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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (9)




The capital park was not far away from the residences of the nobility, so it arrived quickly. 


Regina got out of her carriage, looked at Sally's sincerity, opened her parasol, and entered the park.


When she said she was going to the park, Sally had her dark hair tied up, so as not to block her view, if she let her hair down like usual she would be hot.


It seems that it was around spring when she received Arsene's proposal, but it seems that summer is already approaching one step at a time.


In the park, where the afternoon sun was warm, there were already people who came before her. 


Regina mingled with them, walking among the flowers and looking around from time to time.


Because she wondered if she could find another knight besides Iz.

However, she deliberately looked all around, but no one stood out in particular.


Still, only Iz was watching her. 


'I don't know if there's really only one person following me or if they are good at it.'


If she had learned the swordsmanship, she would have tried to feel the presence, but unfortunately, the original Regina was not interested in moving her body.


At that moment, Iz suddenly bowed his head as if greeting. 


Regina stood obliquely toward her with a bush of flowers in front of her, so she was immediately seen. 


Reflectively, she turned her head after chasing where Iz gaze was directed.


"Good afternoon"


His hair, shining brilliantly in the bright sunlight, a familiar white blonde.


His folded purple eyes captured her from a distance.

Arsene, who had come a short distance, came under her parasol and kissed her on the cheek.




Surprised by the unexpected appearance, her pink eyes opened wide.

The touch of his lips against her cheek made her heart pound.


Regina blinked her eyes more exaggeratedly to shake it off. 


Seeing her shocked face, Arsene laughed. 


"What are you so surprised about"


The sound of his refreshing laughter and the corners of his lips drawing a cool arc went very well with the flowers that filled the surroundings.


It felt like she was watching a masterpiece just by standing there.

However, her mood was not pleasant. 


His words brought a smile to her lips as she recalled what she had been thinking about a moment ago. 


He shouldn't have known that she was dreaming of an escape.


"The weather was so nice and the scent of flowers was fragrant, so I must have been drunk for a while."


If it was just the two of us, this answer would have been very questionable, but this place was outdoors. 


There were many people who saw them, so they were disguised as perfect lovers.

It must have been a part of him kissing her cheek earlier.


"By the way, how did you know that I was here Are you done with your work at the Imperial Palace"


As she turned her back naturally, Arsene reached out and clasped her hands.

Then he brought it to him and kissed it.


"I can't help but know where my beloved fiancee is.

As soon as I finished work, I ran to you."


The moderately cool body temperature cooled her ice pleasantly.

Regina flinched her finger a little and made a facial expression pretending to be happy.


"Then shall we go for a walk together"


"Anything with you is important."


Amidst a sweet smile that seemed to melt, purple eyes twinkled.

The amethyst, which changes every time depending on the light, seemed to hold a curse that charmed people.


They left Iz a little farther away and walked through the park together.

As Arsene did not let go of her hand, Regina was naturally drawn to him and moved her steps.


Regina tried to immerse herself in the role of his lover so hard that she wouldn't be found out that she was thinking nonsense.


But she had never dated anyone, and she didn't know what to do.

So she just teased her mouth hard.


The flowers are very beautiful and fragrant, they suit you very well, I will have to call the painter next time to draw a picture, etc.

As they come to mind, she keeps talking and breaking the silence between them before it even settles.


Arsene responded appropriately to her words, and he continued to listen.

Then, suddenly, he gently pulled the hand he was holding onto. 


Regina, who had been vigilant in the wind, she was dragged away in an instant, and she became the shape of being held in his arms.




When she looked up at him, his face was right in front of her.

She tried to turn her head at the close distance, but he wrapped her face around her cheek with one hand.


"Stay still for a moment."


As if she had been enchanted by those words, she stood still, unable to do this or that, as she looked at him approaching and only blinked her eyes. 


The pupils wandered around as if there had been an earthquake, and the pink eyes quickly disappeared and reappeared.


