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Book 1: Chapter 8.1: Brother, Your Chest Muscles Are So Hard!

Tang Wei felt his hands and feet were cold as he was desperate.

Originally, he came out this time to prove to his father that mortals could protect themselves without relying on cultivators, hoping that his old father, who was indulged in cultivation, could wake up.

So after hearing that there was a demon in the vicinity of the Mang Mountain, he rushed all the way.

After going through a lot of troubles and spending a lot of his personal belongings, Tang Wei successfully raised funds and convened a group of martial arts masters ranging from the Forging stage to the Qi Refining stage, and organized a team to go to the mountains to fight against the demon.

Of course, although Tang Wei lacked experience, he was not stupid. While raising funds, he has already collected information about the demon beforehand and compared the strengths of the two sides.

After hearing the villagers nearby and comparing the description with the books that they have seen before, Tang Wei confirmed that the demon was a high-level Qi Refining stage. Its a zombie demon with strength comparable to those of the elders in the martial art sects. Its dangerous, but as long as there were enough people, they were not incapable of dealing with it.

So after pulling up men and horses, and preparing two things which zombie demon was most afraid of – oil and peach wood, Tang Wei led the team to climb the mountain.

It took three days for them to find the trace of the demon, all the way to the demons nest.

Tang Wei ignited peach wood soaked with oil, and the flame successfully pushed the zombie demon out of the lair and effectively weakened it.

Although this zombie demon was still extremely difficult to deal with, with the assistance of several masters in the Qi Refining stage, Tang Wei still successfully suppressed it, and gradually pushed it into a dead end.

But when the demon was about to be killed, in the cave, suddenly a zombie demon with similar strength but was fully intact came out.

This time Tang Weis team fell in severe danger. Under the combined force of the two zombies, most of the Forging stage in the team were quickly killed, and only a few in the Qi Refining stage survived. However, as time passed, they were killed one by one and were dragged away by the two zombies.

Tang Wei and the last master in the Qi Refining stage were forced into the lair by two zombies. Just now, the master who has fought alongside him so far has been killed and his heart was dug out by the demons. His own Qi almost exhausted, he definitely couldnt hold until the next round.

Two zombies demolished the poor guys body, spilled his brain on the cave wall, and then roared and ran towards Tang Wei.

Tang Wei also grasped the sword tightly with his sweaty hands and raised the last bit of Qi.

However, at this moment of life and death, suddenly, from the side of the cave, there was a magnificent wave of scorching spirit rushed toward them.


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