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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (9)






The man who was about to swing his sword stopped at the sudden shout.


The people in the room looked at her who suddenly shouted.


She cried out in her desperate heart that she wanted to live, but she didn't know what to say.


After she hesitated, the man raised his sword again.


"Really wait a minute!"


He frowned as she cried out again earnestly.

He was just wondering if he should just kill this.


In those eyes, her mouth uttered a word that didn't go through his thoughts.


“Do you… do you have anything to eat….. Like candy I want to eat one last time before I die.”


Ghosts that ate and died have a beautiful color.

She looked up at him with a mournful look to buy some time, but his reaction was cold.


"Don't talk nonsense."


Regina raised her eyebrows at his resolute voice.

It also doesn't seem to work.

Yeah, it was ridiculous to think of it.


If the person doing this kind of work is weak against the target, it will be difficult to work.

Just as she was about to give up all hope and put her neck on his sword, a man standing to one side approached with a playful smile.


"What about it.

She's pitiful.

She's going to die soon anyway."


The man with the sword frowned at his words, and Regina raised her head.


Yes, even the wishes of the dead are granted, but the wishes of those who die soon cannot be granted


"She told me to take care of it right away."


The man with the sword shook his head, but the man who took her side cleanly rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a candy.


"It's okay for a minute."




"Yeah, this.

Let's just give it to her and kill her."


The man approached her with a stern voice and put a round candy in her mouth.


The man with the sword sighed deeply, but did not stop him from handing over the candy.

When she ate candy and rolled it in her mouth, she suddenly felt sad and her eyes got hot.


She can't believe she can't eat this delicious food from now on.

Is there anything to eat in the afterlife Can she go to the afterlife before then


Regina, who was melting candy while trying not to get tears in her sour eyes, felt a fierce look at her.


As if to deal with the situation quickly and return, she deliberately rolled her tongue more slowly.


She took the time to look around, but no matter how much she looked, there was no hole to escape.


It seemed that she could survive only when that door was wide open and all these people were gone.


In the end, Arsene didn't come.

She didn't know if he did it on purpose or not, but she was resentful for nothing.

No, it's not for nothing.

The reason she ran into this was because of his fiancee tittle.


"Please kill me at once without pain." Resigned, Regina took a sweet breath and closed her eyes.


The man holding the sword looked at her with strange eyes for a moment, but soon he fixed the sword and grabbed it.


At that time, the outside suddenly became noisy.


Everyone's eyes turned to the door, and the expression of the man who was holding the sword changed wildly.


The people in the room all raised their swords in unison and took a vigilant posture.




As if it was a dream that she had given up a while ago, her heart was pounding with hope.


One of the men in the suit caught a glance and opened the door slightly.

But before he even opened the door, Gwang! With a sudden roar, the door and the person who opened the door went out and fell.


The boundaries of those surrounding the area have become sharper.

Just being in between was suffocating, but the glimmer of hope excited her.


"The welcome is warm."


She felt like she was about to cry at the familiar voice of him.

There will come a day when this voice will be nice.


The person who broke the door and entered was Arsene, as expected.

His fine brow furrowed as her eyes met with him who came in, brushing his messy hair.


"Put down the sword."


Sharp swords were pushed around her neck.

It was such a sad day that it seemed like it would be cut off just by the slightest touch.


Arsene smirked when he saw that.


"How cheeky of you "




He raised the sword without saying a word, the man caused a wound on Regina's neck.

Blood spurted all over her body and she felt a tingling sensation.


If he put it a little deeper, she will die.

She looked at him for a moment, and then he gave her a subtle look.


It was then that Arsene's eyes met her.

The sound sword falling echoed through the room.




The men who received the man's glance threw their feet away from what had fallen to the floor and pointed their swords at Arsene's neck.

But Regina was not worried about it.

If it was Arsene, his abilities would be able to get out of that situation.

It was the confidence that he could have because she had read the original.

Her problem was the sword, which was close to her now.

Rolling her eyes to see the situation, she decided to try the one method that came to her mind.

There wasn't much she could do on her own.

Her hands were tied, and a sword was held around her neck, leaving her half lost of free will.

She didn't know what will happen if this fails, but maybe it's because the powerful Arsene is right in front of her, so she has some confidence.

Arsene knew she was trying to do something, and elatedly opened his mouth to get their attention.

"How dare you go after the Duke Greroy."

A smile hung on the corners of his lips even when he was surrounded by numerous swords with both hands raised.

The men in black treated him with great vigilance, though they were outnumbered.

They were looking for a way to live effectively here while carrying out the heroic spirits that the empress dowager gave them.

Arsene was a man with tremendous abilities that even the emperor, the male protagonist of the original novel, had a hard time with.

No matter how you look at it, it seems that the person who wrote it wanted to inflict hardships and trials on Ruairi.

He was able to slaughter everyone in it within minutes.

But right now, there is a sword in Regina's neck, so she just sits still.

"If you move, i will cut you right away."

Regina was not a threat to the empress dowager men.

So their nerves were effectively directed to Arsene.

At that moment, Regina moved her lips a little and sent a signal.

'One, two......'

Arsene's gaze glanced at her.

With her mind ready, Regina quickly pushed the floor with her feet and leaned her back.


As she leaned back in her chair, Arsene quickly approached like a slow motion, and a man who realized her movement wielded his sword.

One thing he didn't know was that this man, although weak, knew how to use aura.

She felt his body hit the floor and throb, and there was a strong smell of blood.

Her breath stopped at the burning sensation and blood pouring out.


He couldn't use an aura unless he had decent skill.

But as he is the empress dowager minion, she should have thought about that, but it was reckless.

Blood was dripping from the cut at the end of the aura.

