would come with him even after getting rejected.

Because Kaori herself believed that was the best path.

Because she faced forward and said that was what she would do.

If she couldn’t do that anymore, she should go back to her best friendShizuku’s side.

She should think carefully once more about what she wanted to do.

Hajime told her that and ended the conversation.

In the end, Kaori couldn’t say anything to argue back and she followed behind Hajime trudgingly in a clearly disheartened state.

It seemed to be a sight that Liliana and Myuu were unable to watch.

The two of them wanted to say something, but they didn’t know how to put it into words and could only look around at a loss.

「Ahaha……well, I was like this at that time, my first attempt of challenging a great dungeon.」

Kaori scratched her head while blushing with earnest shame.

「Nn! It’s truly a pathetic sight! Stuu~pidstuu~pid!」

「Horrible! Hey, Yue! Do you know what sugarcoat mean!」

「What a loser desuu!」

「Even Shia! I know that but still! Still!」

Yue and Shia were merciless.

Although, the awkward atmosphere got loosened up somewhat thanks to their horseplay.

Kaoruko went to Kaori’s side.

She put her hand on Kaori’s head.



Kaoruko stared at her daughter with an affectionate expression.

Kaori too stared at her mother as though she wanted to say that this was the state she was in, but she had surpassed it just like they had watched at the ice and snow cavern──

「I don’t remember ever raising a pathetic daughter like this.」

「Okaa-san is the most scathing!」

Her voice was so cold that it even stopped Yue and Shia cold on their track.

It was even scarier because she was smiling throughout all that.

The male group averted their gazes simultaneously.

Akiko, Aiko, and Remia’s expressions were twitching.

「A maiden must only charge ahead.

Drawing away when in front of the one you love is unthinkable.

Don’t beg, win him over.

Anything else won’t get you anything.

I should have taught you that.」

So you taught her something like that.

No wonder this kind of daughter is raised! Yue and others seemed like they wanted to say that.

「O-Okaa-san, but……」

「No but.

Even though I thought as expected of my daughter when I heard that you stole his lips……when are you going to move if not at this time when your biggest love rival isn’t around Everything will be over already when you realize it.

That’s what romance is you know Something like reservation or mercy is completely unneeded for love rival.

When you find a complacence that is created from being a step ahead of everyone else, that is when you have to charge, charge, charge, and charge.」

「Ah, yes, um, that, yes……」

Yue looked at Shia and then she pointed at herself fearfully.

It seemed that Kaori mama’s love theory was to keep charging without the slightest reservation or mercy.

Shia nodded her head up and down.

Yue then looked at Kaoruko in terror.

What kind of ferocious general are you……her gaze seemed to say.

Of course, the expression of everyone else was also twitching.

Kirino alone looked like she was holding back a headache because she seemed to have known this side of Kaoruko.

Putting that aside.

At this kind of time, Tomoichi-san who was splendidly obtained as the prize of the competition between women that occurred in the past had a distant look in his eyes throughout the conversation……


「Ah, yes.」

It’s just something of the past! The daughter argued uncomfortably, but Kaoruko wasn’t moved at the slightest and continued to smile while advocating the innermost secrets of romance matter-of-factly.

The surrounding was watching that nervously.

But putting that aside right now,

「Aa~, I’m sorry.

I said all that a bit harshly didn’t I There should be a better way to say that for this kind of time but, I was──」

「No, I’m not trying to complain.

……That’s, yeah」

Tomoichi didn’t continue his words.

He simply clenched his fist lightly and tapped Hajime’s chest.

And then he only said one word,


He said that clearly, while averting his gaze.

His expression completely showed just how conflicted his state of mind was as a father, but at the very least it was conveyed that those words Hajime said were the result of him seriously thinking about his daughter.

Too many words would just make it boorish.

Hajime too only replied 「No」 with one word.

Somehow the atmosphere became embarrassing.

Tomoichi immediately turned away but……

「……Oi, Nagumo Shuu.

What’s with that smirking face.

