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Book 1: Chapter 15.2: Shangxuan Imperial Mausoleum

According to the results of Bai Qiurans scan, a total of eighteen corpses were sleeping in the tomb, and several other tombs were empty. The relics placed inside have been worn away by time.

Sweeping back and forth twice, Bai Qiuran found a strange thing.

“This mausoleum is also empty”

His Soul Awareness scanned into the tomb of the sixteenth Emperor of Shangxuan.

“At least there should be some relics in this grave.”

In the tomb of the fifteenth Emperor of Shangxuan, the relics buried with the corpses were kept in clear outlines, but the tomb of the sixteenth emperor, which must appear in a later date, was empty.

“Go in and see.”

At the foot of Bai Qiurans foot, his body plunged directly into the soil, and in the blink of an eye, he came to the tomb of the sixteenth emperor.

The tomb was empty, there was only a huge sarcophagus, filled with toxic gases formed after being buried underground for years, but these had no effect on Bai Qiuran. After coming here, he quickly walked towards the sarcophagus and reached out to lift it up.

With a move of his hand, the rivets and machines used to seal the sarcophagus were shattered directly by Bai Qiurans great force, and the coffin flew up and was inserted into the soil layer above the tomb.

Bai Qiuran waved away the dust and looked into the sarcophagus. Sure enough, the yellow coffin was empty.

“Huh Whats this”

After glancing at it, Bai Qiuran suddenly found some black marks on the yellow brocade. These black marks originally seemed to be some kind of liquid, but now they have dried up. He touched it and placed it in front of his nose, smelling.

“Human blood”

Bai Qiurans expression became focused, and he carefully looked at these black traces. When he first scanned here, because there was no energy fluctuation in these traces, he thought it was just the dirt-stained on the yellow brocade. But now when he took a closer look, he realized that these black traces might be runes, which formed a formation.

He compared it with the various formations stored in his mind for more than 3,000 years, one by one, and then tried to re-engrave the original version with his true energy.

“Sure enough ... the Blood-Flowing Formation of Blood God Sect.”

This formation was the most notorious formation in the Blood God Sect. It is mainly used in conjunction with Blood-Coagulation Spell, which could easily coagulate the blood of a cultivator. Its very vicious to kill opponents in this way, but a disciple of Blood God Sect could also use it on himself, mainly to pretend to be dead and escape.

And this Blood-Flowing Formation was used by those to resuscitate the blood in their whole body and reawaken themselves after using Blood-Coagulation Spell.

“That being said, it is true that there is a demonic cultivator lurking in the Shangxuan Kingdom.”

Bai Qiuran clapped his hands, stood up, his eyes flickered.

“Or simply, the Shangxuan Emperor of this generation is a demonic cultivator of the Blood God Sect. He gathers young boys and girls, did he want to perform Blood Sacrifice to improve his cultivation, or extended his life Anyway, all of this should become clear at the ceremony tomorrow. ”

He walked around the sarcophagus twice in the tomb and searched according to the custom of the Blood God Sect. Sure enough, in the stratum directly below the altar, he found a formation inscribed with human blood.

The human blood here was still fresh, it seemed that the demonic cultivator just made this formation recently. Bai Qiuran opened his Spirit Eyesight and saw countless lost souls trapped in human blood, struggling in pain, but restrained by the formation and unable to die.

“It seems that manyhuman-eating demon events in the Shangxuan Kingdom should be caused by him.”

Bai Qiuran looked at this scene with some anger in his heart, but after his three thousand years of life, he has been able to control his temper well.

“But this formation is really so rough that I want to change it for him. It seems that he is not an official student from the Blood God Sect, but a loose cultivator who learns from an incomplete book.”

Taking a cursory look, Bai Qiuran did not touch the formation and retreated from the tomb. Now that the demonic cultivator was not there, if his formation was destroyed, it may alert him and cause a lot of sacrifices.

Those innocent souls were not too late to be rescued for a while, and tomorrow was already the day of the ceremony. As a “member” of the two hundred boys and girls, Bai Qiuran decided to prepare a surprise for the demonic cultivator and make him taste his own medicine.


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