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Deciding on the group

“Souya-kun, Good morning… Wah! What is that”

“Good morning, Atsushi…… Well, this, what does this look like”

“Collections of articles and essays, or references used for research materials”

“It’s almost the same.

The correct answer is, the self-introduction brought by the girls of this class.”

“Not even close huh, so, how is it”

“The contents are almost the same”

“…..I see”

Snooping on the booklet I was reading, Atsushi was taken aback.

After I sorted it, out of 38 girls, 22 were students from the Special Ward.

Considering the examination scale, there must have been a considerable number of examinees from outside the Special Ward.

Perhaps many were rejected by ‘something other than academic ability’.

I had to decide on the members by the afternoon, so I couldn’t relax at all.

“I wonder if I have to look at it during class hours.”

“…I-I guess so.”

From beside me, I heard a frightened voice.

I wonder, what criteria does Atsushi intend to select his members

Not long after, the class finally started.

However, it was the second day since I entered the school. The seats were the same as yesterday and weren’t fixed seats.

The class seemed to explain the textbook and that kind of stuff lightly, anyway, it wasn’t a full-fledged lecture yet.

So, I didn’t focus on it and continued to read the self-introductions.

By the end of the second period, I had almost finished reading.

As expected, I skipped the backstory from birth to the present and any part that seemed like a love letter.

“I see… on top of inferiority complex and aspirations, a sprinkle of ‘wish’ huh.”

Parent status is important for living in a special ward. Even if you wish, you can’t live here easily.

I feel that the feeling of wanting to live here but cannot, is passed down from the parent to children.

Often seen in self-introductions, were ‘my mother’s wish’.

Even the word ‘longstanding desire’ or ‘long-cherished ambition’ was there.

A 15-year-old girl wouldn’t write a such word. It was as if they came to kill their parent’s enemy, to end their parent’s resentment.

The girls outside the Special Ward made an effort to get what their mother couldn’t get.

If they could go to a school in the Special Ward, they could get closer to men.

The chance for that to happen outside the special zone, could be said almost zero.

Because men these days didn’t bother to leave the Special Ward to interact with women there if it wasn’t because of obligation.

That was why the girls from outside came here with effort.

That feeling was often expressed in the definitely-not-memoir self-introduction.

People’s feelings were sometimes reflected in the popular media at the time.

In this case, the best-selling manga now here was, the one with the main character who went to the Special Ward from the outside and for the first time, got attention from men there.

It was so popular to the point where it had changed from a ‘trope’ to a ‘template’.

Changing the type of the main characters or the side characters, and other similar works would come out.

It might be a longing, a dream, and a feeling common to women living outside the Special Ward.

“How is it Have you decided”

Seeing my face, Atsushi gave a sympathetic gaze while saying so.

By the way, there were quite a few girls who submitted a self-introduction to Atsushi, saying “just in case”, but Atsushi replied, “I won’t receive it,” with a smile on his face.

Perhaps, Atsushi didn’t need the definitely-not-memoir self-introduction. To be honest I didn’t need it that thick either.

At first, I wondered if it was good to reject all of them, but it seemed that it would be better not to give hope for this kind of thing.

And Atsushi, surely, had his own thought about this.

After the third period, it was finally time to decide on the class committee and group.

This seemed to be the end of today.

First, the committee and the one in charge of miscellaneous duties would be decided.

It seemed that men didn’t need to join the committee. Rather, there seemed to be a problem if a man became one. 

I wonder why…

“It’s different from middle school.

There are needs to go to another classroom or to stay after school because of the committee’s errands.”

“Ah, because the ‘committee activities’ are outside class hours… the others may use that to call you, is it”

Speaking of ‘committee activities’, it could be a reason to be called.

It was possible for two people, regardless of gender, to stay in school until late.

So, perhaps, something happened in the past to cause this rule.

“By the way, it seems that there were many cases where boys were recommended to be the chairman by the consensus of girls in the past.”

If the man is the chairman, it’s natural for girls other than the group members to talk to him.

Well, it’s good that the girls try to get a chance, but it has nothing to do with the job as a chairman.

In a sense, the man was chosen as the chairman for some ‘wicked’ reason, was it

Certainly, if so, it’s better for men to not join the committee.

After all, legitimate activity may be hindered…

When I was staring at the name chosen to be the committee and the one in charge of each miscellaneous duty, I realized that the girls decided it at a fast pace.

As if they were moving with all their might.

Since when this class is so united I mean, it’s just the second day!

“Now, at last, it’s time to decide the group.”

Became the new chairman, Shigure Kaijou-san said that,

The classrooms quieted down…


No, I heard the sound of someone swallowing their saliva.

“By the custom, I would like to hear the boys’ request first.”

“Kunou-Kun and Souya-kun, please say your request for the member.”

When I was thinking of announcing it, Atsushi stood up before me.

“Zenma-san, Mitsuke-san, Yashiro-san, and Takatou-san.”

A female scream echoed from inside the classroom. 

Is it because you got chosen or because you didn’t get chosen

“W-why… why did you request them, c-could I know the reason”

“Nothing of a big deal, just that it has something to do with the profession of the parents.”

With that said, Atsushi sat down.

I’m not sure, but it seems that the profession of his parents has already been researched… scary…

“Okay … then Souya-kun, please.”

Then, my turn came.

When I stood up slowly, I saw the face of a girl looking more nervous than I was.

“As I told you yesterday, I will choose the ones from outside the special ward.

But first of all, I want to say thank you.

Today, I got a self-introduction from everyone.

I will read this carefully later.

I’ve read only what was necessary to decide on the group.

And the girls I decided to choose are… “

I took a breath here.

There were those who had hopeful eyes, those who were praying, and those who were pretending to be calm but clearly have bright red cheeks.

“Toono-san, Hashigami-san, Kikuie-san, and Aono-san.

Unlike earlier, no screams rose up.

“Could I ask you the reason”

“Okay, I don’t mind.

So, I don’t know the faces of the four girls I just mentioned, I’m completely choosing based on the self-introductions.”

“I see, yeah, right……”

I heard such a voice from inside the classroom. Usually, when a man chose a woman, appearance and family were the criteria.

It wasn’t a bad thing for me to tell the reason here, because they would be always curious about what criteria I used to choose.

Also, I would be in trouble if speculation circled around after this.

“When I was in middle school, my group was very unique and easy to spend time with.

I think, it was because each person was able to play a role.

In the short high school life of three years, the friends whom I would spend most of my time with for one year, are very important.”

Some people were nodding.

“So, I chose people who seem to be unique, just like the group I had in middle school.

I won’t speak much about how unique I think they are, but I can say that it’ll be a very interesting year.

At least that’s my hope.”

Perhaps I came up with the reason why I had them write a self-introduction.

Everyone had their own points that they used to appeal.

Among them, those who appealed by stating about their parents or relatives, about how they had companies or connections, etc., were excluded from my list immediately.

I chose only by considering what kind of person they were.

It had nothing to do with their parents.

That aside, as I told everyone, surely it would be a fun year.

After the other groups were decided smoothly, now, it was time for each group to get together and have a discussion.

I see, that’s why this will be the end of today.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the time.


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