It’s unpleasant to look.

Stop it already.」

「It’s nothiiing I’m not smirking or anything though」

「T-this guy-」

It seemed that he was happy his son was deepening his bond with the father of the wife’s side.

Shuu tried to put his arm around Tomoichi’s shoulders in great mood, but that hand got fiercely slapped down.

Of course, Shuu wasn’t someone who would give up just from failing once or twice.

Hyoi, slap, hyohyoi! Slap-.

Hyo-but it was a feint while from the opposite side-, slap-!

「Hajime-kun, allow me to thank you too.」

「Kaoruko-san……umm, Kaori’s eyes are whirling there……」

「Thank you for seriously facing my daughter without evading or putting it off.」

「No……umm, Kaori is reciting “don’t beg, win” over and over there……」

「As expected from the boy that Kaori chose.

This daughter of ours is sometimes no good like this but, please take care of her from now on too.」

「Ah, yes.

Umm, that daughter of yours, is getting Soul Repose applied on her from Aiko though……」

「And, I don’t think that she would be able to get back up right away from that state but……perhaps, something happened in that large ship that was the goal right」

「……Yes ma’am.

Should we go there now」

「Yes, please do.」


Kaori got slapped by Yue 「Hah, what did I do!」 and returned to her senses.

Hajime glanced at her before immediately starting to lead the way after losing against the strange pressure of Kaoruko-okaasan who greatly () wished to watch her daughter’s growth.

「Ah, that’s right.

Hajime-kun, about the trial inside the ship, naturally I’ll pause it okay Or rather, won’t it be better if we just teleport directly to the storehouse at the bottom of the ship right away」

Kaori started saying something like that in front of the huge ship that was a luxury cruise in the past.

Tomoichi and others tilted their head.

Kaori told them 「The illusion here is also horrible so……」 with a somber expression but,

「……Don’t lie Kaori.

That was at the deck right I heard about it before.」

「The inside became like a horror house wasn’t it Isn’t that fine, that seems interesting desu!」

「Aa, I thought that it was strange why you were vague with only the story inside the ship, but it’s something like that Kaori, you aren’t good with horror ever since forever aren’t you」

Shizuku who always got clung on by Kaori until she almost suffocated or got blood congestion whether it was at amusement park or movie theater smiled wryly while making a look of understanding.

「That can’t be helped then.

Hajime-kun, can you teleport us to the ship’s hold just like Kaori said」

「Kaoruko too isn’t good with horror ever since forever huh.」

It seemed that was how it was according to Tomoichi.

They were really mother and daughter.


「Well, we are also here so it will be fine Kaoruko.

It’s not often that we can get the chance to look around at the inside of a huge old ship like this.

We won’t find another chance like this, so please」

「Eh! B-but……」

「This isn’t a place that we can visit anytime after all.

As an architect, well, ship is outside my area of expertise but I’m curious with various things like the layout here for example.」

「……Uu, then if at least the horror trial can get paused」

「There are a lot of people here who want to watch it.

It’ll be fine, I’ll be beside you see Please, Kaoruko.」

「……………..I understand.」

Eeeh What is this Tomoichi-san who was always getting pushed around by Kaoruko-san was strangely smiling.

*Run run♪* It felt like there was even such background music accompanying him.

「Is this déjà vu She looks exactly like Kaori when Hajime requested him for something……」

「Normally she’s really pushy but she can’t refuse when the one she love ask her for something……they’re really mother and daughter.」

Shizuku and Aiko smiled wryly.

Remia and Akiko were also watching the Shirasaki husband and wife smilingly.

「My my, what a harmonious husband and wife.

How lovely.


「The two are still so passionate even now.

If it’s my husband he will say something like “Then wait over here” and go off alone.」

Kaoruko must have heard them.

She looked down shyly.

Somehow thing was moving toward the group going to experience horror.

Kaori who had experienced the terror of the ghost ship turned white……

「H-hey, as expected we should stop this.

