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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 1: The Qi-Refining Ancestor

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Book 1: Chapter 1: The Qi-Refining Ancestor

In the vast land of Gu Province, a world of mortal realm, there was the Qingming Sword Sect, one of the largest sects in this world.

In this heaven and earth, the reputation of this sect was known to everyone. In this sect, not only every hundred of years, there would be a group of cultivator who reached Deity Transformation, Physique Integration or even Heavenly Tribulating stage, but also that more than 3,000 years ago, there was a Sect leader who broke through the Heavenly Tribulation and ascended to the Immortal Realm!

Perhaps because of this, this ancient sect has survived several calamities for thousands of years and still stood.

This year, it was the Qingming Sword Sects disciple election which was held every 20 years. People from several countries, who were eager to find the path of immortality, gathered in the Hanging Sword Town under the Qingming Mountain.

But that night, a catastrophe quietly came to Qingming Sword Sect before they knew it.

In the night, two third-generation disciples were yawning boringly, talking about the latest martial art trivia and beautiful teachers and sisters. By the way, they thought about tomorrows disciple election ceremony, wondered whether they would meet their fated one among new disciples.

But when they talked, a cloud of darkness quietly covered the Qingming Sword Sect, and silently clouded the bright moon.

The first thing that struck was a strong sense of oppression, which made them felt like they were suffocating, and these disciples guarding the mountain gate almost felt the strangeness and anxiety almost instantly.

Afterward, outside the protection array which covered the Qingming Mountain, the dark clouds filled the sky, and there were thunder snakes rolling in the dark clouds. During which a voice echoed as a thunderous rumbling sounded.

“Old Qing Ming! I come to revenge!”

The rumble of thunder was louder, the thunderbolt exploded, and the thunder snakes in the dark clouds gathered together and turned into a large thunder lance. It slammed onto the protection array of the Qingming Sect, causing a violent shaking.

“Hurry up and report to the Sect leader!”

The disciples fell to the ground with this violent tremor, but a second-generation disciple quickly reacted, hurriedly got up from the ground, shouted at the other disciples, and then rushed to the Alarming Bell. He used his fist like a hammer, hit the bell, made it ringing loudly.

The array engraved on Alarming Bell made its sound echoed to all the Qingming Mountain. At this moment, everyone in the Qingming Sword Sect heard this sound, and the second generation of disciples quickly commanded their junior brothers and sisters, and younger generations to take refuge. The first-generation disciples drove their respective flying swords, followed the elders and the leader to rise into the sky. For a time, countless swords flying on the top of Qingming Mountain shuttled through, which was a beautiful scene.

But the uninvited guest apparently did not have the patience to wait for the arrival of the sect leader and the elders. Seeing that the thunder lance was unbroken, the rolling black clouds under its control suddenly turned into a beast paw that covered the sky, and it suddenly swung toward Qingming Sword Sect. With a crisp sound, the protection array, which stood and protected Qingming Sword Sect for thousands of years, was crushed by the giant cloud claws like a soap bubble.

The giant claws continued unabated and made a loud noise. From the mountain gate to the main hall, along with the whole mountain road, all of which were ruined.

It was also at this time that a cyan sword light came directly from the cloud and turned into a cyan flying sword, which suddenly slammed in front of the giant cloud claw.

A figure soared from the highest main peak of the Qingming Mountain and turned into a handsome figure in a white robe, standing in the air, watching the dark clouds and coldly said:

“Who is coming”

“Ignorant Junior! Havent you heard of this Thunder Demonic Venerables reputation”

The dark clouds kept rolling, seeming to be brewing with anger.

“Today I came to settle the odds with Old Qing Ming. Get him out!”

“Our founder, Qing Ming ancestor, had already ascended three thousand years ago.”

The sect leader, Jue Yunzi frowned:

“If you are looking for him, you should go to the Immortal Realm, not to invade our Qingming Sword Sect!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

A laugh sounded from among the clouds:

“Funny, ridiculous! Even that damned Old Qing Ming can ascend Okay, you are his disciples, so today I will destroy your sect, then I will seek revenge in the Immortal Realm!

The dark clouds dispersed, and among the thunderclouds, a huge and immortal beast appeared, which had a wolf head and a horse body, followed by three hook-shaped long tails, entangled in black sullen thunder.

Sure enough, it was the thunder beast sealed by the ancestor three thousand years ago ...

Seeing its true body, Jue Yunzi frowned.

This thunder beast had the bloodline of a legendary beast in the Immortal Realm. It originally had the strength equivalent to the Physique Integration stage. After falling into the demonic path, its strength has soared. Now it could almost rival cultivators in the Great Ascension stage. He was very confident, but he also knew that he could not be the opponent of this Thunder Beast. The one who had the highest rank in the sect was the Great Elder, but he was currently in closed-door cultivation. Once he was disturbed, not mention his lifespan would be affected, his Qi Essence would recoil and seriously injured him, which wouldnt help this case.

Thinking of this, Jue Yunzis thoughts moved and contacted one of his close disciples.

“Go to Seven Stars Peak and ask Uncle Ancestor to come and help!”

A disciple in red clothing, driving a flying sword, swiping behind the elders, passed on the disciples words and quickly took the lead. Then he turned into a streamer and flew to the most remote peak of the Qingming Mountain.

Seeing his disciple flying away, Jue Yunzi relaxed a little, then he raised his fingers, and the blue flying sword under his feet turned into a stream of rainbow flying around him.

“Want to destroy the Qingming Sword Sect Then I, Jue Yunzi, can only compete with you Thunder Demonic Venerable for a while!”

While Qingmings leader Jue Yunzi stopped Thunder Demonic Venerable, the disciple in red clothing also drove the flying sword and quickly came to the Seven Stars Peak.

