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Book 1: Chapter 10.2: How Can You Be A Woman Your Chests Are Even Flatter Than Mine!

“Its Sima Inbo.”

Looking at the two flags, Tang Weis face was a bit ugly.

“Do you recognize this person”

Bai Qiuran came to Tang Wei and crouched beside him, his arms around his legs.

“He is the youngest disciple of Fu Xuanqiu, the Spiritual Advisor of the Shangxuan Kingdom.”

Tang Wei said.

“Damn cultivator.”

Bai Qiuran scratched his cheek, felt a little awkward.

Between the two, the young man over there seemed to notice something and looked towards this direction. Tang Wei was startled and immediately lowered her body, hiding behind a forest tree, but Bai Qiuran squatted fearlessly, looked back with a smile.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds. The young man named Sima Inbo looked away and looked at the tree in which Tang Wei was hiding.

“Her Royal Highness, come out, I already see you.”


Bai Qiuran was surprised:

“Who are you calling, little brother”

Sima Inbo didnt speak but stared straight at the tree which Tang Weis hiding behind. After dozens of seconds, Tang Wei, with a somber face, walked out from behind the tree and looked at him hostilely.


Bai Qiuran was frightened.

“Brother Tang, are you a princess How is it possible Your chests are even flatter than mine!”


Tang Wei forced herself to turn a deaf ear to Bai Qiurans words. She said to Sima Inbo:

“Sima Inbo, what are you doing here”

“There are monsters in the Mang Mountain, and as the number one guardian of Shangxuan Kingdom, I naturally want to remove the monsters to keep Shangxuan people safe.”

There was a little helplessness on Sima Inbos face.

“What about you Your Royal Highness, you ran out of the palace privately and cross-dressed as a man. What if you run into any trouble You should go back quickly. Your Majesty and His Royal Highness both worry about you very much. You cannot deal with such demons. Come on, if there are a few more, Im afraid I will die here too. ”

“Im free to go wherever I want, you dont have the right to interfere.”

Tang Wei raised an eyebrow.

“But half a month later, it will be the ceremony for heaven worshiping of Shangxuan Kingdom. Your Majesty has ordered us to come to find Your Royal Highness. We must take you back to the palace.”

Sima Inbo sighed:

“Your Royal Highness, please be considerate of your father and think of us servants. Your safety is not just your business.”

Tang Wei paused, and then said:

“I know.”

“Your Highness ...”

“I will go back, but not with you.”

Tang Wei raised his hand impatiently:

“Please go back first and tell my father that Im safe and will be back soon.”

Sima Inbo and Tang Wei looked at each other for a few seconds, then chose to retreat.

“Well, Your Royal Highness, as you wish. The demon has been removed, and you can protect yourself.”

He stepped back and arched towards Bai Qiuran:

“It seems that Your Highness has something to say to the chivalrous swordsman, I will not disturb the two, but ... Your Highness, you should pay attention to your identity.”

“We dont need you to remind us.”

Tang Wei responded coldly.

Sima Inbo shook his head helplessly, and arched back to Bai Qiuran.

“Im sorry, Your Highness has a bad temper, please excuse her.”

After speaking, he turned around and performed a flying technique, and left the place.

After seeing Sima Yingbo going away, Tang Wei took a somewhat awkward look and turned to look at Bai Qiuran, saying:

“If you have any questions, just ask.”

“I dont have any questions to ask. Listening to the conversation you just made, Ive guessed a lot.”

Bai Qiuran fumbled his chin, and couldnt help asking:

“But Brother Tang, are you really a princess”

“Of course its true.”

Tang Weiqiang endured the unknown fire in her heart and said.

As she read in novels, when women who cross-dressed as men were recognized by their companions, they were surprised, shy, embarrassed, and ecstatic, but this was the first time Tang Wei met someone like Bai Qiuran who still doubted the truth.

“Well, does it mean the master of Sima Inbo, the Spiritual Advisor of the Shangxuan Kingdom, is the one you saidfrom the Qingming Sword Sect”

Bai Qiuran was thoughtful.

“But I look at his moves, instead of looking like the Qingming method, I feel a bit sinister ...”

“How do I know Our understanding of Qingming Sword Sect only originated from ancient books. Those cultivators will not communicate with us except to go down to the mountain to search for apprentices.”

Tang Wei said indignantly.

“Its okay, Ill look for the answers to these questions myself.”

Bai Qiuran said with a smile:

“My last question is, Brother Tang, what is your real name”


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