Okay This is completely different from something like horror house at amusement part you know They will really attack with the purpose of doing harm you know I think there might also be magic for cornering the mind added into the mix, this will be harmful to everyone’s health or something, there’s no need to intentionally experience──」

「Kaori, let’s go together into there okay」

「Nnn, fuuh, guu~~………………….yes」

It seemed that Hajime had also got a realization after seeing Tomoichi’s move.

When he also “requested” with a really nice smile, Kaori mumbled for some time in frustration before she yielded and nodded as expected.

Like mother like daughter.

And so, the group skipped the illusion of madness on the deck and entered the ship.

They didn’t activate the past replay and tried stopping the function of the proof of conquest……

「T-this is…….how should I say it, the atmosphere changed drastically……」


It feels like the air is humid, heavy……」

Aiko and Akiko unconsciously faltered.

No, the others were also feeling the suffocating air and did things like rubbing their arm that got goosebumps, or looking around restlessly.

None of them seemed calm.

Hajime, Yue, Shia, and Tio were fine.

Other than them there was Yaegashi family who only looked slightly nervous……and Myuu.


If the whole ship is considered as one trial, the proof of conquest might not be able to adjust the trial in minute detail.

The deck and the inside of the ship are treated as two different trials.」

「Who need that kind of explanation! Let’s go quickly!」

「K-Kaori Can you relax your strength a little Unlike the past, your physical strength now isn’t average……nnnn!」

The one Kaori was clinging on when it was during horror experience was already fixed in place in subconscious level inside her.

Kaori-san clung on Shizuku’s arm with a speed that seemed like godspeed.

Even though she wasn’t in apostle mode, some of the physical strength still bleed out to some degree so Shizuku was starting to tremble.

Shizuku’s body was shining slightly perhaps because she had quickly used sublimation magic.

There was no doubt that her arm almost turned into minced meat if she didn’t do that.

「Kaori, Shizuku is going to die like that so come over here.」

「Fhaaii- (Right)」

He hoped that she wasn’t saying that she wanted to fight there.

Kaori’s forward step was so strong that Hajime almost misunderstood like that as she clung on his back.

Seeing that made the expressions of Liliana and Aiko to twitch.

「Really Kaori……even though she can face even an army of ten thousands that is made of apostles or monsters, it’s puzzling that she can be this scared because of ghost.」

「She looks really scared.

But……the way she clung on Hajime look completely like a haunting ghost……」

Her messy hair hid her face with her arms clinging on Hajime’s neck so strongly as though to declare she wouldn’t let go even if it killed her.

Her legs also clung around his waist and 「fuuh, fuuh」 the breathing that leaked out from between her teeth was slightly echoing……

Certainly it was just as Aiko said, it was Kaori instead who looked like a spirit of the dead.

On the other hand,

「Tomoichi-kun, you look like you’re having fun aren’t you」

「What are you saying Nagumo Shuu.

I can see an ancient architecture with my own eyes.

So obviously I’m having fun.」

「No, it feels like that’s not what you are enjoying here though……」

There was also someone possessing Tomoichi’s arm.

However this one seemed a bit different from her daughter’s case.

The way she immediately got teary eyed while shivering all over made her looked like a small animal.

She buried her face on Tomoichi’s shoulder and her body would jerk and tremble from every little sound while her eyes glanced around.

And then she would bury her face on his shoulder again right away.

Sometimes she would say 「Deaaar, quickkk」 with a very weak voice.

「It only looks like you’re having fun tormenting your wife though」

「How rude Koichi-kun.

I have no intention like that at all.

But well, it’s also true I’m thinking that my proactive wife who usually take the lead look really cute when she’s like this which is a rare sight.」

「As I thought you’re really aiming for this.」

「Kaoruko herself is aware of that, but she still go along with it.

They have been like this since a long time ago.」

Kirino’s exasperated gaze pierced Kaoruko, but the person herself didn’t seem to have the leeway to care about it.

That was how weak she was against horror, but she would rather cling to someone and come along rather than got left behind.

