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Chapter 4 : Ready to run (5)




When it was time for dinner, Regina entered the dining room and met Arsene who was looking at her.


His purple eyes that were looking at her clearly gave off a somewhat different feeling than usual.




When she felt the discomfort, her anxiety took over.

Something different from usual made her fear him.


As she walked across the dining room and sat down, she tried to look away from him, comforting her that it was not going to happen.


However, his gaze today was more intense.

Although he often observed her in her usual routine, he was never like this.


While eating vegetable soup, she glanced up at the burdensome gaze and looked at him.


As expected, she made eye contact with him immediately as if it was not an illusion. 


He drew a friendly smile with his eyes bent gently.

The face of smiling with the lips raised was surprisingly beautiful.


Regina looked at his face, forgetting to put the soup in her mouth, then came to her senses and bit the spoon.


However, these days, she was able to get used to that face a little, and get out of it quickly. 


'I like it too much.'


Lou, whom she saw in the daytime today, was also a good-looking guy, but Arsene could be called the most handsome person.


Regina deliberately focused on drinking her soup, because she could feel her ears getting hot.


The rush of heat to her head wasn't something she could sympathize with.


She tilted her plate outward for nothing and was eating the leftovers neatly, when suddenly he spoke.



Is there anything you want to ask me"


She paused at his sudden question and smile at her. 




Embarrassed, she wondered if there was anything she should ask him, but she didn't say anything.


She did not understand why he was doing this, and she was troubled. 


As Regina gave him a serious expression, Arsene, who had been looking at her, continued his words as if he wasn't expecting an answer.


"If you have any questions, you can always ask." He said. 


"If you need help, I'm always there." Arsene give A soft smile.


The expression he was making was the same as usual, but it was difficult to understand what he was saying.




Regina shook her head hard at his sudden talk. 


'Why are you doing this' 


There must have been a reason for the unusual behavior, but no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't figure out why.


"It's a relationship that started with work– You got engaged through threats, but I'm willing to help you."


Regina doubted her ears. 


'Is it serious'


It was hard to believe that he was willing to help.

This is because Arsene hates people who bother him.


Of course, that would be the case for everyone, but he hated people who asked him for a favor that was not beneficial to him. 


He said that he would help.

It would have been more convincing if he said that he would rather make a deal.


Regina was still doubted his true intentions.

She felt a little scared at unfamiliar sensation.






Arsene, who suddenly brought up the story, made her think all evening.


In fact, she rarely asked anyone for help.

Most of the time she thought she could do it alone, because she was embarrassed to reach out to others.


Besides, what she needed the most right now was her escape and the safety of her family.

Neither of those things could be asked from Arsene.


'If you ask me, I'd rather ask Ruairi for help.'


Regina recalled that she had decided to ask Ruairi for the safety of her family.

He seemed to be trustworthy because he was a moral person.


But, as she said, she wasn't used to asking for help.

Having been troubled over and over again, she decided to go see him with a big heart for her.


If she contacted Arsene, it was clear that she would be able to meet Ruairi quickly and easily. 


However, as it was related to her escape, it was a little difficult to get through him.


Eventually, she wrote a letter in person and asked to meet, and she got a reply from Ruairi sooner than expected.

It was consent. 


Even though she was her brother's fiancée, she didn't think she could easily meet the emperor.


She expected that she would be rejected, but it was surprising. 


When she arrived at the Imperial Palace, Regina was escorted by his attendant to Ruairi office.


Even without Arsene, calling her to the office, not the reception room, could be interpreted as being friendly. 


She took a small deep breath and tried to enter the office, but stopped in front of the door.


She then offered something to the servant who was standing next to her.


"Could you please keep this for me until I get out"


He seemed puzzled by the sudden request, but he politely answered yes, and held out his hand.


"Thank you.

Please wait a minute."


She placed her engagement ring on his hand.

The servant looked at the ring and was a little perplexed. 


But he carefully kept the ring, watching her back as she entered the door in an instant.


Regina, who faced Ruairi alone, swallow her saliva.


'I'm not here to meet the male protagonist of the original story, I'm here to meet the emperor.'


She seemed to be familiar with him because she had read his story.


But she was now only a second viewer to him.


She muttered as if hypnotizing her self, she stretched her shoulders and lifted her head in aristocratic manner.


Entering the office, she found him sitting first at the tea table. 


"It's been a long time, Lady Blois"


"I see you, Your Majesty." 


As she greeted him by grabbing her dress, Ruairi gently waved his hand.


"It's such a hard greeting.

Come and sit down."


He treated her with the same friendly attitude he had before. 


At first glance, he showed affection for her sister-in-law.

Regina sat cautiously where she had her share of tea.


"How have you been Did Arsene treat you well"


A question that she had been thinking about since she asked for a meeting came up right away.


He was more of Arsene's brother than the emperor now.


An answer came out as if they had prepared.



He's very generous and kind, so Your Majesty doesn't have to worry about it."



That's right." 


Ruairi looked at Regina's expression and tried to understand her sincerity.


Regina lowered her eyes politely and looked at him.

It was a lie to be living without worrying, but it was true that Arsene was kind, so she didn't lie completely.


"Come to think of it, I heard that the wedding schedule has been set."


"Yes, We decided to hold a ceremony in six months."


"It must have been autumn by then.

It’s cool and it’s perfect.” 


After a short chat while bringing up other stories, he brought the teacup to his lips and looked at her.


No matter how handsome a man he was, he killed someone right in front of her.


Ruairi feels that Regina was a unique young girl.

After quietly putting down the glass, he finally brought up the topic after a while.


"I wonder why you asked me to meet separately."


He raised his gaze and met her eyes.

The warm pink eyes and the dark red eyes looked at each other. 


"I want to ask you a favor."


He was looking forward to seeing what would come out of her mouth. 


"Tell me anything." He was willing to do whatever he could.


Regina breathed heavily on the back of his positive attitude.


"I hope you listen to it."


"Why are you so serious about this" 


Ruairi smiled lightly to ease her tension.


The strong impression of her lines softened. 


"It may not be a big deal for the Emperor," she said.


"Tell me."


Without realizing it, her hands slipped through the hem of her skirt.

Regina, who was encouraged by his gentle expression, finally took out her request.


"Can you protect my family"




When something completely unexpected came out, Ruairi eyebrows raised.


"I'm married to Arsene, so I can't help it, but can you protect my family no matter what happens so that they don't get caught up in it"


Even doing her favor, this situation was very awkward.

If she had her abilities, she wouldn't have come this far. 


Regina bit her lip and didn't take her eyes off Ruairi.

Her eyes were begging for an answer.


He spoke in his earnest voice.

"I promise."


He thought she would make a favor related to herself, but the comfort of her family.

It was unexpected.


Since he was also pondering the problem, he was able to give her the answer she wanted without difficulty.


She said that if she became Arsene's wife, Empress Dowager could have targeted Count Blois.


Of course, there was no way she wouldn't attack Arsene's wife's family, because the Empress Dowager wouldn't believe his words that he was in love.


In any case, he wasn't the kind of person who would ignore the victims of the problems that arose from him.


"Thank you, Your Majesty."


At the thought of completing her great work, the strength that had been on her shoulders was released. 


After finishing her conversation, Regina got up from the sofa.


Perhaps because of the nervousness, the tea in front of her did not decrease even a sip. 


Trying to greet Ruairi and leave the office, she suddenly stopped and looked back.


"Please don't tell Arsene about today's ..." said Regina.



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