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Chapter 1374: hes here, so close, so deep in his schemes (3) _3

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in just a few seconds, she felt the sofa beside her collapse slightly, and she frowned slightly.

which stupid child was it again …

when she turned her head, she saw him tugging at his tie.

the distance between the two of them was only two fists.

the darkness wrapped around him, making his edges and corners look cold and hard.

he had short hair, a deep side profile, and a straight nose.

he raised his hand to unbutton a button on his collar.

he looked a lot like fu chen, but compared to his abstinent and reserved self, he was more unruly.

at this moment, the screen in front of him switched, and the bright white light highlighted his facial features.

he tilted his head, looking pure and noble, as if he had no dust in his eyes.

jing xingyao only saw him open his mouth and say something to him, but he didnt hear it.

he could only frown.

” huh ” he made a sound.

fu qinyuan smiled and moved two inches closer to her.

” when did you come back ”

“in the morning.”

the surroundings were too noisy, and they could only hear each others voices when they got closer.

“why didnt you contact me you dont see me as a friend anymore”

perhaps it was too dark, his voice was a little low and hoarse.

he tilted his head so that she could hear him more clearly.

duan yiyan was sitting on a single-seater sofa not far away.

from his angle, their bodies were almost pressed against each other.

didnt they say that they hadnt contacted each other for many years

they became familiar with each other after two sentences

“no.” jing xingyao couldnt see his expression clearly, but he felt that he was too close to him.

he felt an inexplicable panic in his heart, and moved a little to the other side, increasing the distance between them.

“third uncle said that you were very busy.

nuo nuo called you just now and said that you were working overtime, so i didnt disturb you.”

“so you didnt look for me”

“arent you working”

“give me a call and ill come over.”

jing xingyao picked up the cup on the table and took a few sips of water, trying to relieve the inexplicable heat in his heart.

” can i take your words as youll contact me if im not busy ”

he moved closer.

the other side of jing xingyao was already the corner of the sofa, and there was no way out.

“why arent you talking didnt you hear clearly” he seemed to be approaching again.

“no, you can contact me if youre not busy.” jing xingyao clutched the glass of water, his palms so hot that they were sweating.

“i thought you were going to ignore me because of what happened in the past.”

“in the past …”

jing xingyao clutched his glass tightly.

how could this shameless person still have the nerve to mention the past

“i cant remember what happened in the past.”

fu qinyuan narrowed his eyes and nodded.

a dark green light flashed across his eyes as the light from the screen slid past.

” well, its good that you dont remember.

i cant remember it very clearly either.

jing xingyaos smile was a little stiff.

“brother qin yuan, youve come!” duan yinuo came over again.

” hey, sister, ive picked an english song for you.

come over and sing one.

its so boring to just sit here.

jing xingyao just happened to want to escape from a certain someone, so he instantly followed duan yinuo out.

she studied opera, so she was naturally good at singing.

duan yinuo had wanted to persuade fu qinyuan to sing, but she was rejected.

duan yiyan sat at the side, using his phone as a cover to observe fu qinyuan.

the two of them had been very close since they were young, and it didnt matter even if they played together.

it was just that at their age, it was unusual for them to be so close …

did he discover something incredible

fu qinyuan did not keep staring at a certain someone.

instead, he lowered his head and sent a few messages to his mother.

[ ill be home late if i work overtime at night.


song fengwan had already gone to bed and was frowning, ” [ youre so busy in the middle of the month ]

[ whether im busy or not doesnt depend on me.


when fu chen came out of the shower, he saw that song fengwan was looking at him strangely.


because of fu qinyuans arrival, duan yinuos group of friends were a little afraid of him and could not play to their hearts content.

they were ready to leave at 11 oclock.

jing xingyao knew that it was time to leave, so he went to the bathroom.

when he came back, fu qinyuan was the only one in the room.

“where is he”

“theyve all left.”

“theyve all left” duan yinuo had actually ” abandoned ” her, and she had promised to send her home.

“is there anything else here”

“no, i didnt,”

“then ill send you back.”

“its not on the way, ill take a taxi.”

“i know its not on the way,” fu qinyuan glanced at her.

” i just want to send you back.

jing xingyao clenched the bag in his hand, his ears burning.

when they were having dinner today, everyone was talking about this matter.

they all said that he had grown up and was very sensible.

he had changed a lot from before.

now that they had seen him, they realized that he had really changed a lot.

her impression of fu qinyuan was still from high school.

he was in a blue and white school uniform, clean and fresh.

the person in front of her now was him …

it didnt seem to be him.

“go out, my car is outside.”

jing xingyao had no choice.

if he kept rejecting her, it would really seem too distant.

the parents of the two families were so close, and they would meet in the future.

he couldnt make the relationship too complicated.


after getting in the car

other than calling his parents to inform them that he had returned home, jing xingyao had been playing with his phone the entire time.

the two of them did not communicate at all.

she had lived abroad for a long time and was naturally not familiar with the road planning in the country.

it was only after a long time that she realized that something was wrong.

this KTV was very close to the place where they had dinner, so she and the duan siblings had to walk there from the hotel.

if she and her parents went to the hotel, it would only take about 30 minutes to get there if they encountered traffic.

now that they had come out of the KTV, the road was smooth, so why were they still not home after forty minutes

“are you sure you can find my house” jing xingyao looked around, not knowing where he was.

for some reason, she regretted getting into his car.

“i know.” a certain someone gripped the steering wheel and looked straight ahead.

“why do i feel like this road is different from when i came here did you make a mistake”

“thats right.” he said it with certainty, but then he added, ” its a long way.

in the capital, it would take a long time to get to the jing familys house if they took the wrong route.

besides, fu qinyuan had deliberately taken a detour, so it was impossible for him to reach the jing familys house in half an hour.

“take a detour”

“dont worry, ill send you back.” fu qinyuan turned to look at her.

” its just that its going to take a little longer.

why are you in such a hurry to go home ”

just like this …

dont you want to spend more time with me

jing xing looked out the window.

it was almost midnight, who wouldnt go home

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