Really like mother like daughter.

「Perhaps because it’s a trial to provoke fear and foster madness, the danger of the unnatural phenomenon and the monsters themselves here isn’t that much.

They are completely specialized in eeriness.

Although who knows what can happen, so Yue and others be on your guard against them okay」

Yue and others followed Hajime’s instruction and surrounded the parents and Remia and others like usual while staying on guard against the surrounding.

The group hurriedly moved ahead like that.

As they did that, unnatural phenomenon kept coming one after another.

Now Hajime and co could sense that there was certainly magic at work to promote fear and madness which they didn’t notice at their first time here.

The artifact to protect the mind that had been distributed beforehand kept shining the whole time.

Against this even unique ordinary people like Yaegashi family couldn’t hide their nervousness.

Akiko and Remia, and also Aiko and Liliana were sometimes screaming and jumping on their feet.

And yet,

「Myuu, you alright」

「It’s interesting nano!」

「No way.

Myuu, mama is already nearing the limit here……」

「Yes mama.

Want to hold hand It’s fine, Myuu will protect mama nano!」

「H-how dependable……」

It seemed that for some reason Myuu had absolute resistance against horror.

「I-it’s coming! That guy is cominggg!」

「Kaori, please stop whispering madly into my ear.

You are scarier here.」

It seemed that Kaori who was still being carried on Hajime’s back was sensing something.

Even though her eyes were completely closed, her wariness was correct.

A girl in white dress that once made Kaori trembled appeared from ahead.

The girl in white dress’s abnormal atmosphere made the parents stood still in shock.

Aiko and Liliana were letting out 「Hih」 a scream.

The girl’s mouth split into crescent moon shape.

It seemed that she sensed their fear.

She threw her body with a jerk to the floor like a marionette that had its strings cut.

Then her arms and legs bent to impossible directions to be like spider limbs.

And then, *KETAKETAKETA* a weird laughing voice that felt like it was shaving off the SAN of the listeners resounded, no, in fact there was magic at work in parallel with the laughter to bring about such effect.

Kaoruko screamed 「KYAAAAAAAAAAAAH-」.

Akiko and others were also stiffening with expression of terror.

Remia too unconsciously clung tightly on Myuu──but before she could do that.

「Ah, Myuu! Don’t! Don’t goooo!」

「……Remia, calm down! Hajime will deal with it!」

Remia-san collapsed on the floor with one hand reaching out like a classic abandoned lover.

Her usual composed smile couldn’t be seen anywhere.

She wanted to run after her daughter but it seemed that strength had completely left her waist.

It was just as Yue said, Hajime was already aiming Donner.

But he couldn’t pull the trigger right away.

「O-oi! Myuu──」

「Nice to meet you! Myuu is Myuu! What is your name! Nano!」

It was really not matching the horror situation.

Myuu approached her with the mood of a girl calling out to another girl the same age like her just because she felt like it!

Right after that, shockingly the apparition girl stopped moving.

Not only that, it started to back away as though to say 「Eh Why! Why’re you coming near! That’s troubling for me though!」 seeing Myuu approaching without any hesitation.

「C-could it be Myuu-chan right now is doing the number one move that is hated the most by horror house staffs when a visitor do it」

Shuu’s example was actually right on the mark.

Myuu’s move resulted in the apparition slowly backing away before it immediately dashed away.

It was like the scene of the ultimate gloomy character being approached by the ultimate cheery character and ran away because the light was purifying her.

Cheery character often couldn’t understand that the strength of their light had the effect of causing such character to blow their fuse……if only they could approach more slowly……

Myuu came back in dejection because of the clear rejection.

Kaori fearfully asked her.

「Myuu-chan, you aren’t scared」

If she could learn about Myuu’s mental attitude or the state of her mind, then perhaps her weakness against horror could also be fixed a little Kaori thought while asking that question.

Myuu got a puzzled look before her expression became really mature for some reason.

