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So I have picked up this translation from Cherry Clan! :). Saw the pickup request on novelupdates. The first half of chapter 2 is on her site, but I didnt know until I was almost done so I retranslated that part on my own... haha...

Anyways, Ill give my best to TRY to finish this ma.s.sive novel... 1085 chapters... (sees free time flying away). So as these chapters are pretty long (took over 3 hours for just this one), Ive decided after this chapter, Ill be posting them in 2 parts.

Havent completely decided to continue this novel, though I love the story right now. Ill wait until chapter 4 to make the decision.


In a moment, a cultivation method suddenly appeared in Gu Zuos mind. It was called the >.

However, at this moment, the cultivation method didnt seem to be complete. There was only an introductory chapter, which was already quite profound. Even if he was extremely smart, For a modern era youngster to be able to understand such a mysterious topic Impossible!

Gu Zuo frowned.

If he wasnt able to understand, how was he to cultivate it Since it was given to him by the system, it should be the most suitable for him. If he wasnt able to learn it correctly, would it affect his ability to refine medicine in the future

Ever since he first arrived, he had encountered too many problems. Even with the system, it wasnt easy to a.s.similate...

He hadnt been able to think about his problems when the system issued him a mission.

【Cultivation Mission: Collect 30 strands of Yao Qi】

【Mission Props:《Primary Medicine Refining Hand Arts》《Man Level Dan List》《Man Level Perscription》《Man Level Medicinal Cuisine》】

【How to Complete Mission:Study the information within the Mission Props. When refining medicine, Yao Qi will be released and System will collect it automatically】

【Total Time Allotted: One Month】

【Punishment for Failure:Obliteration】(T/N: Dang.)

Very good, it had spoken clearly.

Internally, Gu Zuo was feeling quite nervous.

This was the concept of if you dont refine medicine, you will die... For a rookie like him, he had never had any kind of exposure to refining medicine. Wasnt this one month period simply too short

Incorrect! He had never learned, however, he had the memories of his previous body.

At this time, Gu Zuo hesitantly entered his mind to recall the memories he had obtained. If he hadnt remembered incorrectly, the previous owner of the body was also a young boy and an apothecary prior to his death.

Although he had yet to be an official one...

Gu Zuo thought over what he should do than carefully went through the young boys memories. Of course, he then thoroughly understood the boys life.

After he finished watching, Gu Zuo face showed an odd expression

...this person, he was one of those loved saints In his 15 years of life, Gu Zuo had seen many different types of people, however, this was his first time seeing a real saint.

Like this, perhaps it was fate.

This young boys name happened to match with Gu Zuos. His name was Qi Tianyou. A kind person picked him up, an abandoned infant then registered his as a servant. When his apt.i.tude was tested prior to registering as a servant, it was discovered that he possessed Yao beads. As he was a possible future apothecary, he was immediately adopted into the Qi family as an adopted son. He was given the "Qi" surname and raised well.

Qi Tianyou was very smart. When he was a child, he was pure and good-natured. He never slandered others and didnt rely on his ident.i.ty. He was also very humble and eager to learn. As he grew up, his talent for refining medicine became increasingly apparent. However, he still worked hard. If someone ever asked him for medicine, he would never refuse. Even if a slave were to encounter difficulties, he would still help. As an adoptive son, The Qi Family members didnt regard him as a true member of the family. The direct descendants especially hated him and tried to hinder him whenever they could. However, he didnt care, and often just laughed in response.

For a while, no matter how the Qi family felt about him. Outside the household, few people didnt like him, and he even had some fame. Within Xiangyang city, he had a good reputation, which gave the Qi family some face.

It could be said that pure and grateful apothecaries like Qi Tianyou were highly valued in the Qi Family. How could his Yao beads be dug out, and die so miserably in his bed No one even came to visit him.

The people who caused this were two people.

AS Gu Zuo looked through the memories, he let out a heated breath of anger. Gritting his teeth, he muttered: "Such sc.u.m!"

The sc.u.m of society.

Like stated before, the citizens were huge fans of Qi Tianyou. This didnt mean that everyone loved him, but regardless of gender, age, and status, many are kind towards him due to his conduct.

It was natural for many to like him.

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One of the pieces of sc.u.m who had killed Qi Tianyou was one of his admirers. He was the legitimate third nephew of the Bai Family, Bai Wenjun. He was a genius, reaching the third level in Blood Refining.

Around two years ago, Bai Wenjun came to visit the Qi family as a guest. He was somewhat condescending as his position was somewhat higher than theirs. After spending time with the Qi family, he saw Qi Tianyou, who was kind and thoughtful. He then tried hundreds of methods to get close to Qi Tianyou, he was just shy of writing the words "Date me" on his forehead. However, Qi Tianyou was simply too young and didnt have much experience with these kinds of things. He didnt notice and only felt that Bai Wenjun was a close friend.

Of course, things like h.o.m.os.e.xuality werent mainstream in this world. However, people with this taste werent uncommon. Within the ancient feudal society, it was possible to be h.o.m.os.e.xual and take a wife. However, unless your strength was high enough to ignore the repercussions, it would be difficult to succeed. To be h.o.m.os.e.xual and live your entire life with your partner was very rare.

