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I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years Book 1: 7: Zombie Demon

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Book 1: Chapter 7: Zombie Demon

Although he hasnt advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage yet, after three thousand years of continuous training, Bai Qiurans Soul Awareness was very powerful.

His Soul Awareness has even reached a level where he could form the physicalized attack with his mind, which was even more terrifying than the average Immortal.

Standing in the Mang Mountain, his Soul Awareness spread out in all directions, and he easily found the location of the medicinal herbs he needed from the vast Mang Mountain.

In the meantime, he even encountered a huge black snake that was about to turn into a demon in a mountain stream. This man-eating snake wanted to swallow him, so it was chopped to death by his palm. By the way, he got a Demon Core in good condition, ready to be added to the pill to improve its effectiveness.

“Well, this is the last herb.”

On a cliff, Bai Qiuran picked a wonderful herb like a human heart from the rock wall, put it in his own storage bag, and then fell to the ground.

“Now the materials for my Foundation-Build Pill are complete, its the time to find the materials for Longevity Pill.”

In Bai Qiurans mind, Xue Lings dead face appeared, and his original good mood became a bit gloomy.

“Well, its really unpleasant. Why do other people live for three thousand years, they can jump out of the limit of the Underworld and live forever in carefree, but I live for three thousand years, yet I was pursed every year by the Soul Taker The world is really unfair.”

After all, but in order to continue his own dreams of advancing to the Foundation Establishment stage, Longevity Pill still needed to be refined. Although the Underworld couldnt take his soul, they were still an important part of maintaining the normal operation of the heaven and earth order. His mentor Qingming Taoist was still in the Immortal Realm, if Bai Qiurans wanton behavior affects the future of the Qingming Taoist in the Immortal Realm, it would be bad.

Thinking of this, Bai Qiuran didnt delay anymore, he packed his storage bags and left the cliff, but he still had a place to go before leaving the Mang Mountain.

As a member of the Qingming Sword Sect, if there were demons who harmed people, and, no matter how others evaluate them, Bai Qiuran couldnt let it go.

Before scanning the mountain with Soul Awareness, he also found the demons nest. Before leaving, Bai Qiuran decided to take a trip and kill the demon, so that it would not be able to continue to devour people anymore. Moreover, just as the nest was placed in an area with heavy negative energy, there were a few herbs of refining Longevity Pill grew there, so he could reach two purposes with one effort.


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