And then she patted Kaori’s legs that were still wrapped around Hajime’s waist and,

「There is no scarier existence than human nano.

Isn’t that right」

「Ah, yes……」

This young girl had been kidnapped, witnessed human selling their fellow human, and human who happily put a price on her.

Those words contained a unique persuasiveness.

Perhaps that was why.

Everyone stopped reacting overtly to the horror phenomenon after that.

And so, after that everyone somehow used the feeling of how they lived in harsh world as spice to experience fear and surprise at the same level like when visiting a normal horror house in amusement park and progressed smoothly until the ship’s hold.

There, Tio casted past replay to see how Kaori got possessed by ghost and how Hajime saved her.

At the end Hajime thoroughly checked whether there was any residue of the ghost still remaining.

Kaori who had broken through her doubts took advantage of that opening and stole his lips.

And the result of watching until that point was,

「You bastardddd, you should be able to dodge that righttt! You dodged normally when Myuu-chan almost did that to you at the demon king castle rightttt! Do you have ulterior motive! Do you have itttt-」

Sure enough, Tomoichi-san grabbed Hajime’s collar.

「N-no, that’s not it.

It was my first time facing something like ghost, and despite how I looked, I was really anxious at that time.

I thought it wouldn’t be funny if there was any fragment or residue remaining and it affected Kaori’s personality, so I seriously focused on searching for that.」


To take advantage of that and stole Hajime’s lips……as I thought Kaori is a wicked woman!!」

「Nice move there! To make use of the state of mind that was seriously worrying for yourself, as expected from Kaori-san! A true wicked woman desuu」

「I don’t want to hear that from you Shia! Even though you also took advantage when receiving CPR!」

「You two aren’t different from each other……」

There was nobody who didn’t agree with what Shizuku pointed out.

Anyway, it seemed that Kaoruko-okaasan considered that she had done a good job.

This time she patted Kaori’s head for real and praised her 「You have worked hard」 with a loving expression.

「Upbringing is really important for good or bad isn’t it.」

There was nobody who didn’t nod at what Kirino-san pointed out.








The last sightseeing destination.

The conquest hall.

There wasn’t anything worthy of special mention there and they would only go there to see what kind of place it was……

That was their intention but,


The group was impressed by the cross shaped pathway and the shrine structure that was filled with water while entering into the place where the magic circle was located at the center.

Right after that.

*Gogogo* A part of the water surface made such sound while rippling and sinking.

It gradually rose up from there.

It was like a scene in SF movie where an aircraft came out from a secret base under the lake.

Yes, it was the magic combat boat.

「This art just a guess but……perhaps it’s the reward for clearing the dungeon」

「Eh, then Tio-san, that mean the forced ejection that time……」

「……I-it was because we took a shortcut」

When they got ejected into seawater, they all let out resentful voices at Meiru-san’s crudeness, but perhaps, they would be able to get out normally to the sea using the magic combat boat if they cleared the dungeon properly……

「Myu! Papa, we can ride it normally nano!」

「Looks like it.」

This is the last fight! It seemed this wasn’t anything like that.

When Hajime tried pouring his magic power into it, it felt like he could control it normally.

The explanation that this was a reward seemed likely.

Hajime and others started staring at the far away……

If they used the submarine as bait and flew to the sky using the magic combat boat, they might be able to get away using that opening.

Such thought crossed their mind.

Because, at that time even if they used Yue’s teleportation, she was unable to jump until that far, but most likely with the magic combat boat they would be able to teleport long distance.

Not only that, perhaps they would be able to return to the sea of tree’s great dungeon far faster…….

「Let’s go Hajime.

The last one was the Hell Eater was it You’re going to show us the fierce battle underwater right」

「Aa, yeah, I guess.


Let’s go……」

「Come on, Yue-chan and others too! There were also things you were able to do and encounter you ran into only because you guys didn’t get it right Right」

「……That’s, true.

