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Chapter 451 - Ise Grand Shrine’s Ritual

California was a place where mountain fires were frequent.

They could even be called a common occurrence.

This year, there was a fire that shocked the world as it killed more than 50 people.

But today, in Los Angeles, California, the entire suburbs were burning in a blaze.

The sky was burning, the earth was burning, the mountains were burning, and everyone within sight was burning.

Furious winds were swept up every time Typhon roared, causing the fire to spread further and faster.

The crimson sky made it difficult to differentiate day and night.

The topography had changed as lava spread everywhere.

The lava was like a river as it rushed into homes.

Houses were melted and burned under the high temperature of the lava.

The whole atmosphere of Los Angeles became hotter and hotter as it had now exceeded 100 degrees, a temperature that humans could not survive.

Luckily, there were not many people left in the suburbs.

The vast majority had already fled the area when the government told them to evacuate.

As for the small number who did not listen to the warning, they could only be sacrificed under Typhon’s wrath.

“This is the California National Guard.

The temperature ahead is too high.

Our helicopters can no longer advance.!”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure the terrain has changed.

I used to be from this neighborhood, but now, a small mountain has risen over it.

No, it should be called a mini-volcano as it’s still spewing lava!!!”

“This is a live video, please have the Pentagon and the President watch it as soon as possible.

Los Angeles needs support.

If this monster is allowed to wreak havoc, the whole of Los Angeles, no, the whole of California will be soon!”

The brave helicopter pilot captured the video of the scene and transmitted it to the Pentagon.

The top brass of the USA who were in the command center of the Pentagon watched the video sent from the frontline.

They could see that the sky had turned red, and the air seemed to be burning.

Everything was set aflame and the earth was covered in lava.

“There, look! This is the place! The river of lava began to flow toward the urban city.

Quickly send the army there with liquid nitrogen to cool it down.

We need to contain the eruptions!”

“Give up on this area and dig a trench in the rear line to block the magma.

Expend as much ammunition as necessary!!! It’s best to get Typhon’s attention to lure it away.

Even if we let Typhon head to the missile base now, we cannot let it enter the downtown area!”


It seems to have become stronger and stronger ever since it stepped on land.

It’s actually able to change the terrain and landscape.

Christ, this is too incredible.

Everywhere Typhon goes, there will be volcanic eruptions.

Volcanoes would spontaneously rise.

If we let it enter the city, Los Angeles will be completely finished!”

There was a heated discussion in the command room.

“Why is Typhon suddenly stronger after stepping on land It doesn’t have to do anything at all, just walking across the earth is enough for it to destroy everything.”

“Legend has it that Typhon is the child of Gaia, who is the Mother Earth Goddess.

That may be the reason!”

The Pentagon quickly mobilized troops.

Before Typhon reached land, the United States Army had already been prepared for deployment.

A team of soldiers wearing thermal clothing and holding liquid nitrogen tanks came to the place where lava was about to reach the city.

Using the liquid nitrogen, they quickly cooled down the river of lava, turning it into stone.

At the same time, soldiers in the rear carried shovels and other tools in their hands.

They quickly began their work and dug a trench to block the path of the lava.

Whooosh whooosh whooosh—

Boom Boom Boom—

Countless rockets flew out from the helicopters that started firing at the huge body of Typhon from a distance of two kilometers.

There were even American tanks shooting out cannon shells at Typhon.

But this time, all human weapons were ineffective.

No matter what shells reached Typhon, they were instantly burned away by the flames its snake spat out.

The explosion of shock waves spread.

While Typhon was in the ocean, human weapons could blow it into mush, but once it was on land, conventional weapons could not hurt it at all.

Human weapons relied on heat and impact to kill, but Typhon who was now covered in mysterious fire seemed to not feel anything.

The attack was simply like trying to use water to evaporate water.

“We seemed to have made a mistake.

We should not have let Typhon set foot on land at all!”

Seeing that Typhon was immune to all attacks, the top brass trembled in their hearts.

In order to prevent the fleet from taking too much damage, the united Third Fleet in the pacific stopped doing their utmost to stop Typhon, but they did not expect that once it stepped on land, the damage it caused would be so catastrophic.

The desperate situation where not a single blade of grass could grow was easily reminiscent of the intense drought of ancient Egypt.

Perhaps Typhon was the drought demon of the West.


The Japanese Prime Minister was not in his residence at this time, but he was in the far away Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, where a ceremony was being held in secret.

Many shrine maidens kneeled on two sides of the shrine, while the Grand Priest who named himself Abe was chanting a sacrificial prayer.

“Lord Priest, Typhon has begun to wreak havoc in Los Angeles.

I wonder if now is a good time to summon Amaterasu Omikami to subdue the demon”

The Japanese Prime Minister bowed carefully and asked in a low voice to the elderly priest beside him.

Human technology was powerless in the face of the supernatural.

The demonic catastrophe that Typhon caused in the suburbs of Los Angeles gave the Japanese Prime Minister a sense of grief.

He asked with a sad expression.

“Now is not the time.

Nothing in the ritual can go wrong, otherwise, it would be disrespectful to Amaterasu Omikami, even if it is a minute or a second faster.”

The priest gave the Japanese Prime Minister a sidelong glance and continued in a hard cold voice, “You should thank my old friend for summoning the God Taiyi to badly destroy the star of calamity.

Do you think Typhon only has this much power If it were in its perfect state, it would be enough to trigger volcanic eruptions on the entire continent, causing the extinction of species just by standing on Earth.”

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“Besides, what does the United States of America have to do with us The Great God Amaterasu will only shelter her people, and this time, She is just granting her mercy.”

After being glared at by the grand priest, the Japanese Prime Minister shrunk back.

He showed a pleasing smile and groveled, “You are right, we should be grateful for the mercy of Amaterasu Omikami.”

Although he was the prime minister, he was still fearful when facing the old priest.


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