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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 16.1: Of Course I Am Happy

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Book 1: Chapter 16.1: Of Course I Am Happy

After returning to the enshrinement and switching with his own clone, Bai Qiuran fell asleep in bed. When the sky was only slightly bright in the early morning of the next day, two guardians who were at the 5th layer of Qi Refining stage came in and took him to the compound of the offering house.

There were many other children in the yard. Bai Qiuran counted them. There were exactly one hundred boys and one hundred girls, for a total of two hundred children.

He didnt know where those officials found so many children. He could only say that under the pressure of the emperor and the Spiritual Advisor, these guys who usually lazied around really have become quite an efficiency.

After staying in the courtyard for a while, Sima Inbo and other guardians appeared in front of the children. The young and handsome guardian cheerfully talked to these children about the standing position at the ceremony. They also instructed them not to run around, and after everyones offerings were watched carefully, they directed everyone to set off for the imperial tomb.

Out of the enshrinement, a row of horse-drawn carriages has long been lined up on the avenue, and there were cavalry soldiers from the Shangxuan Kingdom to accompany them. Two hundred boys and girls were brought to the carriage and put on the carriage. Then the group rushed to the mausoleum ahead of the emperor.

The ceremony of heaven worshipping in the Shangxuan Kingdom, according to the rules, must start at about 7 am and arrive at the emperors mausoleum at 9 am, so the guardians must prepare all the matters of the boy and girl and sacrifices in advance.

Two hundred virgin boys and girls, under the command of Sima Inbo, formed a weird shape in front of the altar, which just printed a certain array of Blood God Sect.

Moreover, a hidden formation was also activated to restrain these children and prevent them from running around.

In the course of the arrangement, Bai Qiuran had been paying attention to Sima Inbos expression, and after seeing that he did not seem to have signs of being controlled, Bai Qiuran knew in his heart.

So when Sima Inbo ordered him and other boys and girls to stand in front of each other with a first-class oblation, he pretended to look innocent and asked:

“Guardian uncle, why do we stand like this I think the other uncles are in two rows beside the avenue”

As he said, he tried to make his look more immature and cute, looking up to Sima Inbo.


Sima Inbos face seemed to flash a little hesitation, and then, he showed a kind smile, smiling while touching Bai Qiurans head:

“I dont know, this is the standing position passed down by the above people, we all listen to them.”

“Including you”

Bai Qiuran continued to ask:

“Did His Majesty the Emperor or the Spiritual Advisor say that”

“All right.”

Sima Inbo avoided his gaze and did not answer, pushing Bai Qiuran to the designated position to stand.

“Dont talk for a while, the ceremony will soon pass.”

Pretending to be obedient, Bai Qiuran stood in place, turned his head, and then sneered.

If you are ashamed, why should you do such a thing in the first place


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