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Chapter 5 : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (1) 




The Yurdenian Empire foundation festival lasted three days, and banquets were held at the Imperial Palace throughout the period.

The first and third days had a strong feeling of beginning and ending, and the main banquet was the second day.

And on the second day, there was an unwritten rule that all nobles of the capital should attend.

Of course, they could not attend, but there had to be a good reason for refusing the invitation of the Imperial Family.

This included not only the nobles with titles, but also their sons and daughters. 

So now they, Regina, Isota, and Kai, were all about to go shopping together. 

"Doesn't this color match me

"I think this is better than that." 

“I think so too.” 

They all came together, but Isota was the only one who chose the dress. Kai and Regina were helping Isota to see what would suit her.

Because Kai had clothes already prepared by his family, and Regina had to match her clothes with Arsene. 

While Isota and Regina looked at the dress hanging on the hanger, Kai looked through the catalog. 

Isota, who had been looking at her clothes for a while, suddenly raised her head.

"It's kind of weird just to see me."

Then she looked around her and pointed her finger as if she had found something.

"That brooch is pretty.

I think it will look good on Regina.

Should I buy it"

"It's okay, Isota." 

When she refused immediately, Isota made a grim look for a moment. 

"Can't I buy you a brooch"

"Nevertheless, you gave me a necklace before.

I want you to use it all for you."

Regina shrugged her shoulders lightly.

She knows she wants to give, but she really wants Isota to use it only for herself. 

In the end, Isota shook her head as if she couldn't be beaten.  She knew she wouldn't agree if she tried to persuade her.

"Okay, then take a look at this.

What do you think" 

"It's better than that before." 

Kai and Regina worked hard to pick her dresses that she would wear.

Of course, she was very pretty like the original female lead, so she looked good in any dress. 

But she cares more about Isota because she doesn't want her to be ignored by her family.

It might feel a little strange to her family and not others.

The reason was that Isota is illegitimate child who was treated coldly.

The Yurdenian Empire was basically monogamous.  But, of course, just because the law was set like that, didn't mean that everyone obeyed it.  Although they were already married, there were people who secretly made a lover. 

Isota's father, Marquis Rosé, had a lover without his wife knowing, and as any story goes, the lover was Isota's mother.

The Marquis and she met secretly to avoid the eyes of others, and she became pregnant.

The Marquis, knowing it too late, could only see that she was already pregnant, and there was nothing he could do.

And as time passed, the birth was imminent, and Isota's mother died giving birth to her.

Next to his deceased lover, only the child who has just wiped blood remains.

Marquis Rosé couldn't bear to abandon the baby alone, so he brought her to his house.

Naturally, the marchioness was furious.

But she couldn't get rid of Isota.

The marquis, who valued her face, eventually enlisted her as his child.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you really raise them like your own children.

The reason she appeared so free-spirited while being the marquis daughter was that she did not receive proper education. 

The marquis family considered Isota as a stone.  A small stone that will be kicked away if it gets stuck at their feet.

Marchioness made her look like that, and it also affected her own children.

Marquis Rosé, couldn't help Isota.  He was always in agony whenever he saw Isota.  It wasn't just because that he remembered Isota mother.

In addition, Regina couldn't help even if she tried to help because of the eyes of Marchioness who was constantly watching her after that.

However, a certain amount of dignity maintenance expenses were paid regularly, it was the reason why she couldn't just let her walk around because the Marquis name. 

She had to stop by the dressing room alone when the Marquis' children matched their clothes with their mother.

Of course, it was a story before Isota became close to them.

Kai and Regina have been with Isota every time since they became close to her.

And she was absorbed in choosing clothes that would suit her so that other families wouldn't find fault with her.

"But Regina.

Why do you look so tired"

As Kai was looking around to pick up Isota shoes, Kai looked at Regina anxiously.

He didn't change much from expressionless as he always did, but she could tell from the time she had been together that he was worried.

"I know.

Why do I feel like you've lost so much weight"

Isota approached her on the sofa and sat down, giving him a response.

Then she looked straight into her face.

Her clear blue eyes examined Regina.

"Really I don't know."

Regina looked at her face in the mirror right next to her and groped her own face. But she herself didn't feel what they were saying.

'Did I get stressed about getting ready to run away Or is it because I'm worried about my parents'

She looked in a mirror a little more, then shrugged her shoulders.

She couldn't figure it out.

Kai was still looking at her until then, and said seriously. 


Call me whenever you have any concerns or need help.

I will always be by your side."

Thinking that she had lost her weight because of her heartache, he felt sorry for what was bothering her so much. 

He wanted her to share her worries as she was always fine.

Isota, who was listening to what he was saying, also nodded.

"I'm ready to listen to whatever you say at any time."

They wanted to help her if they could.

Regina looked into their sincere eyes and struggled for a moment. 

She wanted to say she was worried about her family.  After she escaped, she was at a loss as to how she was going to live. 

When someone said they would be on her side and ready to listen to her problem, she felt like she wanted to tell them everything.

But after a while, she resisted the temptation and smiled as usual. 

"Thank you.

I'll keep that in mind."

She didn't know why everyone is so willing to help her.

Edwin, Kai and Isota. 