Yes, Okaa-sama.」

「Certainly, we might ignore Ankaji and also the kingdom in that case.」


For Lily too, it was truly lucky for thee that we didst not obtain this boat here.」

「T-that was a close call……」

「For me too.

I would still be in the church’s hand in that case……」

Hajime and co almost ended up ignoring the danger to the kingdom and also to Aiko and the classmates.

Liliana and Aiko patted their chest in relief when they learned that fact.

「Thinking about that now, the whole journey of you guys until then was also like that…………it feels like fate was really at work during the whole time huh.」

Hajime and co smiled wryly even while finding themselves unable to deny Shuuzou’s words that he muttered at the end.

They looked at each other’s face.

Hajime shrugged while he spoke to represent the feeling of Yue and others.

「If something like god of fate exist, and that “unseen hand” of his was at work……well, it feels like we are really loved in that case.」

He replied like that.
















The sunset was beautiful at the city of Erisen.

Although the city was normally filled with energy, the city above sea had tranquil atmosphere with the sound of waves acting as BGM.

It was only at this time that the place was filled with unprecedented liveliness.

Magic tools that produced magic light of various colors were laid out from the house roof to house roof just like decorative lights at earth festival.

Various foods were being cooked here and there at real time.

Aromas that stimulated the appetite mixed in with the sea breeze and enveloped the whole city.

It was truly a merry festival.

Tonight only there was no barrier of status.

The seaman citizens, and even the invited human and beastman from various countries were all laughing together harmoniously with plate of food on their hand.

In addition elder Kamal and Guardner&Gerto father and son along with a few demons also joined the revelry.

「Yes, that’s true! There our son pour a lot of tar that he collected from the abyss into the monster’s body!」


「Kuuh, I want to see it! I have read “Leeman’s Legend” but, to think that they really overcome the danger with that kind of method!」

In one part of the table, Shuu was talking passionately about “Hell Eater” that they watched at the end of their trip to the undersea ruin toward the leaders from various countries──like Gahard, Karm, Alfrerick, and others.

Nearby Sumire and Yue were telling their impression about their travel to the noble ladies including Luluaria.

Everyone’s ears and eyes were completely focused on them.

「I finally find you Shia.

Now, do you want to have dinner Or do you want to train Or perhaps……you want to f i g h t with me」

「I don’t.

And put away that scythe.

Go away.」

「Wait, don’t get near my Shia you princess of the empire! Shia want to play “using” me! Right, Shia」

「I’m not gonna play.

Why are you here huh.

Put away your bow.

Go away.」

Shia was trapped between the mad dog empire princess and deviant forest princess.

Her speech was so peevish that she even completely forgot the “desuu” which was her identity.

But let’s ignore them.

The members of Yaegashi family too were in the middle of the Hauria circle.

Shirasaki family was mainly with the people of Ankajilike Bize.

Akiko and Aiko and also Liliana were mixing in a pleasant talk with Pope Simon and David and others.

Tio was together with Adol and Venri.

They were talking with the guild masters, Will, and Count Cudeta and his wife.

Also at slight distance away,


There is more huh……just how many enemy I have out there……」

「Y-you guys are the princes who are targeting Myuu-chan-」

「Hee, so you too.

Fuh, very well.

If you think you can win against this Raymond, then come at me without hesitation!」

「Randell-samaa! Let’s forget about Myuu already! Do you want to go together with me to the pier」

「That’s right that’s right.

Disappear from milady’s sight immediately.

The demon there, you too.

If you dare to look at milady with obscene eyes, this Neashutatrum will come to take your head.」

「Don’t forget Baltfelt here too.

I’ll snipe you up.」

The children were also getting into a lovely murderous conversation.

They looked like they were really having fun.

Also, about Myuu herself,

「Myu! After that papa made it so that Myuu can also use the magic ship we got nano! It’s Myuu’s personal boat now nano!」

「「「How nicee~~」」」

It was a homecoming after so long, so she was happily talking together with her local friends.

It looked like Randell and the others didn’t even enter her eyes.

