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Chapter 6 {2} : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (1)



Regina, who attended the Duchess of Haynes' tea party, was now popular.

"Lady, are you all right"

"I heard you had a hard time.

How can such a bunch of thugs roams around in this capital city"

"What did the capital guards do when something like that happened"

Everyone looked at her, adding words of concern to her one by one. They seemed to want to know the whole story about this interesting incident, but Regina didn't say much.

"I'm so glad.

Everything's all right."

At this tea party too, Aconite, who had followed Countess Hilluens, looked at her with a tearful expression.

Her appearance was a little different from other people, so she drew people's attention.

“I would have been very sad if something had happened to you, Lady Blois."

The people around her covered their mouths and smiled slightly as Aconite was able to draw even tears from those pure brown eyes.

"Lady Hilluens must have liked Lady Blois very much."

As they said, Aconite Hilluens seemed to pay particular attention to her.

It felt as if she was following her.

In a word, it was a bit of a burdensome feeling. 

Regina felt awkward with those glistening eyes.

"Right, I heard there's will be fireworks at the foundation day"

People's interests shifted from her to the upcoming national foundation festival.

Regina took the opportunity to take a breath.

“They said they were going to make it really big with firecrackers brought in from the East.”

"I've seen fireworks before...


They talked for a long time about the fireworks that were expected to be spectacular.

In the meantime, she diligently spread clotted cream and jam on the scones.

Perhaps because she had seen fireworks in her previous life, it didn't really interest her that much.

Then someone brought up the story as if she had just remembered.

"Come to think of it...

Is he coming to the foundation day this time"


"Young Marquis.....

Logan Russell."


People's expressions became subtle for a moment.

Regina, who was listening to the story, wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and examined their expressions.

'If it's Logan Russell, is that Empress Dowager son'

As a person who barely played a role in the original story, she did not know in details.

It is believed that after Arsene killed the former Emperor and Ruairi became Emperor, Logan quit all social activities.

When a brother becomes Emperor, others are usually given a title, and he refuses to do so.

"It seems that he has been absent every time since the late Emperor's death."

"But didn't he get along well with His Majesty Ruairi and the Duke of Greroy"

"That's right.

The Duke is getting married to Lady soon....."

It was the national foundation day that was perfect for a person who had lived in seclusion to officially show his face.

The people who were talking glanced at her.

She seemed to have heard nothing, but she had never heard of Logan either.

The people who were talking glanced at her.

She looked as if she had heard nothing, but she hadn't even heard of Logan.

The people she was talking to looked at her.

She looked as if she hadn't heard anything, but she hadn't even heard of Logan.

"Well, we'll find out when the time comes."

The Duchess of Haynes ended it with a gentle smile.

As is the case with tea parties, the story quickly moved the other way. 

'Logan Russell, the third prince......'

Regina pokes the strawberry sandwich cake with a fork.

If he was Alicia son, he was the one the Empress Dowager originally intended to ascend the throne.

Does he know that his mother is preparing for treason What made him stay away

She took a bite of the creamy cake, imagining someone she had never seen before.

'What kind of person is he'



Regina, who had no specific schedule until the Foundation festival day, decided to start developing a new drug that had been delayed.

First, it was necessary to make sure that she could make the same holy water.

She entered the room, sent out all the maids, and even carefully closed the curtains.

If this image went into Arsene's ear, there was a possibility that she would be suspected of acting suspiciously.

Sitting in a chair, she took out the prayer she had copied when she visited the temple. There was a bowl of water ready in front of her.

When she put one hand in the water, the lukewarm water fluttered.

"Rastain, who created the whole world, before your holy name..."

Holding the prayer in her other hand, she read it carefully.

But nothing special changed.

Then, as she did with Arsene, she desperately wanted to use her ability in this water.

Like last time, she felt something moving inside her for a brief moment.

But, again, nothing special changed.

"Did it work"

Even when Arsene's hand was healed, it didn't glow brightly, but she could still see the change with her eyes.

The holy water didn't change, and it was still plain water, so she couldn't tell if the power had been performed.

"Let's put it in first."

She poured the water from the bowl into the teapot she had prepared beforehand. And filled the teacup next to her about half.

Because no tea leaves were added, the water was still plain water.

Regina, who was thinking for a moment, picked up the teacup and took it to her mouth. She thought something would be different when she tried it.


When she took a sip of water, she felt something different.

"There's a scent"

It was definitely plain water, but now it has a subtle scent.

She confirmed that the teapot was clean without any scent. Then it could have been a scent caused by her ability.

However, because she was the owner of ability, she could not see the effect of holy water or felt the difference in her body.

It was then.

Knock knock

Someone knocked on the door.



"Come in."

Sally came in when the door opened.

As she looked at Sally, an idea flashed through her head.

"Lady, designer Melrose is going to visit soon because of the dress you're going to wear on the foundation day. I'm trying to adjust the date to see when you like it... "

"I'm going to stay in the mansion anyways, so please adjust it as you please.

More than that, Sally, come here."

Regina poured more water into the teacup and gestured to Sally.  A fragrance emanated from the clear water.

The teacups were pushed to Sally, who approached her without knowing.

"Drink this." 


Sally, who took the glass for now because she thought the water would overflow, tilted her head at the sudden order.

The cup Regina handed over was clear, colorless water, as if there were no tea leaves.

Sally was momentarily taken aback when Regina suddenly told her to drink water, but she faithfully followed her words.

"It smells good, Isn't it just water"

Sally took a sip of water and tilted her head feeling confused.

"Drink it all."

After drinking all the water that Regina had put in, she suddenly felt light.

"How is it Did you feel something different"

Regina sparkling pink eyes looked at her.

Sally replied with a puzzled look.

"Yes.  I think my body is getting lighter.  May I ask what I drank"

"It's medicine."

"A medicine Are you sick"

Sally turned pale at once and looked at her.

Regina shook her head immediately at her sensitive reaction.

"No, it's not that I'm sick, it's for you.

You're having a hard time following me here."

"No, it's not that I'm sick, I'm giving it to you.

You've suffered a lot because you've followed me this far.

"No, I'm not sick, I'm giving you.

You've been following me all the way here, and it's a lot of trouble."



She seemed to be moved, and after a moment of silence, she made eye contact with Regina with clear eyes.

"No, I never thought I was having a hard time following you.

It's good just to be able to serve you."

"Thank you, Sally."

Regina was embarrassed by her sincere appearance, and touched the nape of her neck.

'Come to think of it, when I escape from here, I have to send Sally back to Blois too.'

Sally didn't know what Arsene would do if she was left here alone.


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