She was really grateful for their feelings, but she couldn't possibly ask them to carry this burden.

It wasn't just a burden, but a burden that could be life-threatening.

As Regina seemed unwilling to speak, Kai and Isota didn't rush her and went back to pick clothes.

"That looks so frustrating.

I don't think I'd be a bad tutor anywhere."

“Is this what you call ascetic beauty”

They chatted and quarreled non-stop today so that the atmosphere wouldn't subside.

"I should wear this dress."

Isota, who had tried her on this and that, chose an ivory dress.

Shoes and accessories were also prepared to match the dress.

After shopping, they headed to the restaurant as usual.

Isota had a very delicious meal since she had finished all her dress.

"Every time I think about it, the chef here seems to be good at cooking seafood."

"I heard he was the one who cooked in the seaside town."


That's the reason."

At Kai's brief explanation, Isota, who was eating mussels, nodded her head as if she understood.

On the other hand, Regina, who was eating beef tenderloin steak with goose liver, suddenly remembered the dish the Duke of Greroy's chef had made.

Since this is also a high-end restaurant for the nobles, the chef's skills were quite excellent.

But before she knew it, she kept comparing it to the taste of Duke Greroy chef.

Come to think of it, she has become much more comfortable living there.

When I faced Arsene, my heart was still pounding in many ways, but she was fully adjusted to living.

'I want to eat the sorbet made by the chef.......'

After finishing her meal, she was eating peach ice cream that came out for dessert, and this time, she remembered the chef's sorbet.

This made her think that she might not be homesick after running away.

Not only homesickness for home and family, but also homesickness for chef Greroy's cooking.

'When did I get used to it'

She didn't know it would go this far between the plan to escape after pretending to accept and be obedient.

Anyway, the ice cream here was also delicious, so she calmly emptied the ice cream bowl. 

They finished their meal leisurely over a long period. 

When she came out, the sun had already gone down and disappeared. 

"Then see you at the party." 

They greeted each other and got into their carriage.

Regina also headed to the mansion in a carriage with the Duke of Greroy's pattern on it. 

She felt like her body was sagging because she was tired after shopping for the first time in a while.

Leaning against the gently rolling wall of the carriage, she gazed out the window at the passing scenery. 

At that moment, the carriage, which had been running without shaking, suddenly rattled.

Regina leaned forward for a moment, then leaned back against the wall. 

At first, she thought it was just something, and suddenly felt a sense of dizziness and groped her dress.

When she rolled up the skirt and exposed her legs, a dagger hung on the garter belt appeared.

She pulled out the dagger, held it in her hand, and looked outside through the window, she saw Iz standing outside.

The tension eased.

It didn't seem dangerous because Iz wasn't on guard.

Regina carefully opened the door and stepped out.  Iz looked in front of the carriage and turned her head. 

"What happen" 



I think the horse was a little surprised because someone suddenly popped out of the alley.

It's not a big deal, so please go inside.

I'll be right back."

As she followed her gaze, she saw someone blocking the path. In fact, he was shaking as if he were surprised, even with a faint light.  

It was the moment when she thought it was really no big deal and tried to get back in the carriage.


Something passed before her eyes with a sharp sound of metal hitting.


Suddenly, black shadows appeared from all directions.  When she rolled her eyes slightly, stiffened, she saw a dagger that had been nailed to the carriage wall.

A dagger sticking out of nowhere could have pierced her neck had it not changed its course.

In an instant they were surrounded by unknown people.

Nervous, she grabbed her self-defense dagger in her hand as if it were a lifeline.

Her senses were right.

"Miss, come inside!" 

As soon as Regina heard Iz's voice, she immediately turned.

But there was a faster movement than her.


As if he had fallen from the sky before she could even take her foot off, his figure appeared close to her and caught her. 

When she inhaled a rough breath and stopped moving, she saw a sharp sword tip pushed against her.

"If you don't want to hurt this lady, put down your sword."

Iz frowned fiercely at the sword as close as if it were stabbing Regina chest. 

But something was strange. 

She calmed her startled mind and looked again to see that those who came out of the darkness were facing each other.

It's like they're not on the same side.

Some even gave Iz and her glances back and forth.  Besides, the clothes were different.

'No way...

Are they the ones Arsene attached to'

They were come out at the same time, and she didn't know it, but half of those who thought they were the assassins seemed to be her guards and escorts.


'If only I could get out of here...'

At that time, the person who was pushing the sword at her grabbed and rubbed the magic ball.


The energy around her shook as if the magic would start. It seemed like he was thinking of taking her and doing teleportation. 

She had to stop teleportation.

Iz lowered her upper body slightly as if she would run to her right away.

She felt the tip of the wizard's sword, which had captured the fleeting movement, touch over her dress.  A sharp metal cut into the hem of her dress. 

"You'd better not move."

Iz ferocious eyes felt like stabbing. The guards aimed for a moment to shake off the unidentified men who blocked them.

Regina felt the dagger she was holding tightly with both hands.

It was just covered by her palm and no one seemed to notice it yet.

'Just for a moment, just for a moment.....'

As soon as the light began to shine around the wizard, Regina pulled out a dagger.


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