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Chapter 4 : Ready to run (2)




"I heard you went to the temple today."

Regina, who was cutting the mushroom pie into bite-sized pieces, raised her head at the sudden question.

Arsene was staring at her.


I wanted to know about the abilities I have...

I went there for a while."

She replied, trying to avoid his eyes as much as possible, there was a reason for that, but the original purpose was to increase the number of times of going out and keep the guards vigilant, so she felt a little guilty. 


Pretending to finish cutting the mushroom pie, she dropped her gaze and added another word in a passing way.

"I think I'll go a few more times in the future." And she looked up again and looked at his expression, Arsene nodded lightly. 


'That's a relief.

You don't think it's suspicious.' 


She felt proud for no reason as she put the sliced mushroom pie in one bite.

The thought that her acting skills seem to be improving day by day after coming here is not her own mistake.


Because it means that the plan of 'Be obedient and let your guard down' is coming true.

Arsene looked at her and tilted his head.

The corners of his mouth went up unconsciously and came back.


What would her reaction be if she later found out that he knew all this Would she be upset that she was deceived Or will she be afraid

But when he sees her wandering around and planning her escape, it's more fun than he thought, and he couldn't get in the way. 


It was like a vigilant rabbit looking around and gathering hay one by one.

As Arsene waited for her to finish her mushroom pie, Arsene brought up a story he needed to talk about before she moved on to the main dish.


“Regina, I didn’t hear you answering the last time we talked.”

His eyes did not fall from her, as if observing her reaction.

Regina, who was taking her hand with a goose dish, paused and looked at him. 


Her eyes met with his purple eyes, not knowing what he was talking about. 


"When will we get married"



Regina's expression on her face was revealing what she was thinking.

She looked back and she had forgotten about it. 


Although she was good at acting, her expression that appeared once in a while gave him a laugh from time to time.

Arsene was also about to laugh and cut the goose meat in an elegant manner. 


"Actually, I want to get married right away...

I'll endure it because I want you to take your time." 


Then he folded his purple eyes gently and smiled.



Regina had a serious expression on her face and fell into trouble. 


She doesn't know why he listens to everything she says, but she had to make the best use of this opportunity now.

Regina, who was looking at the date as possible, looked at him without realizing it. 



On the contrary, if you look at it now, you may find it suspicious.

Let's go out boldly!'


She didn't need to be afraid of him now that Arsene didn't know she was planning an escape.


Unknowingly, she straightened her shoulders.

And she now mentions her longest deadline.


"How about six months later"

Waiting 6 months for him who was going to get married right away, would he agree Regina looked at his face with a trembling heart.


However, Arsene, who was waiting for Regina's answer, did not change his expression even after her deadline of half a year.

He nodded his head without much thought. 


"All right."


Her eyes fluttered slightly when she saw Arsene agreeing to it more easily than she expected.

She was prepared to be rejected because it was too late, but his reaction was not what she expected.

He wasn't even reluctant to accept it.

He really didn't care what she say.

Looks like she should have say a year, seeing his reaction.

But for her to regret, she had already spit it out.


'Yes, let's be satisfied with what we earned even for six months.' 


It was a much better situation than the first time she had to get married.

Regina let go of her disappointment and focused on eating her goose dishes.

She had to eat well to run away.



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