'I'm going to Die'

However, after a moment of pain, her mind, which seemed to have faded for a moment, returned, and she felt that the cut was tickling.

"No way."

A startled voice was heard.

The roar, swearing, and footsteps were all intertwined, and she couldn't figure out what was going on.

The aura cuts through the airway to the carotid artery.

At this point, it is normal for her to die almost instantly, but she had her eyes wide open.

The throbbing pain seemed to have disappeared, leaving only traces.

Regina, lying flat on the floor, staring blankly at her pool of blood.

The smell of her fishy blood was irritating enough to sting her nose.

She couldn't understand what was happening, and by the time she took a breath, the surroundings were silent.

As she was about to raise her head and look around, Arsene approached.

He lifted her up and sat her down, and he cut the ropes that were tying her wrists tightly.

The wrist finally loosened was tingling with no blood, but there was something more important than that.


am alive"

As she patted her neck, her hands were dripping with blood.

The voice came out well.

It must have been a cut, of course, but Arsene, who grabbed her hand, wiped the damp blood with his sleeve and wiped her neck and face.

The hem of his robe rubbed against her neck, but there was no pain at all.


You alive."

Her pupils, perplexed by this absurd situation, trembled relentlessly.


"It seems that you are not aware of your own abilities."

She looked at him blankly at his words, and looked down at the part where she had been wounded, who had dried off the blood.

Unknowingly, she groped her neck once more at his gaze, but the scars disappeared without leaving a trace.

"Perhaps you have healing powers."

'I've never heard of healing powers.

Was there such a story in the original novel'

She shook her head, but nothing came to mind.

There was a feeling that small wounds heal faster than others, but this was different.

No matter how much it heals, how is it possible to heal so quickly after a decapitation

Faced with the result, she couldn't doubt it, but the shock didn't go away.

Arsene, who rolled up his blood-stained sleeves, grabbed her as she sat down on her back and tried to accept her situation.

Regina was surprised when Arsene carried her. "Wrap your arms around my neck."

"No, I...

I can walk..."

A little blood was drawn, but it wasn't to the point where she couldn't walk.

Even though she was embarrassed, she put her arm around his neck as instructed, and he carried her out of the building.

The sight she saw on the way out It was so messed up that she wondered how to do it like that.

Thanks to Arsene who broke all the doors, they came out easily without getting caught.

A cold wind rushed into the building.


It hasn't been that long, but she feels like she hasn't seen the outside scene in a long time.

There were people waiting to see if they had arrived.


She realized that she was still alive and took a deep breath.

It was a sigh of relief.


"Take everything inside."


Arsene said as he passed while holding her.

A few nodded and entered the entrance they had just come out of. 


He, who lightly put Regina on top of the horse he had been riding on, climbed in after her.


"What will your highness do with the kidnapper"


Eby asked, looking up at him before they left.

When asked, Arsene straight lips twisted, and he smiled.


"Of course, I should pay them back."


He'll have to think about how to pay it back, but he'll just skip it. 


Regina had her hands on the reins while he was talking, and the reins behind her back looked as if they were hugging her. 


The sudden, conscious body temperature gave her a quick glance and tried not to touch him.


But it was the first time she rode a horse, and as she swayed unsteadily on the horse that had just started out, and was feeling the best of her first ride, Arsene hugged her and made her lean on him. 


She had never learned how to ride.


"Lean comfortably." 


The voice from right above her head and the warm chest make her heart pounding for nothing. 


As she relaxed, his body temperature covered her.

His arms were stable and comfortable, so it felt like she could fall asleep like this for some reason.


The sound of horseshoes echoing through the quiet morning streets calmed her. 


When she arrived at the mansion, which was still well lit, the servants came out to meet them.


"My lady!"


She was glad to see familiar faces like Severo, and Sally. 


It was only a few hours, but she felt like a month had passed. Arsene got off the horse first and reached out for her.


Hesitatingly at the height of a fairly high horse, stretching out her arms, he hugged her and gently lowered her to the ground. 


"Are you hurt" 


The area around the neck of her dress was stained with the blood she had shed earlier.


Arsene's sleeves were also covered in blood, so the butler's worried eyes looked at them. 


Regina looked up at him, and her eyes met Arsene who was looking at her. 


"Tomorrow, it would be nice to have an iron-rich diet."


His gaze looked at Regina's face.

For a moment, her tired eyes caught his mind. 


In the end, he hugged her again There was exclamation among workers who watched the appearance. 


Having adjusted to her second hug, she put her arms around the back of his neck and leaned her face against him.


Her ears were a little hot, but she ignored them. 


It was better to just hug and move quickly because it was clear that he wouldn't listen to her even if she asked him to drop her off.


Arsene, who held her in his arms, quickly climbed the stairs and took her to the front of her bathroom. 


The maids he had prepared in advance welcomed Regina.


"I'll be waiting."


She don't know what that means exactly, but the bathroom door closed before she even asked.


After her hair was curled up to some extent, Arsene hugged her again and carried her to her bedroom. 


It was almost like he was trying to disable her feet.

She also felt a little burdened by his so friendly appearance, but she decided to let it go.


Because of that, she was kidnapped, so maybe it's okay to accept a shuttle like this, above all, she was so sleepy that it was difficult to judge properly.


She even felt a little comfortable with his hand as he went up to her bed and gently laid her down.


"Sleep well."


Regina, who dug into her blanket, nodded her head and fell asleep.




t/n : I don't like this kind of ML.

Regina lives because of her powers. Try to imagine if she did not have the power Won't she die And Arsene will stay alive and find another fiancé.

If I were Regina and the job of taking down Empress Dowager was done, maybe I'd find another guy.



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