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Chapter 1 : I Got Caught by A Villain (1)

The wind blew.

The cool air calmed the atmosphere even more.

A little while ago, there was a buzzing noise all around, but now there is only a suffocating silence.

Regina swallowed dry saliva in the gaze of the man looking at her.

Blond bright enough to look white, and purple eyes that don’t look human.

The man standing in front of her, Arsene Greroy, was the Duke of the Yurdenian Empire and the number one figure she had to avoid.

Known for being a young, capable, and even handsome duke, his surroundings were always full of people.

Everyone wanted to chat with him and wanted to get to know him, but she wasn’t.

She wanted to avoid meeting this man as much as possible, and she didn’t want to be involved for a moment in her life.

It was because he was trying to kill her.

“Regina Blois.” The name uttered by his lips sounds odd .

At the sound of a simple call, her hands and feet seemed to get cold.

The sound of grass being stepped on was heard, and Arsene took a step closer.

With just one step, her presence felt like a deer being hunted.

In a corner she had nowhere else to retreat.

Regina instinctively took a step back as he came closer and raised her arms to cover herself.

She was a powerless prey, but she can’t stop him with that.

He put his hand inside his coat.

‘what will come out dagger poison sting Whatever it is, it’s certain.

I’m going to die.’

In the middle of a desolate garden with no one to save her.

The sounds of laughter and the singing of the band surrounded her from afar.

She felt like she was falling down endlessly.

Regina thought she was used to it here too.

She didn’t want to die again.

In the end, was the development of the original inevitable No matter how hard she tries, the singularity that she came from outside the novel.

Fear of death still lay at the bottom, and resignation slowly overshadowed it.

With tears in her eyes, Regina closed her eyes and prepared for her death to come.

Her heart pounded and filled her head.

And in the meantime, Arsene’s soft and mellow voice resounded in her ears.

“Marry me.”



{Isota’s Good and Evil}

Was the last novel she read before closing her eyes.

The novel began with the death of a character.

It’s Regina Blois.

The female lead, Isota, was a close friend who relied very much on Regina.

Regina was a little mediocre to be a friend of the protagonist.

A decent personality and a decent family, she was a common aristocratic spirit who would never hold a grudge against anyone.

Of course, there was a reason why she, who was an ordinary aristocrat, died one day.

She did what she shouldn’t have done.

The reason for this was witnessing something not to be seen, and one day, Regina, who went for a night walk that she usually didn’t go out, happened to witness the murder.

The culprit was none other than the Duke of Greroy, Arsene.

A socialite and half-brother of the Emperor.

He was a sub-male character who could be called a fraudulent character with his beautiful face, extraordinary wealth, and power, but he was out of his mind if there was one disadvantage.

If it were under the emperor’s command, he would not hesitate to kill people with his own hands.

And on the day Original Regina saw him, he was even called the Emperor’s dog in the backstory of some nobles, and he was removing the silence for a reason.

Original Regina, of course, unaware of this, she believed that it was Arsene’s weakness that she held.

Obviously Regina said she had a good personality, but what she was thinking at the time was blackmailing him to get what she wanted.

In the case of an ordinary person, it was definitely something that could act as a weakness.

Arsene killed a man the size of a count, so if caught, nothing good will happen.

But she couldn’t have let Arsene, who thought taking a life lightly, would have let it happen.

Eventually, Regina died at the hands of Arsene shortly thereafter.

And similar to what she witnessed, she was found dead in an alley.

The death of a noble girl caused a stir in the social world for a while, but that was all.

When everyone forgot about the incident, Isota, who relied very much on her, could not accept the sudden death of her friend and began an investigation personally.

Along the way, she meets the male lead, Emperor Ruairi, and the sub-man and also the villain, Arsene.

So riding a spring with two men was the plot of Isota’s Good and Evil.

Well, then there’s a problem here.

What should she do as a Regina She hadn’t yet to witness a murder and had never spoken to Arsene.

The answer, of course, is to get away with Arsene quietly and not get away with him.

Don’t witness a murder, don’t even think about holding him and shaking him up with it, and you shouldn’t make it obvious that you know what he’s doing.

In that sense, she wanted to go back home right now.

“So if you stopped when I warned you, wouldn’t you stop”

Regina slowly stepped back to the voice inside the alley.

The smell of blood spread through the shade of the cool building.

The man voice vibrating against the wall was ecstatic to the point of fluffiness, but a red light came on in her head.

It was her fault for trying to make a shortcut to get back home a little faster.

“You ignored two warnings, Count Durand.”

Count Dewrand.

Regina had heard of that name.

In the original novel.

This was the murder case that Regina Blois witnessed in the original, which started the whole story.

Her legs trembled as she stepped back.

Her heart beat like crazy and fluctuated as if it were going to slip out of her mouth.

When the whole body thought that the hands that were creeping out were those of the dead, her spine chilled.

Will she be like Original Regina if she gets caught She couldn’t breathe properly and covered her mouth with one hand.

And yet, the trembling breathing seemed to be heard by him.

Even taking a step had to be on edge.

Arsene was hidden in the alley and not seen.

She doesn’t think he’ve found her yet.

Regina struggled to support her legs which about to collapse and slowly got out of the alley.

She never tried so hard to not make a stepping sound.

She escaped the edge of a shady alley that seemed to continue endlessly.

The streetlights shining on the road outside fell over her head.

As soon as she realized it, she ran through the crowd without looking back.

“Oh, my God”

Without knowing that there was anyone watching her from behind in the dark.


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