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Chapter 1004: How StupidTranslator: Lonelytree

Xiao Letong, who was wearing a suit, narrowed his eyes.

He hugged Xinxin with one hand and held the ring with the other.

An Danians hopes were dashed when he failed to get the rings.

Then, a ruthless light flashed in Xiao Letongs eyes.

He stretched out one leg and tripped An Danian.

Then, An Danian collapsed in front of the couple with a plop.

All the guests and villagers,”…”

An Xiaohui was really angry at An Danian for ruining her wedding.

“Second uncle, Im just getting married.

You dont have to give me such a big bow, do you” An Xiaohui sneered and said, “Also, whether we can get married or not is not up to you!”

Xiao Wang wasnt as polite to An Danian.

He took two steps forward and held An Danians collar with one hand.

He lifted An Danian up and said with a gloomy face, “In the past, I was polite to you for the sake of my in-laws.

Now, you want to ruin my wedding.

Dont blame me for this.”

After saying that, he lifted An Danian up and took two steps forward.

He easily threw him to the villagers next to him.

The villagers of An Family village were speechless.

What great strength.

An Danian was at least 150 to 160 centimeters tall, but the groom could easily lift him up with one hand and throw him away.

This also gave An Danian and second aunt An a big scare.

Second aunt An was about to fly into a rage when she saw her husband being treated like this.

However, when she saw Xiao Wangs sharp expression, her arrogance immediately subsided, and she looked a little timid.

Xiao Wang glanced at second aunt An before shooting a sharp gaze at An Yang.

His voice was cold as he said, “I dont care what kind of plans you have today, but if you want to ruin my wedding with Xiaohui, I wont allow it!” With that said, he gestured to the groomsmen beside him with his eyes.

These groomsmen immediately understood.

Then, two of the groomsmen walked in front of An Danian while the other four walked in front of second aunt An and her son.

“What are you doing Were in public!” An Yang said warily.

However, these groomsmen were the bodyguards of Gong Tianhaos company.

They didnt say much, but they were very thorough in their work.

Then, all the guests and villagers looked at these six people and carried An Danian and his family out.

They had no strength to struggle at all.

The villagers of An Family village,”…”

What kind of person was An Xiaohuis husband He looked so much like a hooligan.

An Danian and his familys plan to sabotage the wedding failed.

Then, An Xiaohui and Xiao Wangs wedding went smoothly.

As for An Danian and his family, where were they thrown to

Actually, they werent thrown anywhere.

They were just sent home.

In order to prevent them from ruining the wedding and getting angry, they were locked in their own home.

After the wedding was over, someone would open the door for them.

When the door was opened, the three of them were still cursing.

They looked very angry, but no one paid any attention to them.

“This An Danian is really evil.

He wants to ruin Xiaohuis wedding.

I wonder what he wants to do”

“Thats right.

Whats in it for him to ruin Xiaohuis wedding Does he want to ruin it just to ruin it Or does he want the entire Dachun family to lose face”

“This An Danian is really stupid.

If he does that, wont his relationship with the Dachun family become even worse Based on what he did today, his family wont be able to get any benefits from Dachun in the future.”

“This An Danian really knows how to court death.

His family is really stupid.”

“If I had such a relative, I would be eager to please them.

Why would I offend them”

“Hes really too stupid.

I dont want to interact with such an idiot in the future.”

“I dont want to interact with such an idiot either.

Otherwise, I wouldnt even know when I would be implicated by them.”

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