Of course, Remia was also surrounded by so many of the people of Erisen that she couldn’t move anywhere.

She looked like she was enjoying the homecoming too.

They also had no plan after this, so there was no need to worry about time.

This was the benefit of making Erisen as the last destination of their trip.

But outside of such festival, there was one person who was sitting alone on the end of an empty pier.

He was even using presence isolation so no other could find him.

It was the guest of honor of this travel welcome & farewell party, Hajime.

If asked what he was doing there,

『I seee.

I thought what was going on when there was a familiar magic power getting thrown around……it looked like you had a good trip huh.

Heh, if I know you’re coming then I’ll bring one or two souvenir here.』

He was talking secretly with human faced fish uncle.

Of course, it was Lee-san who was a bosom friend of the demon king and whose status was elevated into a half legendary existence by the historians.

「Say, Lee-san.

As I thought I should introduce you to everyone.」

『Stop that.

It’s already enough that you’re going out of your way to call me here.

I’m just a monster.

Nothing more and nothing less.

I can’t step into the domain of human so casually.』

「Kuuh, as expected from Lee-san.

How hardboiled.」

Really, they were getting along better than between humans.

『Leaving that aside, I’ll be going already, sonny.』

「Eh You’re leaving already Actually I have an idea about artifact to enable living both in water and air for Lee-san.

I’m thinking to ask you about it……」

This demon king, just how much he liked Lee-san Just what kind of expression other people would make if they saw this

『What the hell with that I don’t need that.

These scales are only for feeling the ocean tide yeah』

「T-that’s deep.」

It wasn’t really.

『More importantly, look.

Your wife is waiting yeah』


When Hajime turned around, there was Yue already standing at the entrance of the pier without him realizing it.

『Thanks for calling me here sonny.

This uncle also have a wife and little brat waiting for me home.

See ya! Let’s meet again sometimes!』

「O-ou! Later again, Lee-san!」

*Chapon* Lee-san turned around and vanished into the night sea.

「……Why is the party’s guest of honor sneaking out secretly to talk with a human faced fish uncle」

Yue sat beside him.

She wondered just what he was doing when she couldn’t find him anywhere……and this was what she found.

Her expression looked really conflicted.

「No, well, I already planned to meet with Lee-san.

Also, the party’s scale is unexpected that I wanted to cool down for a bit.」



Hellina is capable.」

Hellina’s leadership and arrangement were perfect.

It was too perfect that Hajime and co got welcomed with great cheers the instant they arrived at Erisen.

The number of people far surpassed their expectation.

Numerous foods were prepared so that many people could have fun sufficiently.

And the number of the dazzling ornaments made even Hajime felt greatly taken aback.

Naturally because he was the guest of honor of this party that was for welcoming party and also farewell party, he got mobbed by a ton of people right from the start.

People kept talking to him one after another.

He also got a ton of drink and food recommended to him without pause.

Then finally the people dispersed to also talk with the other trip members and they all started having fun on their own.

Thanks to that Hajime too could secretly sneak out and managed to have a reunion with Lee-san.

Hajime and Yue enjoyed a quiet time for a while with the noises at the distance and the sound of waves as BGM.

Somehow it felt like it had been so long since they were alone like this.

Both of them looked at each other and chuckled together.

「……Is trip a great success」

「Well, I think it ended in a far nicer note than I imagined.」

「……Hajime, you were actually very nervous.

Even if Okaa-sama and Otou-sama would be fine, you thought that you might get into discord with the parents of Kaori and others.」

「It was that obvious huh.」


Actually it was just as Yue said.

Hajime had also said it several times during the trip but, perhaps only a few people truly understood just how much resolve Hajime had when he invited the parents from other families into this trip to Tortus.

「I need to become someone who can answer their trust and expectation.

Well, I get the feeling that they have accepted me as family somewhat, perhaps ……They have accepted me right」

「……Fufu, it’s alri~ght」

Yue found it funny how Hajime felt a bit uneasy.

It was a look that was far removed from the picture of arrogant demon king that many other people had in their head.