When looking carefully. This Bai Wenjun could be cla.s.sified as a natural h.o.m.os.e.xual. He had a fancy for Qi Tianyou and was somewhat sincere. Qi Tianyous appearance could be considered decent, and with his outstanding innate skill to refine medicine. Bai Wenjun wanting to take Qi Tianyou into his family was a possibility. However, the matter became more complex. Qi familys first wife had given birth to another apothecary, Qi Feng, He was also surprisingly h.o.m.os.e.xual, and he like Bai Wenjun!

Qi Feng was three years older then Qi Tianyou. He was the youngest son of Qi familys main manor. When he was born, it was found that he possessed the qualification to become an apothecary. Since then, he had been spoiled and his character was very arrogant. After Qi Tianyou was adopted, the familys resources were divided, but the familys spoiling wasnt. The family liked Qi Tianyou more. It wasnt easy for Qi Tianyou to be a kind young boy. Unhappy For many years, people had been instructed by Qi Feng to avoid Qi Tianyou.

Qi Tianyou was grateful towards the Qi family, and those from the main house advised him not to lower himself to Qi Fengs level. Thus, he tried to avoid Qi Feng, adopting evasion tactics. He always exercised patience. However, Qi Feng didnt care about that and continued to bother Qi Tianyou with increasing intensity, not allowing Qi Tianyou to relax.

Originally, when it was just this, it was still tolerable. Who knew that the handsome Bai Wenjun from the Bai family, who was gentle towards others, would become the target of Qi Fengs fancy

Qi Fengs appearance could be cla.s.sified as gorgeous and flamboyant. When Bai Wenjun first arrived, Qi Feng was satisfied towards the admiration he received. He didnt have any jealousy at that moment. Later, when Bai Wenjun saw Qi Tianyou, he turned and pursued Qi Tianyou.

This time, it was like poking a hornets nest.

Qi Feng was a person with a lot of pride. He couldnt bear to see someone take away the man he had his eye on. In particular, the one Bai Wenjun chose to chase after was like a slap in his face!

After a long period of acc.u.mulating grudges, Qi Feng became unhappy and secretly ordered someone to beat up Qi Tianyou. Afterwards, he dug the Yao beads from his hands and then left, saying only a single sentence. "If you think about telling my parents, just tell them I did it", then left.

The wounds in Qi Tianyous hands kept bleeding, but his heart was wounded even deeper. He had no idea how he had "stolen Qi Fengs man". He was only a friend of Bai Wenjun. At the same time, he didnt want to tell Qi Fengs parents, the current owner of the Qi family and his wife. So he could only allow himself to be engulfed in sorrow and retreat to his house.

Quickly, it spread that Qi Tianyous Yao beads had been dug out. Qi Tianyou said that he didnt know who did it, but Qi Feng was far from secretive. How could the Qi family elders no figure it out Of course, they felt anger. However, they had already lost an apothecary. The couldnt lose another. Qi Feng was the adored youngest song of the mater. Besides being punished and forced to face the wall for a few days, there would be nothing else.

With Qi Tianyous Yao beads lost, his status plummeted. Gradually, people no longer paid attention to him. He was abandoned in this small courtyard. As a lonely person, some malicious people continued to ridicule him, and some came to see him in pity. However how long could pity last After a month or two, he was forgotten. Sometimes he went to collect some resources, and n.o.body would notice.

As for Bai Wenjun, he was quite calm. Since Qi Tianyou no longer had any Yao beads, he naturally couldnt be Bai Wenjuns partner. Naturally, he no longer gravitated towards Qi Tianyou and shifted to the beautiful qi Feng. qi Feng was satisfied and felt that he was truly a genius.

Qi Tianyou was stunned.

He didnt blame anyone and thought that it was his own choice. However, he didnt understand how some people could become so ugly.

Originally, he thought that he had devoted his entire life to the Qi family. However, when he no longer had any use or value, no one treated him as a part of the Qi family.

They kept him alive, however, it was just a superficial job.

At that moment, Qi Tianyou chose to run away.

For him, he couldnt see any path forward. He didnt want his memory of the Qi family to become any worse, so he chose to die instead of being utterly disappointed in them.

Gu Zuo rubbed his forehead and felt that this person was quite stupid!

Sadness, misfortune, fury, and anger can hurt. However, he only had one small life. Living was better than being dead, why would he want to die

He wasnt sure how his beliefs were shattered, but it was clear that his loved ones had betrayed him.

Gu Zuo thought about if his father said he didnt want him... well, his father would never abandon him, so this a.s.sumption simply wasnt true.

It could only be said that Qi Tianyous luck was too bad and that his character too straightforward.

Gu Zuo shook his head and rid his thoughts of those two pieces of sc.u.m.

Since he would later be using Qi Tianyous ident.i.ty, his enemies would be dealt with by him when he could. The Qi family had kindly raised and protected him. At this point, it would be enough to just break off from the family. However, those two culprits, Qi Feng and Bai Wenjun must die!

After opening these emotional memories, he vowed to deal with them.

In any case, he had to survive first.

So, he had to first understand the matters regarding refining medicine...

Note: I tried to maintain the terms that Cherry used


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