In a hurry, he didnt have time to show etiquette, walking up the mountain from the mountain road, but fell directly into the small courtyard near the top of the mountain.

As soon as he landed, he knelt directly on one knee and shouted:

“Qing Ming Sword Sect was attacked, and the sect lender sent this disciple to ask the Uncle Ancestor to come out to the rescue!”

The sound echoed and rang through the whole mountain. After a moment, the door of a room in the yard was pushed open, and a lazy voice came out.

“I know.”

The sound of the steps sounded, and then a figure appeared in front of the disciple. He couldnt help his curiosity, looked up, and saw a handsome young man standing in front of himself. That mans skin was smooth like a baby, but he had white hair and white eyebrows like a hundred-year-old man.

He showed a lazy face, and he wasnt wearing any clothing representing the Qingming Sect. Instead, he was wearing a tight-fitting cloth robe, stepping on a pair of cloud shoes under his feet, and an iron sword hung on his waist, which did not look like a cultivator but more like a warrior.

But what shocked the disciple the most was the cultivation rank of the legendary “Uncle Ancestor”.

Qi Refining stage!

The disciple in red clothes was startled.

This was a level of power that could be reached by almost everyone, including martial artists under the mountain. With the strength of the Thunder Demonic Venerable, let alone a Qi Refining rookie, even if a Nascent Soul cultivator could only become its food.

“Its over, today is the doomsday for Qingming Sect ...”

The disciple in red muttered uncontrollably.

“Where is Jue Yunzi now”

The white-haired young man approached the disciple in red and asked him. But the disciple was clearly in an abnormal state, muttering some weird words.

“Huhuhu, we are already dead...”

“What the hell are you talking about Have you been invaded by demon hearts”

The “Uncle Ancestor” in the Qi Refining stage, carrying his iron sword, came to the disciple, frowned and asked:

“Hey, Im asking you: Where is Jue Yunzi Is he on the main peak”

“No more, no more.”

The disciple in red showed the “giving up” expression on his face, raised his finger and pointed in the direction of the mountain gate.

“The sect leader is fighting with the demon in front of the mountain gate.”

“Oh, I see.”

The white-haired and white-browed “Uncle Ancestor” nodded, and then squatted slightly, and the disciple in red clothes suddenly felt like he was in a terrifying storm.

There was a loud bang, the whole Seven Stars Peak was shaken, the ground at his foot was broken. The disciples in red clothes were unstable and fell on his butts, looking at the figure of the “Uncle Ancestor” who had already flown high into the clouds and jumped in the direction of the mountain gate.


At the gate of Qingming Sword Sect, the disciples and elders looked up at the sky, seeing their leader fought with the invader in the clouds.

In the sky, the lightning snake and sword shuttled endlessly, surging with huge energy, even a bit of energy leaked out in the meantime could easily blow up a small hill.


A few minutes later, a muffled noise suddenly heard in the clouds.

A white figure fell from the clouds and hit the bell in front of the mountain gate, making a loud noise.

The dust dispersed, and Jue Yunzi slowly stood up from the ground, holding his fate sword, blood came out from his mouth. He looked up at the sky with a solemn look.

“Hahaha, thousands of years later, Qing Mings successors are nothing!”

With the thunder and lightning, Thunder Demonic Venerable descended from the sky, staring at Jue Yunzi on the ground with the posture of a winner.

“You have been defeated! Old Qing Mings sect is ruined here today!”

It raised its head, and a thunder light was emitted from the spiral unicorn on top of it, communicating with the thundercloud, brewing extremely terrible moves.

But at this moment, a figure fell suddenly in the sky and kicked the thunder beast.


The thunder beast was caught off guard and flew upside down, landed on a small hill bag outside Qingming Mountain, and crashed the whole mountain.


It roared angrily, rushing out of the dust, but saw a young man with white eyebrows and white hair, standing in front of Ju Yunzi, looking at it with all his heart.

“My name is Bai Qiuran.”

The man smiled gently and said:

“Today, on behalf of my teacher Qingming Taoist, I will kill you.”

The thunder beast stared at the man carefully for a moment, then suddenly burst into laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What are you talking about This is the funniest joke I have ever heard in my life!”

Thunder beast pointed at Bai Qiuran with his forefoot, and his tears and snot came out with a smile.

“A Qi Refining rookie dares to claim to be an apprentice of Old Qing Ming! Haha, your insult to him is far beyond my imagination!”

Laughter gradually converged, and Thunder Beast said lowly:

“Go away and I can let you go.”

“That wont work.”

Bai Qiuran smiled, but his forehead was cramped.

“Do you have any problem with the Qi Refining cultivators”


Thunder beast did not want to answer this boring question. When he saw Bai Qiuran, he opened his mouth and sprayed out a thunder, trying to smash Bai Qiuran along with Jue Yunzi.

The main goal of this thunderbolt was still Jue Yunzi. In its thought, a small ant in the Qi Refining stage didnt worth for it to pay attention, it could erase countless ants like this with a sneeze.

“Sect leader!”

Seeing the thunder beasts attack, the disciples screamed, but Jue Yunzi was calm, because he saw that Bai Qiuran in front of himself had pulled out his sword.

His Qi came out like the sea, lifted from Bai Qiurans dantian, ignited his sword blade, covered his sword in a burning flame. This was the most commonly used basic skill that every cultivator could learn and use.

“Red Flame Slash!”

The fire broke into the sky, divided the light into two, and then cast away, just like a hot knife cutting butter, cut the unexpected beast into two halves along with the mountains behind it.

The light converged, and Bai Qiuran threw away the sword whose blade was burned by red flames into molten iron, and then hummed coldly:

“Do you despise the Qi Refining stage cultivators Im very strong!”


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