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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (1)




Her daily life after returning was a little different from before.

Not long ago, he acted as if she was entrusted with a mission, but now she can't even take a step outside the gate of the mansion.


"Arsene, I've to go out to get the information you want and to spur public opinion."




She sat on the sofa in the study and talked to him, but a firm answer came back.




He said with his own mouth that she should attend tea parties and gatherings.


Regina looked straight into his face, and Arsene, who was sitting opposite her, looked up while processing the documents.


"Is that what you say when you come back from being kidnapped"




that's my use."


Of course, she was well aware of the dangers of being Arsene's fiancée, but she was also worried that she would die at his hands if she became useless.


"If you want to decide, you can invite them"


"Invite them I've never hosted a tea party...


Even though holding a tea party may seem like a trivial event, it's actually a place that requires a lot of attention.

Just thinking about it gave her a headache.


"Then don't do it."


She thought about whether she should go to her mother or another lady for help, but he gave a simple answer. 


Regina had no idea what the hell Arsene was thinking.

What kind of plan do you mean by intimidating an engagement and not doing anything when the situation comes up


He slightly tilted his head to see if her expression was strange, and gave a brief explanation. 


"The mansion's servants have eyes and mouths.

I trust them, but I don't either." 


Then he bowed his head again and signed the paperwork.


Regina pondered for a moment what he meant, then nodded her head. 


She seemed to make sense of his words. 


She's been pretending to love each other, even in the mansion, unless it's just the two of them, so if you think this is part of it, it makes sense.


If that's the case, she'll have to rest in the mansion as he wishes. 


Arsene's gaze will be on her for the time being, so it's unreasonable for her to run away.


"But Arsene, why are you working here instead of going to the office" 


As she was about to open the book, Regina asked what she was wondering about the stack of papers she came into view.


"I'm afraid you'll disappear again." 


He didn't take his eyes off the papers, and Arsene, who replied, this time scribbled it out and put it on the other side without his signature.


There were only two of them here.

That doesn't mean that they're pretending to be a lover.

Regina thought he had a problem with his speaking habits.


Let's say that's because she read the original and knew his personality and was threatened, but it was clear that she would be confused if he spoke like that to others. 


It meant that she thought if he was interested in herself.

Holding down her tickling heart, she opened her book without saying a word. 


She needed to divert her thoughts.




A few days passed like that.

At first, the man who looked at the documents in front of her was nervous and awkward.


However, people were said to be adaptable animals, and after a few days, they quickly became comfortable.


As if Arsene had visited at mealtime, it became a natural life for him to be there. 


Regina looked at Arsene, who seemed to be sleeping across from her. 


She was so quiet while reading a book that she looked up and saw him with his head resting on a high back and his eyes closed. 


He seemed to be working almost without sleeping recently, and he must have been tired.


'Really pretty'


Her gaze was fixed on his unrealistic appearance, as if a doll was sitting there. 


She slowly pulled her face away from his straight forehead and took a deep breath at her rising feeling. 


In the old days, there was a person who often went to see an opera or looked at a very beautiful piece of art and then fell backwards.


It seemed that no words could explain the person in front of her.

Even if you take a photo, it may not be enough to capture this beauty. 


Regina, who had been staring at his face for a long time, stood up silently from her seat.

She was a little greedy to take a closer look.


Carefully, she moved her steps and stood right in front of him, admiring his flawless beauty. 


If you were born with face like this, what would you think when you looked at yourself 


Even looking at him up close, his skin was smooth.

His skin seemed to be of a different race from hers. 


'How can human skin be so fine'


Regina, leaning against the sunlight coming in through the window and staring at his face, impulsively raised her hand. 


But she was fortunate enough to come to her senses and stop before she could put her hand on his face.


And as she tried to stop her body, her wrist was caught.

His purple eyes appeared beneath her eyelids, making eye contact with her.


His eyes were still dark because he couldn't shake his sleep.




Before she could make excuses for, he suddenly kissed her wrist.

A soft and warm thing bit her soft flesh. 


Tickling, she felt her ears grow red from a strange feeling. 


In her embarrassment, she pulled out her hand and tried to back away, but he rather grabbed her wrist, causing her body to stumble forward.




Reflexively, she reached out and touched the back of the chair to see his face in front of her nose. 


If she lowered her face even a little more, it was a distance that the tip of her nose would rub.




A soft voice rang in her ears, and a chill ran down her back.


As she lowered her eyes, his pink lips filled her vision. 


Regina, who came to her senses while looking at his lips as if he was saying something, turned her head to the side.


But he still wouldn't let go of her wrist, so she couldn't back out.

What are we going to do with this now 


As she turned her head to avoid it, Arsene, who was looking up at her, reached out and wrapped his other hand around her waist.




It didn't seem like he was pulling too hard, but the strength in her legs loosened and her body collapsed. 


Then she sat on his lap, led by his embrace.

When she looked at him reflexively, their eyes met and his eyes that had never fallen from her. 


She took a short breath.


The head went crazy because she didn't understand why he was doing this, but she couldn't do anything and was hugging him. 


When Regina stopped thinking about purple eyes and let it go, someone knocked on the door.


Surprised Regina looked at the door and tried to get up, Arsene let her go, unlike before.


"Come in."


With that permission, it was Severo who opened the door and entered.


"This is a letter from His Majesty the Emperor."


A letter of gold was placed in front of him.

Meanwhile, she drank the cold tea to cool her throat.


He sent the butler out, and Arsene's expression as he opened the letter was serene and even a little annoying.


Quickly fetching the contents, he pushed the letter in front of her. 


"After three days, I have decided to meet his Majesty."


She thinks that's the story from last time.

Looking down at the letter, she nodded her head without daring to check it. 


She did not know that the day would come when she would personally meet the male protagonist of the original novel.


In the original, Regina was an extra who died at the same time as the start. 


She doesn't know why he called her, but she wasn't afraid.

In fact, gradually Regina was no longer afraid of Arsene.


As she was living a normal life day by day, the image of him killing people gradually diluted and disappeared.


Her first shock was so shocking that she feared that he would take her own neck at any moment of her life, but Arsene never held his sword at her.


To be honest, she was more afraid of empress dowager and her minions. 


If so, maybe she doesn't have to run away.

Regina not sure if she'll ever be able to get out of his hands completely, but maybe it's better to marry him.


But the thought that it seemed too easy, she managed to calm her weakened heart. 


It's too early to be certain that Arsene won't kill her, even though she doesn't fully know who he is. 


Then three days later, it was the day to go to Ruairi.


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