Yue reflexively chuckled and pulled Hajime close.

Hajime didn’t resist and put his head on Yue’s thighs just as she wished.

Yue kindly patted his head while speaking with extraordinarily kind expression and affectionate tone.

「……Thank you for your hard work.」

She showed appreciation for Hajime who managed to bring the trip to an end safely.

Hajime made a short reply 「……Nn」 just like Yue.

Strength left his body.

It was clear to see that he had relaxed from the bottom of his heart.

Perhaps he would even fall asleep right there in order to recover from the fatigue of this trip──

「Paapaaaaa, wheeeereee areeeee youuuuuuu!!」


Hajime couldn’t help but jump to his feet when he heard his daughter’s loud voice.

It was the sorrowful nature of a father.

「There he is! He’s flirting with Yue-san at that kind of place desuu!」

「She always drag Hajime-kun to somewhere at every chance!」

Shia and Kaori’s displeased voices were also followed by the loud voices of the country leaders like Gahard and Karm 「What is the guest-of-honor doing there!」 or 「Boss! You’re going to go home after this so at least talk with everyone right now!」 one after another.

The people that they met during their travel gathered near the pier in the blink of eye literally.

There were even some fearless guys who thoroughly froze the area near the pier with ice magic, and there were also people who brought out ships from another pier to gather there.

The central location of the party changed in the blink of eye.

Hajime and Yue got surrounded by a staggering hustle and bustle once more.

Hajime lifted up Myuu in his arms while roaring 「Aa~, shaddup! Don’t talk all at once!」.

But his expression was clearly cheerful.

「Tou-san and Kaa-san too, what’s with that smirk」

The expressions of Shuu and Sumire who came together with Shia and others along with 「「Who’s smirking~」」 that they said in harmony made Hajime glared at them.

Sumire said 「We’re just feeling proud」 while laughing and messing up Hajime’s hair.

Shuu glanced at his son who ran away while saying 「Stop thaat~」 and cleared his throat.

Then he lifted up his hand to the surrounding people.

The people around immediately guessed that he was going to say something and fell silent.

Shuu took a deep breath and raised his voice.

「Err, we are really thankful to everyone for coming to this closing of our travel today!」

Cheers spread out.

Shuu raised his voice even more in the middle of that.

「We had seen a lot of the pasts through the travel this time.

And so based on what we had seen──」

The surrounding fell silent once more.

Everyone focused their sight on Shuu.

「There’s no need for long speech here! But, please allow me to at least say this! Please keep taking a good care of my son along with his family too from now on! I’m really thankful to everyone for being able to meet with my son!!」

A second passed and loud cheers exploded.

The air was even shaking from the excitement.

「Look Hajime! Tou-san has stirred up the party! Finish it up!」

「What kind of absurd request that is……」

Perhaps Shuu-otousan was already drunk.

His face was red, and his hand had been holding a wine bottle since some time ago and he wouldn’t let go of it.

Although, there was no way the demon king could run away with all the gazes of expectation that were fixed on him.

He had actually set up an artifact on the sea.

Hajime snapped his fingers.

The artifact got remotely activated.

Immediatley, *DOOOONN*.

People reflexively cowered back.

Meanwhile countless flowers bloomed on the night sky of Erisen from all directions.

It was firework.

The sight was like a hundred magical flowers blooming profusely with great beauty and various colors.

The people looked up to the sky where they even forgot to say anything from the scale and the beauty of the sight.

In front of them,

「Take your glass.」

Hajime’s voice rang out clearly.

People gasped and when they brought their gaze down, they saw Hajime lifting up his glass with Yue and his other family members already surrounding him with the shining sky on their back.

People hurriedly took up their glass.

In front of them, Hajime simply,

「Let’s have a toast! For the future!!」

Those words that he used to bring an end to this travel rang out.

Naturally, what came back was a large chorus of 「「「「「For the future!」」」」」 with a volume that drowned out even the sound of firework.




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