She suddenly remembered his kiss that had shaken her up a while ago.

It was the first time in her life that she had experienced a sultry, lustful sensation.


Even if she tried not to think about it, she could feel her ear getting hot as the scene kept digging through her head.


She doesn't know what he's trying to do, but this sense of distance can't be stopped. 


Arsene, who almost hugged her, reached out and touched her hair.

As she glanced up at him, she saw long, drooping eyelashes.


The jewel-like eyes below were shaded by the eyelashes and looked cool at first glance.


After a while, he let her go and rolled the corners of his eyebrows and smiled.

The cool feeling that had been felt for a moment disappeared without a trace.


"There's pollen on your hair."


Regina, who looked at his gently curved eyes, did not say anything and just nodded her head. 


Arsene, who smiled even more at her appearance, led her again.

Regina followed him quietly, unlike her before, when she was talking hard.


The scent of flowers followed their footsteps.

Purple eyes that had been unable to reach Regina a while ago looked at another place. 


The brown hair, which looked golden under the sun, disappeared behind the bushes.








Regina, who followed him without saying a word, looked up at his call.

They were now walking through a wooden hedge. 


It was so high that even if she doubled in height, she would not be able to reach the end. 


As a result, the sound did not leave the area and was eaten by the tree.

It was the perfect place to chat.


"Don't you wonder why I killed Count Durand"




The startled footsteps paused for a moment.

She quickly released her stiff expression and moved her steps again, but she had already revealed her embarrassment.


Arsene looked down at her leisurely. 


"I can ask you enough questions, but you don't want to say a word." 


Wet sweat seemed to form between they clasped hands.


Apparently she was moving just fine until a while ago, but her limbs were shaking stiffly as if she had become a mannequin in an instant. 


"As if you knew everything."


It sounded like her heart was pounding.


Regina took a few deep breaths, barely holding back her breath.

She had to be mediocre even in the answer.

"....Because I'm not curious about it."


The gaze that didn't meet him looked at the green leaves in the distance.

If she looked into his eyes now, it was clear that she would reveal her heart. 


'Please don't notice my suspicious look.

I didn't want to do it.

I didn't want to put another death flag.



The low body temperature between her fingers was awkward again.

She wasn't too small, but a bigger hand was holding her as if it were wrapped around her.


She gently let go of his hand.

Conversely, when she loosened her strength, his hand gripped her tighter.

Although it was not strong, that was enough to prevent her from running away.


"I think you should know what I'm doing because you've become my people and helped me with my work."


It felt a beast wandering leisurely.

He can bite her neck at any moment, but it feels like he is waiting. 


She once again imprinted the relationship between predator and the prey.


'No please don't tell me.'


Regina wanted to shake her head violently, but she couldn't.

Of course, she knew what he was doing, but if she heard it from his mouth, she couldn't turn it around. 


But she thought he would find it strange if she said she didn't want to hear it openly.


"You didn't ask who kidnapped you, didn't ask who the man was, and why I killed him."


Every word he said made her heart tremble.


“Sometimes I feel like you know everything.” 


Arsene smiled, raising the corners of his lips as if its funny, staring at Regina, who was still avoiding his gaze.


Eyes blinking a little faster than usual, unwilling to keep on contact, fingers twitching subtly.

It was obviously a nervous person. 


She hadn't changed much in her expression, so if he had been a different person, he could have been fooled.

But it was too early for her to deceive him.


"I guess so.

I was just not curious." 


She smiled casually and shrugged her shoulders, but she looked cute in his eyes. 


'Cute' For a moment, Arsene stopped with a smile on his face.


When he realized what he was thinking, he was shocked.

He never once thought cute in humans.

But looking back, he doesn't seem to have ever thought of her behavior that way.


He had just chewed on the emotion for a moment, then Regina smiled broadly and turned around. 


"I think we've had enough walks, shall we go back"


She then took a step in the direction she had come and pulled him back.





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