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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 6: Into Mang Mountain

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Book 1: Chapter 6: Into Mang Mountain

On the official road of the Shangxuan Kingdom, two people rushed side by side.

The former person maybe not an expert on equestrianism, but everyone could see that he has received specialized equestrian training and could control the horse skillfully.

The latter man seemed a bit awkward. He seemed very uncomfortable with horseback. He didnt know how to use horse ropes to steer the horses. He didnt dare to let the horses run-up, thus he only dared to let it walk slowly. Everyone could see that hes a novice on horseback.

“Brother Tang.”

Bai Qiuran, who was falling behind, shouted:

“Please wait for me.”

Right before the night fell, the two entered the small town next to Mang Mountain. Tang Wei found a vacant inn in the town, and the two settled for the time being.

Although not feeling any tiredness at all, Bai Qiuran immediately ordered a table with good wine and dishes to reward his stomach, while Tang Wei ran to the innkeeper and asked him about the demon.

“The demons of the Mang Mountain”

Speaking of this, the shopkeeper of this inn immediately frowned.

“Ah, it has really been very fierce recently. Many people in several villages and towns nearby have been killed. I heard that the demon acted very fast. When it attacked people, others could only see a dark shadow, and people who were attacked were dead without corpses. It was not afraid of people at all. They acted during both the day and night. There were many martial artists who went to kill the demons, but they did not return. We did not know when it will come to our town to catch people. I hope those immortals who live on the mountain can manage it. ”

“No need for them.”

Tang Wei raised an eyebrow and said:

“We mortals must rely on ourselves.”

“Do you want to get rid of the demon”

The shopkeeper pointed to several tables in the inn, and on those tables were some people who looked like martial artists.

“Then I suggest that you can discuss with those experts. With the wealth and the reputation of being heroes who kill the demon, I think they should agree to go together with you. The demon is very dangerous, so dont kill yourself. ”

“Havent the government here issued a reward order for demons”

Tang Wei raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Of course not. Now that the Emperor is obsessed with immortality, he has no care about the lives and deaths of grassroots like us.”

The shopkeeper turned the ledger and lowered his head and said:

“The governments money now has to be supplied to the alchemy of the spiritual advisor. They havent had time to squeeze the people. Where would they be willing to take out the money to ask people to remove demons We havent counted on the government of Shangxuan Kingdom since long ago.”

Tang Wei returned to the table in silence. Bai Qiuran, who was pouring wine, saw his face and asked:

“Whats wrong Brother Tang, your face doesnt look very good, is that demon terrible”

“Its amazing.”

Tang Wei returned to God and did not tell him anything about the government, but said:

“Bai Qiuran, after taking you to the horse market tomorrow to sell the horse, lets go our separate ways.”


Bai Qiuran put down the jug and asked:

“Why Im going to Mang Mountain too.”

“Because Im going to deal with my own business.”

Tang Wei replied:

“Bai Qiuran, listen to my advice, after all, you just go to Mang Mountain to collect the medicine. After you have finished the medicine, you should go away. The demon in the mountain is also a very dangerous thing, even for a martial arts master like us. Dont go if you still want to live. ”

“Since Brother Tang insists so, so be it.”

Bai Qiuran was not an inflexible man, he just wanted to have a companion along the way. Since the other party made it clear that he wanted him to leave, of course, he wouldnt insist on it.

“Brother Tang.”

He raised his glass and said to Tang Wei:

“Im very happy to know you as a friend. If there is fate, hope I can see you again.”


The next morning, after Tang Wei took Bai Qiuran to the horse market to sell the horses, the two officially broke up.

Tang Wei stayed in the town and didnt know what to do, but Bai Qiuran took a leisurely mood as if he had stepped into the now-crisis-ridden Mang Mountain.

On the mountains, not only the demons were now raging, but also many ferocious beasts.

The Mang Mountain was a place where spiritual energy gathers, and there are many materials needed for pill refinement. Therefore, the beasts here were stronger than in other places. Among them, there were even spirit beasts that had intelligence and could use simple spells.

Of course, these things were no threat to Bai Qiuran. Although he was very embarrassed about his level, in 3,000 years, he has gone through all the most dangerous places, which were much more than this.

He came here just to look for some herbs that were not commonly used in Foundation-Build Pill. Bai Qiurans super-extreme-incredible Foundation-Build Pill has long been separated from the standard Foundation-Build Pill. In order to cope with his special situation, he has added many private goods to Foundation-Build Pill, which has become unrecognizable. If a normal Qi Refining cultivator used it to make a breakthrough, its estimated that he would not be able to bear the medicines power and would die directly.

And now he was approaching the breakthrough again. In his recipe, there were just a few medicinal materials that, although very rare, were not very high-level and were not widely used. Sometimes cultivators ignored them even when they see them, so there was no stored one in the warehouse of Qingming Sword Sect, thus Bai Qiuran had to go down the mountain to pick it up.

After half a days journey, he finally entered the range of Mang Mountain. Bai Qiuran immediately released his Soul Awareness and looked for the needed medicinal herbs.

Tang Wei, who was riding in front of him, looked helpless, making the horses who sat down slow down and went together with Bai Qiuran.

“Seeing you go out with a horse, I thought you can ride.”

Tang Wei said helplessly:

“I didnt expect you to be so strong yet couldnt even ride a horse.”

“This ... I used to travel by walking.”

Bai Qiuran smiled with a stunning smile.

“Then why do you buy a horse”

Tang Wei asked:

“Having too much money to spend”

“Im just in a good mood, so I bought a horse.”

Bai Qiuran laughed:

“Any questions”

“Im starting to regret the promise to go with you.”

Tang Wei sighed.

“It should have taken only three days to get there, but now it took us five days.”


Bai Qiuran also said a little embarrassedly:

“Sorry, as I get older, my character becomes more procrastinated.”

“We should be able to go to the small town in front of Mang Mountain tonight. When you get there, take the horse to the market and sell it.”

Tang Wei said:

“Anyway, you cant ride it. With your cultivation level, you might go faster by walking.”

When he was at a roadside restaurant, Bai Qiuran proposed to travel Tang Wei. Perhaps because of Bai Qiurans “superior” compared to martial artists, Tang Wei agreed to his suggestion.

For five days since then, the two have been traveling together, Tang Wei was responsible for guiding the way, and Bai Qiuran was totally in a “playing” mentality.

The two went all the way to the hinterland. After five days, they finally came to the vicinity of the Mang Mountain.


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