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Chapter 4 : Ready to run (7)




On a sunny afternoon, Regina put on her riding clothes and went outside. 


She was going to learn to ride properly, so she was not wearing a dress, but a shirt, tight trousers, gloves, and boots.

Regina was sure that if he let her run, she would have something to do with her horse besides walking and running on her two feet.  She was pre-trained for the day. 

When she could learn something like this, it seemed to be the most important thing to learn.  


The last time she had to ride with Arsene, she had never learned to ride, so she had no choice but to be buried in his arms.


She wanted to be able to ride proudly on her own next time. 

"Please take care of me, Iz."

"I will do my best."

Iz, her escort, decided to help her with today's horseback riding.

The theory class was over, so this time it was practical.

"Please choose the horse you want to use first."

Regina stepped into the room full of the smell of horses and slowly looked at the horses. 


There were white horses and mottled horses, and there were children with brown fur and white shoes.

'Everyone seems to have been well managed.' 


As expected, anything was worth a lot of money.

She carefully decided to choose a horse that could be used for escaping later.

Regina, who looked around, making eye contact with each horse, stopped in front of a horse. 


It was a horse with wavy dark brown hair and a diamond-shaped white spot on its forehead.

Looking at his large, clear eyes, she reached out and stroked the horse's forehead.

It was soft and warm. 


As soon as she made up her mind, she turned her head, "Iz, this horse...


"Did you like that "  


She couldn't finish her words and bit her mouth completely.  It felt like her heart had sunk.  It was Arsene, not Iz, standing behind her. 

No matter when he came, he had a unique talent to surprise people every time.  


When she turned her eyes, only then did she see Iz standing behind Arsene. 


"Why didn't you tell me you were here I was surprised."

"Are you very surprised I've been waiting for you because you seem to be obsessed with horses."


Perhaps because of surprise, the slurred tone of voice involuntarily followed without being filtered out. Arsene smiled like she was cute.


"By the way, do you want to go somewhere I don't think it's just horseback riding."

He was really curious as he looked at her outfit, but she was stabbed in the face and poured out her excuses.


"Everyone rides a horse these days.

But I still only rode it once, and it made me uncomfortable when I rode it with Arsene, so I did it to learn it properly." 

Arsene rolled up his lips at her answer and smiled, not knowing that his smile was holding back his laughter, Regina smiled broadly across her face.

"Was it uncomfortable"


He didn't have an expression at all, but he rubbed the brow of the horse she chose.

"No, I'm afraid Arsene will be uncomfortable, not me..."


"I wasn't uncomfortable.

Rather, I was waiting for another chance to ride with you...

I guess you don't want".

'Because I'm trying to run away from you!'

As she was confused about how to respond to him, he saw her expression and suddenly laughed out loud.  


"I'm kidding.

How can my fiancee be so adorable" 


Suddenly, his lips landed on her forehead.

Regina, who had not been expecting that, was startled by him and tilted her head slightly, but then she glanced at Iz and the stable keeper.



Don't make fun of me."  


She then looked up at him with a look on her face as if she had been heartbroken for nothing.

Arsene looked at her with interest.



I won't make fun of you.

So shall we go learn to ride now" 

"We Arsene doesn't need to learn to ride." 


When she tilted her head while raising her eyebrows at something strange, he took his words out of the fence and spoke like a clear force.

"I'll teach you, horseback riding."


Laughing like angel, he dragged her horse through the stable while she hardened.

Regina stood silently behind him for a moment, then came to her senses and quickly followed him.  


"Arsene will teach me" 


I will teach you with all my heart."

“No, that… "


What irony was, the escape target helped prepare her escape While Regina was thinking about which part to point out, Arsene started the class.


"The horse's name is Dusk.

4 years old.

It runs fast, but it lacks stamina."

"Do you know everything about the horses"

"It's so simple."

Her pink eyes widened at the information that came out one after another, but she didn't think the Duke would memorize the age of the horse.


She knew Arsene's ability was not just strength, but she didn't know she would feel it in a place like this.

Regina, who suddenly took his class, focused on horseback riding as he showed his sincerity in teaching. 


However, the sincerity seemed to be too much.

"Tighten your thighs...

and hold on tight."





Regina only looked ahead at the voice coming from behind her.


"Did we need to ride it together" 


Arsene's hand rested on her thigh and simply checked her condition.


Her face heated up at the body temperature she felt through her pants.


Arsene, who was behind her kept correcting her posture, which, of course, seemed very helpful, but couldn't stop her from focusing on it more than horseback riding.

"Of course we don't have to." 

"But why...


"I don't want to be separated from my fiancee, even for a second.

Is that not how you feel"

That not wanting to fall apart didn't mean that they would normally stay this close. 


Arsene said in a playful tone and kissed her ear .

His hand crossed the pants with a meaning that was narrowly out of education.

"Of course I'd love to be with Arsene.

It's good...." 


But, that's just too provocative, Regina could tell without seeing that her ears were turning red.


She trembled at his hand gestures, and he repeated his corrections over and over again. 

Now she couldn't tell if the heat radiating from her body was because of exercise or something else.  Still, she was steadily learning how to ride a horse, whether it was a lie that he said he would teach her. 


"Are you going to do it all day" 


Her thighs slowly trembled as if that was no longer possible.


Arsene, noticing her condition, finished his class and got off from the horse with a smirk.  


She felt a subtle feeling when her back was exposed to the air, her back emptying out in an instant.  


"Can you get off" 


"Of course."  


Regina carefully got off from the horse.

As her feet hit the ground, it felt a little unreal.  She lived a life that was far from working out, and her legs were languishing because of her overuse of muscles. 


Regina, who had handed Dusk's reins to the stable's keeper, thought that she should hurry in and wacht her steps, so she moved.


But as if her legs had done their job today, they didn't listen to her.

As her strength was released, her knees were bent and staggered. 




"Be careful." 


Arsene saw her stumble.

In the blink of an eye, it was like being hugged by him. 


It wasn't the usual lavish dress, it was a tight-fitting riding suit, so the touch of the body was more explicit. 


When she entered his arms and looked down at her for a moment, her body felt smaller than when she was wearing a dress.


Regina, who had been holding him involuntarily, slowly lifted her hand away from him. 


"Ah, thank you."  


The strength in her legs was relieved for a moment.

She grabbed her feet again and pulled herself out of his arms.


Arsene freed her as she was about to escape. 


Regina's ears seemed to turn red very well.

After looking at her red ears again for a moment, he smiled slyly and supported her.


“I will continue to help you practice horseback riding.  Let's take a break tomorrow because it looks like it's going to be too much." 


Knowing her shaky legs, she decided not to be stubborn for nothing, so Regina went into the mansion with his support.


"Aren't you busy" 


Taking a slow step, she looked up at him and immediately met the purple eyes that had been staring at her. 


"It's Okay.

I think I have enough time to ride with you." 


His eyes fluttered slightly and his purple eyes were hidden.

It was a brazen smile, but his beauty was still dazzling.


It seemed like a lie to say there was time, but he said so.

In the end, she couldn't even beat it.


"Don't worry.

I will teach you kindly."


He was obviously smiling, but somehow her heart was uneasy.


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