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Chapter 30: Plants Can Also Be Extracted! The Luxurious Top-Grade Combination, You Can Call It the Peak of Plant Life!

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The confidant beside him was very puzzled when he heard this. “Manager, were only taking half of the commission. Isnt that a bit too much of a loss We earned quite a lot of spirit stones from the auction of that Great Marrow-cleansing Pill. If we–”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Manager Li. He shook his head and said, “You are still too young. You should learn more. You dont understand the logic behind this, do you”

“Besides us, who else has auctioned the Great Marrow-cleansing Pill You saw with your own eyes, the popularity of that auction. The frenzied bidding of that group of people caused the atmosphere in the venue to be so high that even the next few items in the auction reached an unprecedented high price...”

“You only saw the immediate benefits, but you didnt notice the long-term benefits.”

Although the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce had lost this portion of the commission, the benefits were endless. Not only did it increase their popularity, but many people would also come here after hearing the news of the appearance of the Great Marrow-cleansing Pill.

At the same time, it would also increase the transaction rate of other items in the Chamber of Commerce. After all, they could also benefit from all of these. Regardless of whether they were buying or bidding, it was easy for people to follow the trend.

“His Marrow-cleansing Pill is a popular item no matter where it is placed. It can even allow an own auction house to gain a large amount of popularity and customer flow. However, we dont have anything like the Marrow-cleansing Pill in stock.”

It may seem like they had suffered a great loss, but in fact, their future earnings would not be affected. Most importantly, to be able to befriend an expert like Gu Xi was an immeasurable value. It was the kind that could not even be bought with top-grade spirit stones.

After going through all sorts of things, Manager Lis evaluation of Gu Xi was simply extraordinary.

“If he can produce a Great Marrow-cleansing Pill today, perhaps in the future he will be able to take out a pill that is even higher in rank than the Great Marrow-cleansing Pill. When that time comes, how much will our chamber of commerce benefit”

After listening to all the twists and turns, as well as the stakes involved, his subordinates were convinced. They could not help but sigh at Manager Lis foresight. No wonder he was able to sit in his current position.

“Manager Li is truly brilliant! With such foresight, no wonder hes number one.”

In the face of his confidants flattery, Manager Li laughed and scolded, “You brat, inform your subordinates to keep their eyes open. As soon as this Young Master Gu comes to visit, immediately notify me. I want to personally serve him.”

He did not expect that in the near future, Manager Li would hit the nail on the head. Not only did it bring huge benefits to the Wanxiang Chamber of Commerce, but even Manager Li himself had greatly benefit because of it.

However, these were all things to be discussed in the future.

After Gu Xi returned to Sanqing Peak, he began to attempt to extract the seeds.

[System checking Hundred Herb Dew seed]

[System checking Skyheart Silver Bell Grass seed]

[System checking Eight Petal Celestial Orchid seed]

[System checking Spirit-returning Crimson Fruit seed]


[Do you wish to extract it]

Gu Xi chose a few of the most precious ones and began to remove the impurities without hesitation. Speaking of plants, although they were seeds, it was his first time removing the impurities from them.

It would be faster to directly start with the finished medicinal pills, but good medicinal pills were hard to come by.

Moreover, the number of times the system could be used every day was limited. He could not waste all of it on extracting medicinal pills, so he might as well try to refine pills himself.

He saw that those dark seeds had been affected by an unknown force. Suddenly, a few drops of rain fell from the sky and landed on Gu Xis face. The rich aura of life dissipated as if it was raining from the sky.

In an instant, a green light burst out. It was so sharp that he could barely open his eyes. The black shell of the seed slowly peeled off as if it had been reborn from a cocoon. In its place, a green sprout appeared before his eyes.

It was only a little green sprout, but it was as if he could see all living things grow. Countless thin spiritual rain gathered and gave off a hazy vapor. Even a rainbow bridge appeared and covered the sky.

A divine light appeared, and the green shoots grew rapidly. Tender strips of branches appeared, and the spiritual raindrops formed small droplets of water that hung on them. In a short while, these spirit plants grew rapidly.

This strange scene would be enough to shock the hearts of the people. If it were to spread out, who knew how many alchemists would go crazy

After all, what was most lacking in pill refinement were herbs, all sorts of precious and old herbs. However, after the systems extraction, these herbs were hundreds of years old.

Even Gu Xi could not help but exclaim in admiration when he saw this. “In this way, if I were to refine pills in the future, I would not need to worry about herbs anymore, right”

Precious mature spirit plants were rare and required time and meticulous cultivation. However, there was no lack of spirit plants seeds. As long as there were seeds, he could produce all sorts of rare medicinal herbs. Hundred-year-old herbs or even thousand-year-old herbs were not a problem!

In the future, getting the best medicinal herbs for pill refinement would be a piece of cake.

Other than the medicinal herbs needed for pill refinement, Gu Xi planted the rest in the Hundred Herb Garden under the thousand-year-old Pine Tree. With the thousand-year-old Pine Tree here, it was also the place with the most abundant spiritual energy on Sanqing Peak.

In addition, he went to Danxia Peak to plunder some spirit water to irrigate them. He had also obtained a special soil called the Little Breath Soil. Even the plants that were on the verge of death could be immediately revived when planted in this soil.

After the impurities were removed by the system, the roots of these plants were pretty good. Even if they were simply placed here, they could be raised without much care, not to mention the current luxurious and top-notch living environment. It could be said that they were at the peak of plant life.

After settling everything, Gu Xi took out the cauldron that he had plundered from the Weapon Refining Peak and began to refine pills.

Gu Xi found that this cauldron was pleasing to the eye, and he quite liked it. In any case, it was a spur-of-the-moment idea. This was the first time he tried to refine pills. If he succeeded, he planned to change to a better one in the future.

Even so, a cauldron from the Weapon Refining Peak was an ordinary item, not to mention that it was given to the Sect Leaders personal disciple. Naturally, they would not give him anything of low quality.


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