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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (10)




Arriving at the Duke of Haynes, Regina was guided to a place where tea parties were held. 


Perhaps because of the good weather, the place where the tea table was prepared was an outdoor garden.


"Welcome, Lady Blois!"


Duchess Haynes, who was welcoming guests one or two by one, smiled brightly at her. 


"This is the seat of lady" 


The seat she guided was not very far from the seat of Duchess Haynes.


Even though she was still a countess, it was not known whether she was treated as a duchess or simply of favor, Regina quickly took her seat and smiled at those she met.


The Duchess of Haynes' tea party was as Arsene had said, and there were many nobles with a good reputation. 


"Since everyone is here, I'll give you a brief introduction.

As you probably all know to some extent, this is the daughter of Count Blois."


"Nice to meet you.

I'm Regina Blois.

I'm honored to be here with." 


As soon as she introduced herself to Iria Haynes' glance, all her eyes were fixed on her.

Perhaps many people looking at her are thinking of the Duke Greroy.


Duchess Haynes, who gave her a brief introduction to those attending the tea party, starting with her, explained that she was new this time.


"The tea prepared today is from the Eastern continent, and it has a unique scent.

They say that it is tea leaves that are dried by burning the leaves that are native to that area."


When the tea leaves were put in a teapot and boiled water was poured, most of the people's attention was focused on it.


Regina looked at the teapot as if seeing something very interesting.


But she could feel the gaze still staring at her, between them is 'Aconite Hilluens.'


She vaguely recalled that she had introduced herself as a daughter of the Countess Hilluens. 


She heard that Countess Hilluens had asked the Duchess of Haynes for approval to join her tea party, to give her daughter a bit of a socializing experience.


Regina got her name as Arsene's fiancée, so she had quite a few eyes on her from the moment she arrived at the tea party.


However, as time passed, all of her fell apart, and she continued to glance at Regina as much as she did. 


Hilluens Young lady had an orange hair and brown eyes.

Her clear brown eyes looked at Regina over and over again, and she couldn't help but care about her.


Her emotions in her eyes were vivid curiosity.

She picked up the sandwich and glanced at her for a moment, and she met her eyes immediately.


Young Lady Hilluens looked a little surprised that Regina could see her.

She made eye contact, so she just couldn't avoid it. 


Regina gave lady Hilluens the smile.

Then, that lady eyes closed and slanted.

The corners of her smiling lips also had a dimple.


"Come to think of it, Lady Blois.

May I ask how lady met with Duke Greroy" 


One of them asked Regina a question.

Everyone tried to restrain them self, but many seemed curious.


"It's because there are so many rumors.

I want to hear from lady directly, is that okay"




It was a question she had expected since coming here.

Regina smiled nicely to look good to them. 


Arsene seems to want to be friendly with them too, so this was a good approach for her to arouse his interest.


"The Duke of Greroy and I...

Met by chance on a starry night."


She lowered her eyes slightly, as if telling her story, and brought out the story she had prearranged.


"I got lost while taking a walk at night, and there was Duke Greroy there." 


Actually, it wasn't a walk at night, and she wasn't lost, but one fact that she met Arsene in the dark evening was real.


"I'm perplexed not knowing how to go back, but the Duke of Greroy kindly accompanied me." 


She tells her story, a mixture of truth and lies, as if she were truly in love.


If it was an ordinary person's love story, it was a common story that would quickly become boring.


However, Duke Arsene Greroy was a man of great interest.

Even one of the ornaments he wore went up and down in people's mouths.


They wondered how the iron wall duke had fallen in love, and her story was a delight to them. 


Among them, Aconite Hilluens eyes shone the most.

She looked at Regina as if she were looking at a person out of a Romance novel.

And Regina felt it too.


As time passed and the sun went down a bit, the tea party was over.

Through her today's meeting, Regina and the nobles, who had met her, returned with their own positive thoughts about her.


Regina also got up from her seat to return to the mansion. 


"Thank you so much for inviting me today.

Thanks to Duchess I had a great time."


"Oh, no.

I'm really thankful that you came.

I hope we can have tea together again next time." 


Before leaving, she said hello to the Duchess of Haynes, who had invited her to a tea party.


Having done all her work, she set out on her own to leave the Duke Haynes house. 


“Uhm, lady Blois..." 


There was a voice holding her back.

When she turned her head, it was Countess Hilluens and her daughter, Aconite Hilluens.


Countess Hilluens smiled awkwardly, and Aconite glanced at Regina with a shy gaze. 


"Yes, what's wrong" 


Regina replied with a good smile, and Countess Hilluens pushed Aconite slightly forward.


"She's new to the capital city, so she's not used to socializing.

So she doesn't know anyone...

she wants to talk to Lady Blois about something."


Aconite, who took a step forward by the Countess, looked at her pink eyes and shrugged her shoulders. 


She clasped the dress tightly.

Maybe that's her personality The way she rolls her eyes frantically, looking very innocent.


"It's nice to meet you.

Haven't we been able to talk to you in person before"


"Ah, it's an honor to meet you, Lady." 


Aconite voice was so soft and even her voice seemed to fly away.


"It must be an honor.

It's a little embarrassing.

You said you wanted to talk to me"


“I heard the story of the Duke and Lady all the way to where I live....

so I really wanted to talk to you once…”


Even Regina was a little embarrassed by her attitude as if she had received a famous person in real life. 


'I'm a famous person now...' 


She didn't know where Aconite came from, but at least it wasn't the capital.


Their story spread to such a place, and now it seemed that she could be said to be a person whose name was widely known. 


"Can I talk to you again next time"


She looked at the hem of her dress, and Aconite finally looked straight at her without averting her gaze. 


She was still biting her lips as if nervous, but it seemed like she had the courage to do.


"Of course.

If there is a chance, we will meet again."


As Regina answered with a smile on her lips, a smile appeared on Aconite face as well.


It seemed like a genuinely innocent person who smiled wide enough for her dimples to fit in. 


"I look forward to the day we meet again." 


And Aconite returned with the Countess.


Her orange hair fluttered along her gait and slid into the carriage. 


Regina also rode into the carriage of the Duke Greroy.

As she sat down, her carriage set off without shaking.


After a brief break on her way home, she recounted what had happened today. 


Among her stories, it was to check if there was anything worth reporting to Arsene.


But suddenly, she felt something odde.

She couldn't pinpoint exactly why, but she felt strange.

There seemed to be something missing.


However, after contemplating for a long time, she couldn't find out what it was until she finally arrived at the Duke's mansion.


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