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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 11.2: Out Of Stock

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Book 1: Chapter 11.2: Out Of Stock

After finding a few herbs he needed and accompanying Tang Ruowei who was still dressed as a man, Bai Qiuran took some time to spread the news of the demons death around the Mang Mountain.

Bai Qiuran incidentally inquired in the process. Sure enough, while he was monitoring the demon, some people were still killed near the Mang Mountain. A lot of blood was taken away from the deceased, and the entire body was dried up.

But after he and Tang Ruowei cleaned up the corpse demon, this kind of thing didnt happen again.

Bai Qiuran did not tell Tang Ruowei about these things but prepared to start his own investigation secretly. He had a hunch that this matter should be inextricably linked to Shangxuan royal family.

So after dealing with these matters, Bai Qiuran and Tang Ruowei embarked on the journey to return to the capital of the Shangxuan Kingdom.

Regarding Tang Ruoweis fact that she was a girl, Bai Qiuran didnt care much about it, because he had no disagreement with Tang Ruowei.

Although as a man who spent three thousand years to break into Foundation Establishment stage, he also yearned for the kind of love formed between man and woman, Bai Qiurans orientation towards women was still limited.

Popularly speaking, he likes women with big breasts and big buttocks. Bai Qiuran hasnt shown any interest in a girl whose chests were even flatter than him.

So in order to avoid suspicion, he was also very cautious along the way, perfectly guaranteeing the gentlemans style, and did not have any further touching with Tang Ruowei.

A week later, the two successfully arrived in the capital of the Shangxuan Kingdom, one of the largest cities in the country.

In front of the city gate, Bai Qiuran Tang Ruowei, who still kept males appearance, parted ways.

“Goodbye, Bai Qiuran.”

She smiled and said:

“Although I felt impatient when you invited me to drink, you were right, making friends is a very happy thing. I am very happy to have you as a friend on this trip.”

“Goodbye, Miss Tang.”

Bai Qiuran also said goodbye to her:

“Take care of yourself, well see again.”


The two bid farewell to each other lightly, and then Bai Qiuran watched Tang Ruowei come to the soldiers, presented a token to them, and then left here under the guard of a group of soldiers.

The gentlemans friendship was as thin as water, and the friendship between the cultivators was even more so. Lifespan, cultivation stage, and various frustrations and difficulties on the road to cultivation make the lives of cultivators usually full of variables. In their life, cultivators would encounter countless departure for various reasons.

A cultivator must learn to be good at picking up, and even better at letting go.

Three thousand years and several trips, Bai Qiuran has long been accustomed to this parting, regardless of strength, identity, and longevity, he made a friend with Tang Ruowei in his mood, naturally also treat Tang Ruowei as his friend.

In the limited time that Tang Ruowei was alive, Bai Qiuran would treat Tang Ruowei like a friend. When Tang Ruowei left the world, maybe hundreds of years later, if Bai Qiuran was still alive, then when he was in a mood, he would bring a pot of fine wine, went to the old friends grave to pay respect.

This was his way of life now.

Farewell to Tang Ruowei, an interesting little girl, Bai Qiuran also began to deal with his own business. As he said before, in addition to Foundation-Build Pill, he must also refine some Longevity Pills to extend his life.

At the same time, Foundation-Build Pill actually still lacked a few flavors of adjuvant, and he also planned to buy them in the capital of the Shangxuan Kingdom.

In this capital, there was actually a small market that is specially provided for the cultivators to trade. Although there were no high-end cultivators and the transaction materials were not precious, these simple ones were exactly what Bai Qiuran needed.

And occasionally, some high-end cultivators would appear on the market, using precious materials to exchange special items. For example, as Bai Qiuran knew, Jue Yunzi and the elders often sneak here and use the treasures they found when traveling around, to exchange for something that was especially precious to them, and satisfy their quirks.

Sometimes, Bai Qiuran also had to admit that Tang Ruoweis words make sense. There were many more-than-meet-the eye guys among cultivators, especially the advanced ones.

Relying on the memories of hundreds of years ago, Bai Qiulan successfully found the entrance to the market. Making a basic spell of disillusion, he passed through the wall of a dead alley in the capital of the Shangxuan Kingdom and entered a hidden space. (TLs note: Is this Diagon Alley)

As the walls dissipated like clouds, a wide street appeared in front of Bai Qiuran. On both sides of the street, there were stalls set up by many cultivators, on which they presented the treasures from all over the world: materials, pills, or even flying sword. Among the buildings on both sides of the street are the shops opened by some small and medium-sized sect, specially targeted at those who were at the Foundation Establishment stage.

Ignoring the warm greetings on both sides of the street, Bai Qiulan passed the street and went straight to a drug store opened by a small pill-refining sect.

He gave the prepared list to the very enthusiastic store manager who was at the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, but the other party took a look and shook his head.

“What Out of stock”

Bai Qiuran asked suddenly:

“I just want some common but not very useful materials.”

“Sorry, someone has recently bought a large number of them, and we are out of stock.”

The boss replied with an apology.

Bai Qiuran thought about it, took back the list and marked some materials, then handed it to the shop owner.

“Boss, look, are these materials out of stock”

The shop owner took a look and then nodded.

“Its true. This batch was sold out with the batch you want ... why do you know that Im out of stock here”

“Oh, most of those who bought are my colleagues.”

Bai Qiuran put away the list, apologized, and went straight out of the drug store.


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